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The answer back then was carbon. The Edge wheels were stiffer.

Way stiffer than anything else out there at the time.

In fact, it took frames a while to catch up to how far Edge had taken the possibilities for frame stiffness and wheel rigidity in concert with each other. Once again I take you inside a bike where you normally wouldn't go. This one is a bit unusual in that it is a part of a "tri-bike", themselves being an unusual breed of bicycle in the first place. Here we have a view from the bottom side of a Trek Speed Concept rig. Aero/time trial type bikes are bicycles governed by the strange rules of aerodynamics and the UCI. As for the other stuff, I am pleased to have signed on with my largest customer for another year. Context Most introductory data mining texts include substantial coverage of model testing. Generally, all of this exposition is aimed at in-time analysis: Model development data may span multiple time periods, but the testing is more or less blind to this: all periods are treated as fair game and mixed together. This is fine for model development.

Once predictive models are deployed, however, it is desirable to continue testing to track model performance over time.

בס"ד Judaism is not a religion, there is no such word as “religion” in the Jewish Bible. Why? Because, the text of Judaism, the Torah, is the 'Eternal Truth. Religion is a belief system made up by people. Decades ago when I became a Torah Jew, people said to me "it looks like you discovered a new way of life. " I used to answer: "No, I discovered life itself.

" When you start living the truth, the reality as it was created for the people of this Earth, you are not in a belief system, but a system of knowledge.

I don't believe in Hashem – I know He exists. Let me try to explain the most difficult, deepest concepts about this world and the system we live under. A view of the area surrounding his encounter & details of what happened. Week seven was the first week of our tour that we spent the entire week in the same state-Florida! It was mostly chilly, and we had a very intense schedule of concerts almost every day.

The days were filled with the norm-school, projects, and work, and also many special times of being with friends and relatives.

We loved spending time with these favorite little people! Their family are dear friends of ours who moved to Iowa a year ago and just moved back to Florida. We were so sad that they moved away but it was great to be able to spend a little time with them while we were in their area. Mitchell and Gideon having a chat. One very fun aspect of our tours is all the connections we make.

My parents seem to always meet people they were to Bible School with, or knew growing up, or are related to, or something like that! Last year my mom was able to meet up with her high school best friend, whom she hadn't seen since their graduation! Her friend came again to one of our concerts this year and mom had a wonderful time with her again.

Singing in Sarasota is always a highlight because of our many many friends and relatives who vacation there. On Monday morning we continued our yearly tradition of breakfast out with Uncle Amos and Aunt Hannah. One of my moms cousins and her family also joined us. FM Radio opened its virtual doors and began broadcasting as the newest radio voice in nursing. This month, we're celebrating our first birthday and looking back at a stellar first year while we look forward to an even more stellar second year! Over on the RN. FM Radio blog, I wrote a celebratory blog post earlier this week, acknowledging our first birthday and telling the story of how it all came to be. Feel free to read that post and let us know if you did! Being a radio host and exploring ways to bring valuable content to our listeners has been an adventure undertaken simultaneously with the launch of Nurse Keith Coaching and NurseKeith. Expanding the value of what I have to offer to my clients, readers and listeners is important to me, and RN. Now on with the show!I have a little digital tip for you today. nothing real big!I am sure many of you know, but just in case you haven't been filled in on the news. Today Linda from the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary came to our farm to release seven rehabilitated raccoons! THere were four in one cage and three in the other. Linda drove her van all the way down our grassy "cow lane" to the wood lot, near the Beaudette River. We took the cages out of the back of the van. Linda opened them up, and we stood back and watched the youngsters fly free. or waddle free, as the case may be! They didn't exactly hurtle off into the trees. They took their own sweet time about moving on. "Are you not bedazzled by my fluffacious handsomosity? I believe you have something I want. "What would that be, O Cat Master of the Universe?"Allow me to give you a not-so-subtle hint. ""Yes. Who loves these little guys as much as I do? Well, if you are blessed enough to have four little ones who LOVE are obsessed with these movies, then you would know what it is like to hear one liners from Despicable Me all day long! I never quite realized how funny these movies are until we were on holidays this summer. Or just sit and veg without really paying attention to much. After all how many precious, quiet moments does a stay at home mom get during the day? Anyway, being stuck in the vehicle on a several hour drive, we had this movie playing on the laptop and, to my surprise, I was actually listening to it, and enjoying it. I must say it is quite funny. Visit our website to view our Memorial Day Sale, and place your order while supplies last. cottonink-shop. Happy shopping! xx. The trees cast dappled shadows across the façade of this elegant building on boulevard Saint-Germain. But sadly, this cup doesn't look good. You can see from its colour. Coffee:Milk:Tea ratio is not right. I used to walk by this house all the time when I lived uptown, I used to dream about the day I'd own it myself. Meanwhile, seems some trifling-ass basic bitch and her husband or whatever have beat me to it. dammit. Diners were very patient, amazingly so in the intense heat. Our lamb business, Leyden Glen Lamb, donated lamb meat.

The chefs roasted it, cut it into small pieces and this lovely woman was passing it out to everyone waiting in line.

What a surprise when I happened upon her. This server was so enthusiastic and thrilled with giving out half ears of corn. Diners have to bring their own plates, bowls, utensils and cups if they want to eat.

Hey all.

I made a pretty significant update of fifteen pictures to Daniel Nestor’s page in the brieflines archive. Go check them out!. I look for a variety of sponsors from. Boy was I wrong! All those requirements: color theory, figure drawing, design, etc, put a damper on my passion for making art. However, over time I found that all those classes brought discipline and a better understanding of art to my evolution as an artist. About half way through my college career, I became smitten by art history classes. Art history unlocked something important in my spirit and became the source of my interest and drive to make art. Hendrick ter Brugghen, Melancholia Somewhere between The History of Western Art and The History of Flemish Painting, I fell in love with sitting in the dark classroom, gazing at slides, and mesmerized by tales of the life and times of the artists. I was captivated and enriched by the process of learning about those who came before us and changed the world with their gifts, passions and courage. Jamestown is the oldest, continuous, English colony in the United States of America. There is a sad and unfortunate tendency in this country to tell the history of the nation from the perspective of a small handful of religious radicals, vice doing so from a whole nation perspective. Modern historians, professional and amateur, seem unable to tell the story of America from any perspective save that of the Plymouth puritans. "Historical" Halloween origins are not spared this egregious oversight. Too often some erroneous but, perhaps, well-meaning scholar will write, with perfect conviction, that Halloween was not popular in America because the Pilgrim Fathers or Massachusetts Puritans did not approve of, or celebrate it.


I hadn’t motored up there for a week or two, and unable to sleep this morning I set off early for the Conder, Cockerham and Pilling circuit. I am not seeing many Swallows on my travels: has anyone else noticed a shortage of Swallows this year? Their poor and late arrival in April, the only average spell of May weather followed by the appalling wind and rain of June must have had an impact on the breeding success of Swallows and other insectivorous species. Nearing Lane Ends the previously bright sky turned darker again as rain spattered the windscreen. Tammany Hall corruption, e. g. So, a quick history. It has its roots in an issue the left got right and almost everyone else got wrong: the war in Iraq. These boots were fab! Gucci animal print Horsebit boot. Three for Tuesday:Unknown model with a six packRuben JustinianoBrian Wiefering. It has been long recognized that athletes may have larger hearts and changes on the EKG that are difficult to distinguish from abnormal findings such as those seen in an abnormally enlarged and thickened left ventricle with hypertrophic muscles as is seen in long standanding hypertension. In fact athletes have enlarged heart muscle as well and cardiologists have attempted to provided some wall thickness values above which it is thought to be too big to indicate the physiologic increases in muscle and chamber size of the athlete and represent pathological and maladaptive muscle growth. A distinction based on various EKG criteria have never been that reliable. In addition, all athletic activity does not seem to bring out the same type of physiological adaptive changes. A distinction is typically made between endurance athletes and strength athletes, recognizing that some athletes do both endurance and strength training. Generally endurance athletes increased cardiac output under conditions of reduced peripheral resistance while strength trained athletes increased cardiac output against increased peripheral resistance. .