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It is sin to covet your neighbor’s stuff.

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Every hand went up.

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The TV News scene is chaos.

Good people, good reporters and anchors, good talent are either being phased out or leaving en masse. There is NO direction, no movement, no leadership. Grab that!You all deserve better. It all started innocently enough. This had been my initial inclination when we moved into this house. But, the hubby suggested not long after we moved in, that the loft would be a good place for us to put the family TV and to have a play space for the kiddos. I liked that idea too because we were able to avoid having toys etc. in the living room. So the loft became a sort of den/play area. "I am not young enough to know everything," a quote by Oscar Wilde, found in Lily Melrose's Quotes set. One of the numerous alternate titles. What a pleasure it was to work with Cheryl on creating her new banner and blog makeover. I love the colors she chose and the font for her blog title. LOVE IT! The Font is called. Images - Flickr. Hands up who has enough storage - no matter how big the house or how much careful planning goes into storage design you always seem to quickly outgrow what you thought would be waaaay to much storage space. I love some of these quirky storage ideas, particularly the dog bed and wellies cupboard - I wish I'd seen this when we were designing our laundry. Sorry, no homily today, as I celebrated Mass with the Lord and the saints in eternity only today. It is restful to be able to celebrate Mass "privately," but I must say, I prefer to have Mass cum populo. I offered Mass today for the people of my parish, living and deceased. Thomas Aquinas. As it is optional, I imagine few have heard it in a celebration of the current rite of the Mass. Lauda, Sion, Salvatorem, Lauda ducem et pastorem In hymnis et canticis. Quantum poses, tantum aude: Quia major omni laude Nec laudare sufficis. Sit laus plena, sit sonora,Sit iucunda, sit decoraMentis iubilatio. catsbeaversandducks. Thanks Leigh Gilpin. Well, one of my readers pointed out to me that I probably misunderstood the numbers and the Standard article on St. Joseph in Beltsville. Yes, he was correct. I have correct the numbers in the article. The loss of students was actually worse than I originally understood. This is really turning into a slow moving disaster for Catholic education in this Archdiocese. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++BOYCOTT THE CCHD COLLECTION THIS SUNDAY!!!. A four-hour block of lessons to get started and playing your first song here at the farm. If you like I can also email you the gift certificate for the event/instrument if you want something to put in a card or wrap! It's a wonderful gift, a trip to a farm, and a special gift that can last a lifetime. Roy Bush. HD image collection of Lord Krishna. All wallpapers are with high resolution. Freshwallpapers of radhe krishna. wallpapers of Radhe-krishna with gopies. little krishna images. We pulled up to one of our early morning stops on Friday. But then we realized they were looking past us at the deer across the street. Mmmmm, yummy hostas and roses. You can now search all the transcribed parish records from right here ! You can search by surname or location. location. Except here. We decided to eat out. Not only are we eating out, but we're going to do it at a buffet, because nothing screams "old people" like going to a buffet. I'm looking forward to no cooking, no leftovers, and no dirty dishes.

Trump sounded pretty good yesterday in Ohio.

Inspirational crystal quote of the day: “Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible. ” - Albert Einstein Mellow moistness as we had some light overnight precipitation. Still not much surf action with a fading NW windswell and a dropping tide. Could be a new pulse of S swell showing up later today but it will take until the afternoon for water levels to rise enough to let it in. A few waves are out there for the offering and positivity reigns supreme as always. Rachel Maddow delivers an exclusive scoop. No hypocrisy at MSNBC. Design: Alexander Nevolin Country: Czech Republic. .