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As I've said before I was in Seattle recently.

The first day, Steve Reddy and Gabi met up with me to draw.

This type of thing is not really easy for me to do. We only sat for an hour and a half. Almost no one can sit with me when I draw because it's too taxing. Also I haven't seen Steve and Gabi in so long that we want to talk to each other. We have lots of questions for each other and we talk about our exploits. While this is happening, I can't really concentrate on the drawing. I'm sort of scribbling in a little drawing book but not really paying attention to what I'm doing. The Legal Section of the Arab Times had grown to about an entire page now. Write to them if you have questions. A Barn Owl was hunting over the reed beds at dusk later that day and again tonight. This week we've got a guest cat at House O Samurai. He's about twice the size and three times the weight of Honu. Who apparently, along with no people skills, has no cat skills. Or maybe she's just protecting her food source. Who can tell, with cats? Anyway, during one of the mutual hate-fests, I heard this weird humming. I thought it was outside, or the AC system, or the dishwasher. No. It was Honu. When growling, my cat sounds like a bagpipe drone. at a food emporium I visited recently on Long Island. By Kyle De Wolf After I got locked up, I discovered that music classes were available in the leisure center. So I figured, "What the heck? I might not go anywhere, but at least I'll have fun getting there. " Over the past few years, I've taken lessons in music theory, mandolin, violin, guitar, cello, bass guitar, banjo, conga/bongo drums, and saxophone. I've even ventured to pick up the accordion and the Ukulele, although I must confess that I couldn't make any sense out of the former, and the latter is too easy to be worthwhile. Malva sylvestris mauritiana, fra Impectafrøbestillingen i vinter.

Nå har det kommet masse frø igjen, skjønner ikke hvordan dette går til.

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