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My previous post mentioned the issue of how to make medical drugs for conditions such as AIDS available in poor countries. On the face of it, there should be an easy solution. The problem is resale. S.

Good Morning! Today we are starting a new Sugar Sketch Challenge at SugarPea Designs.

You'll find our current challenges on the sidebar. Pin It. You get the above message, or a variation of it, when you start LT for the first time, or at some point later on. Autodesk provides the following Knowledge Base document to resolve the issue HERE. ◦ Error: AutoCAD is not installed properly. Taking out the rusty spokes was the easy part. If I had a torch, maybe it would have been even easier. Removing the tires was the most difficult part. Getting to this point took me a couple of hours of work. About the wheels. Good morning cute people. but I'm having fun making my home "Cozy for Christmas" and I thought I'd share with you some of the things that I'm making. Erica is a graphic designer so she creates the final images that you will start seeing on Thursday. We are very ying and yang. I got samples from everyone. Not only that, they are also the nicest people around. From Leed, England, cutting edge fetish model Vex Ashley a. k. a. Manic Pixel Dreamgirl. You can find Vex also at Instagram. and. Its overpowering desire for conformity left little room for individual creative freedom.

A notable exceptions to this is in the transportation sector.

One can admire this creativity in the Metro stations of cities like Moscow and Tashkent where the coldness and sterility of typical soviet urban architecture is abandoned and costs are not spared as creative freedom is unleashed. Romantically styled timeless designs married with re-occurring themes through the decades to today’s styles and trends. It has been worn by Christina Cole in Jane Eyre. Stylish and classy Created in our London based studio. Modeled here by Tara FitzgeraldJane Eyre Tweed Jacket The Jacket was worn by one of the Dent Twin in Jane Eyre and it beautifully pays homage to the essence of country living.

Available in Harris Tweed.

By appointment at our studio we provide the unique opportunity to choose the style, colour and fabric of your choice Designed and created in our London based studio.

Some very cool detail shots at the speed and custom show from Rad Jalopy. Bonnie tatted Susan K. Ellen has been busy tatting names for leaving colleagues. Last May, I took two long road trips within a few weeks of each other. I enjoy road trips and always have, whether I travel alone or with family and friends. I get to visit new places, listen to music for hours at a time, and think great thoughts as the miles roll by. While it is easy to find country music on the radio in the American South, and difficult, sometimes, to find other musical genres, this was all by choice for me. I created an old-time country music station on Pandora, and that is primarily what I listened to.

These programs are presented in coordination with the Washington County Bar Association, but membership in the Association is not required for attendance.

M. N. Law Office of Shawn M. I feel that way too.

I want to hurl every time I hear a certain sweater-vested individual on the radio.

But I beg you to consider how sacred your right to vote is. I have visited countries where people have DIED trying to place a vote in a ballot box. Imagine wanting to vote so badly that you would place your life on the line for it. The weather has been pretty cool here, dipping into the teens in the early morning hours. Knowing I needed to spend several hours outside working in the cold, I decided to throw together a pot of venison chili to simmer until needed. I browned my venison burger with minced onion, garlic and jalapenos. After a while, I made a new banner out of nowhere and here you go. Nothing great or cool-looking, just a last minute product lack of inspiration. Get the picture here. This young woman is just eighteen years old. She's got a newborn baby. Her husband has just died of cancer a day or two after Christmas. It is New Year's Eve and two men are trying to break down her door. She does what you are supposed to do. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. And, deep in your heart, you suspect that the decline is a temporary result of holiday season temporary hiring. I hate numbers. I didn't always. I actually won a math contest when I was in elementary school. But then came college and the eccentricities of differential equations which separate the men from the political scientists. It's that time of year. TurboTax lurks in the taskbar taunting me that the clock is running and I've got to face reality. I've hated March and April for more than a decade as every year I struggle to work through all of the carve-outs and exceptions in our tax code to try to decipher what might help me to avoid writing a check for five or ten thousand dollars next month. They are worth a look because they ring very true for most of us:What the Mandate Means for Productive CitizensThat's the shame of it all. Here's word of a new study on how mercury, which can contaminate fish, travels across the North Pacific Ocean from Asia. The release contains a Kodiak reference. Bed is truly my favorite place to be, especially in winter. Translation: I'm Burning Up All Over/Dossier mineures/Rapt de nymphettes A C. F. F. P. Mark Twain, deploring the prose of James Fenimore Cooper: “when a personage talks like an illustrated, gilt-edged, tree-calf, hand-tooled, seven-dollar Friendship’s Offering in the beginning of a paragraph, he shall not talk like a negro minstrel in the end of it. At the time I didn't pay attention to "tree-calf," but it caught my eye yesterday. When I worked as a librarian, I remember reshelving some books that looked like these. I never knew there was a term for the style. You learn something every day.

Addendum: "Friendship's Offering" explained.

So. London. Big. Noisy. Crowded.

No wonder we pulled off that trick for so long! This was not my first trip to London.

As a boy I spent an improbable amount of time running away and tradition had it that I should head for London. Good morning, all. Carlos Moya’s page in the brieflines archive was updated to include three new pictures this morning.

Do you like them?.

I get asked quite often what I do for a job. Happy bidding, Kyle. Generalized conclusions. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Research not conducted by accredited firm.

Consult physician or medical care provider.

No refunds. This was a very quick card to make using Stampin' Up! Papers and PunchesI have punched some designer seris paper with a scalloped square punch and given it a little bling usinf some stickles. The greeting is stamped and then punched out and layered ona scalloped oval punch out. a little ribbon and your done!HugsLisa xXx. I was heading north again so called into Lane Ends for an early perusal. The geese were just leaving the marsh, heading inland in search of food. Three Jays were about the woodland and a Kestrel hovering over the sea wall but otherwise quiet.

Maybe I was too early for small birds.

What a weary old week of weather! It made birding difficult and ringing impossible until Friday morning promised something better so I set off for Pilling, but hatted and gloved again in the still cold north-westerly.

Golden Pheasant Daffodils Stock Dove Being a glutton for punishment I braved the wind again for the Lane Ends to Pilling Water stretch of sea wall.

More Swallows and even House Martins along here, some feeding over the sheltered pool, others over the marsh. The first Hunecke grandkids pic. Jenna & Brody just love "Baby Maddox!We had a short, but great Thanksgiving! We had plans to go to Swea City to my grandma Beadle's, but she came down with the flu on Wednesday, so we had to change our plans Wednesday afternoon. Because Aaron had baskektball Friday morning we couldn't go too far. We ended up heading to my mom's for Thanksgiving.

It worked out great because Brooke and her kids came down and Justin/Mandy/Maddox came down for supper.

It wasn't a big crowd, but it was fun to just catch-up. that women is so annoyingly arrogant. She ignores the moderator and interrupts Brown. H/T: Storm'n Norm'n . Goodmorning to all you sea-fairing folks.

Empty parking lot, empty line-up, empty heart.

Good day to work or sit by a fire, or read a book, or watch a movie. CHANNEL: Drunk and disorderly again but today it's in major DUI proportions. I adore the fonts and the large sizes of these must-have sentiments! The vellum layer was inspired by THIS Monika Davis original. Hard to see all the details in the photos, but I splattered on some white acrylic paint, adhered some clear gems in varying sizes, and then added some clear glaze droplets for a kind of water drop look. Be sure to head over to the Reverse Confetti blog for links to all of today's peeks. Enjoy today's peeks, and see you again tomorrow for our blog hop new release wrap-up! Thanks for stopping by! Stamps: LOTS TO SAY Paper: white card stock, woodgrain background patterned paper, vellum card stock Ink: Jet Black Staz-On, Versafine Onyx Black Accessories: Jillibean Soup Place Mats die-cut, Verve heart die-cut, black and white baker's twine, white acrylic paint, clear gems, clear glaze pen, button, paper rose buds, paper piercer/needle/thread, foam adhesive, distressing tool.

Enjoy delicious & easy Moroccan food and learn how to make Easy lemon chicken tagine.

Place flour, seasoning and chicken in a large snap-lock bag. Seal. Shake to coat. Heat half the oil in a large, heavy-based frying pan over high heat. Transfer to a plate.

Finishing up this set of Eduardo's workout.

Via: David Arias Blog. Tomorrow is the friends of the NRA banquet at the club. They have an estate auction before hand of a private gun collection. I may head down to Whitakers to check out a few rifles they have listed. The price is great. .