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“Amen, I say to you that you who have followed me, in the new age, when the Son of Man is seated on his throne of glory, will yourselves sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. And everyone who has given up houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands for the sake of my name will receive a hundred times more, and will inherit eternal life. . Gilman To Grinnell: Here we get to the final and shortest leg of the ride.

But first, we had to stop in Gilman to rest, recuperate, and have an ice cold beer!Six weary riders: Image by Celeste Matthias When we rode into town, I figured we were on the wrong street to get to the convenience store the quickest.

I signaled Matt to follow me while the rest of the bunch went the wrong way around. Matt headed straight to the beer cooler and on his way to the register he lifted a sixer of Bud Heavy Tall Boys and softly asked, "Would you help me with these?" Of course, the answer was an enthusiastic "yes". I went about my business grabbing something suitable to munch on. Hmm. Masterful. Wanting to learn more about bigfoot than what's shown on Finding Bigfoot, but you don't know where to start? How about some books? These things filled with information, printed on paper, and sometimes even have pictures! From the West Branch Grass Man channel on youtube: Top ten suggested bigfoot books to start in the field of researching the subject. Its a good idea when starting to research bigfoot to try and have a well rounded perspective on the subject. The fog thing that just kills everyone, that would be kind of fun. "Who was fined the most money for swearing? "I think I was but Peter was the only one who actually paid, I was like ‘idiot’, she’s just a little kid, she’s just trying to scam us. "Will you read your kids Twilight? "Depends on if they want to, I don’t believe in reading to kids. You put the book in front of them, if you wanna read, you've got to learn!"Tell us one characteristic you wish Edward had, and one you’d love to have? "I would love it if he had a six pack in the movie, and I’d like to carry that out of the movie as well. " If you keep on acting would you like to get a Knighthood some day? Sir Rob? "I want to be a Lord, I want to be Your Eminence. How do you get that? Your Serene Highness. "Do you pick out what to wear or do you have a stylist? "I do have a stylist but I pick what I wear. He brings me boxes of stuff, I dress myself. "What’s your favourite scene with Mackenzie? "There’s a scene when she runs up, oh that might not be MacKenzie, oh wait, I think that’s MacKenzie, she runs up and we’re planning a battle and she jumps up into my arms but they’re not recording sound and so I’m saying all this stuff, saying all this incredibly inappropriate stuff and she always gets really angry at me. It’s really funny because it looks really sweet but. Amnesty International released the video "Toast To Freedom", which is dedicated to human rights activism around the world. Toast To Freedom was written by music veterans Carl Carlton and Larry Campbell. Researchers have never traced the alleged newspaper article in question. The bank discovered the crime after finding out the Citibank account the checks were written on was not a real account. When Deputy Mike Sielicki arrived, Peacock was still at the bank. That address is also Peacock’s home address. He then later admitted to ordering the checks on line, but said he didn’t know they were written on a counterfeit account. I have had this recipe in my files for quite a while now and finally took the opportunity to try it out over the weekend. I think it is a perfect, new recipe for the holidays, or actually any time of year. I can see it as a nice summer dessert as well. I've never had a cheesecake like it. Biting into the thin slices of pear towards the bottom was a nice, surprising flavor. It's not too heavy and it's a little bit festive. I watched this great video here, that had the directions for making these inter-active cards. The U. S.


The ship was transiting from Long Beach, Calif. When Bear Lim first launch her own design calendar, i like it very much and have wanted to order it, but because of different country, i am unable to order it. I was very happy to hear of it. 这里要specially感谢 Sock Peng for the calendarI saw from the calendar that there's a Malaysia Day, may i know what is Malaysia Day?I also want to take the opportunity to thank Ah Hoon for the recipe book. So pai seh to receive the present as i didn't buy any present for her kids. I also want to specially said thank you Ah Hoon for the recipe book. The burial chamber was revealed while the team was cleaning the sand from Behenu's pyramid in the area of el-Shawaf in South Saqqara, west of the pyramid of King Pepi I. The burial chamber uncovered by the French mission is badly damaged, apart from two inner walls which contain engraved Pyramid Texts. I might have misled people last week saying this lecture was going to by about Ankhtifi and it wasn’t but it put him and Moalla in context in Egyptian history. There is a very good website but Colleen said to ignore the part about the town site as she has changed her conclusions and the website has not yet been updated. I must admit I do like being on the edge of new thoughts and discoveries like this.

It is between El Kab/Hierakonpolis and Luxor so has been neglected archaeology as teams have concentrated on these two sites.

There are considerable Nubian burials from the second intermediate period. Some of site has been lost to recent quarrying. From my short story A Lesbian Seduction of My Office Co-Worker . Feeling mighty tired today, so I knew a bright color was necessary to give a little pep in my step. iraffiruse. So, last night was Halloween. or something. Is that right? I was a corpse. I added three new pictures of Fabio to his page in the brieflines archive. That’s it. We are moving right along with the renovation over here. Here are a few rooms. The foyer view from the living room. Standing in the kitchen looking into the family room. Rosie is trying to give a tour. The living room. Hello happy Saturday to you! I got up really early and went to Zumba. shaked my tail feather for awhile. Felt good! Now about ready to leave for son's basketball game. I did clear a bit of time today to create this heart and wanted to share. I started off with a plain wood heart. Painted it red and just added metallic gold dots. A painter I am not, but this was pretty easy. We wrapped up a unit on Fairy Tales. one of our favorite genres! This first post is to share some activities we did with The Three Little Pigs. We started by reading many versions of this classic fairy tale. We also read some 'fractured fairy tale' versions. All I can say is Thank You! I'm overwhelmed by your extremely kind words about the pin giveaway. I can't wait to see who wins on Wednesday. I feel like I'm the real winner. I'm home from the weekend getaway, tired but exhilarated. We don't go there to sleep, we go for the large dose of inspiration and friendship. Anybody who has followed this blog will know that I am usually involved in many collaborative art projects, all at the same time. I created a handbound, vintage paper book with the theme Contexture. Jen created a series of loose metal pages with the theme Shine. Bridgette created a book with plaster pages with the theme Book of Trees. We each now have our own projects back and are in the process of finishing them up.

I plan to share each of the final projects on the blog and first up is Bridgette's Book of Trees.

I had initial reservations on the GCSB Bill but only in as far as how it might deliver opportunity to a shallow manipulator of the political process in the future but it will need modification.

I have lived under administrations of Frazer through to Key and there has not been a single elected leader of our nation that I feared would use the 'state and it's powers' to threaten me.

So I accept the current GCSB legislation as I understand it merely legalises what was always intended but due to poor drafting and review did not support such actions within the law, those who employed it, including the now seemingly "Road to Damascus" enlightened flyboy and darling of the left Fergusson who was head honcho of those who used it in ignorance or in hope but as it turns out illegally. As I understand things it is now legal along with being more transparent and is to work under more intensive and broader oversight and review protocols. Once fertilized that egg has no state created obstacle on the journey of life, needing protection, sustenance, health, shelter, and safety, that has a potential to go so bad at every turn.

WINTER HOURS are now in effect.

" - William Arthur WardGood morning everyone! It's a beautiful day here at the beach on this fine, crisp autumn morning! The skies are clear, the birds are singing in the key of Sarah Vaughan and there is even a bit of surf to be glided upon. It is sad for me to report the loss of a huge surfing influence on myself as well as countless others. Aloha and Mahalo, bruddah Buttons. CHANNEL: A real mixed bag this morning but showing more promise than an NBA blue chipper at the first day of practice.

Waist high rollers on the middle bar and even on the Mali-Bo bar with a kiss of an off-shore and somewhat glassy to boot.

New Beginnings… We wish you Luck with all your endeavours…Happy New Year…We would love to know which image you liked best over the last few months…. In the village of Torrelles de Foix is a plot of grape-growing land known as Terrer de Sapera. The name Merula translates to blackbird in Latin—mirlo, also the source of the name of the merlot grape, whose deep wines are said to resemble the color of blackbird feathers. We designed the label, capsule, and a six-bottle case for Merula. As it’s a new winery producing a grape not typical in Alt Penedes, we opted for a non-traditional approach. Building on the name Merula, we worked with illustrator Miguel Ordoñez to create friendly blackbird. " Agency: Base Country: USA. The main issue I have is with the number of crochet patterns.

A million bright mornings would not be too many,Long evenings foreverwould still be too few,For I need you and love youso much that it seemsThere arent enough daysin a lifetime with ypou Happy Birthdaywith love Always yours.

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