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Happy Simblreen Everyone! Here is another Simblreen gift for you all. My only original content was the cobweb created for the table and the rest are edit of base game items. At the moment I have a lot of work to do so I don't have much time for Bubble Visor lately. But here are some cool pics from the Youngtimer / classic superbike topic on motor-forum. FM Radio, we discussed nurse to nurse bullying with Renee Thompson, a national expert on the subject.

What will it take to turn the tide on what appears to be a widely acknowledged form of aberrant workplace behavior within the healthcare industry?According to many reports, articles and anecdotal stories, many nurses experience bullying and harassment on the job at the hands of other nurses.

While new nurses may bear the brunt of such behavior, seasoned nurses can also be the targets of bullies. Passing It On Many reasons have been given for why nurses bully one another, and one of the first is that nurses tend to "dish out" what they themselves were given in the past. Harassment of new nurses can be cruel, and while it would seem that new nurses deserve to be treated with respect for entering our profession in the first place, many can be driven out of the profession quite quickly when they are faced with harassment, threats, bullying and other behaviors that can transform an exciting new career into a living nightmare. Photos from this past Saturdays clean up in the city of Layton. You don't need a telescope to get a great view of the moon. But I took some nice photos by holding my Canon Elph up against the telescope eyepiece. And look! It's Gordon the astronomer-boy with his trusty sidekick Tristan. The moon didn't look especially huge once it was up in the sky, but it was really, really bright. This is why I watch the Investigative Unit on NBC Bay Area and in particular, correspondent Elyce Kirchner who provides a lot of significant insight and quality A-Rate reporting. Sure, I've been critical of the crew but Elyce has neutralized my stance. Very powerful TV journalist. I really, really enjoyed this book. It was one that I couldn't put down! If you like the Outlander Series, then I think you will enjoy this one as well. Into the Wilderness is adventure and love together. Spinster Elizabeth dreams not of true love, but of starting a school to teach the white, black and Indian children who live in Paradise. Elizabeth meets several charismatic men. Dan'l "Hawkeye" Bonner is now an elderly widower, his beloved Cora having died recently. Nathaniel, was married to a Mohican woman for several years before she died in childbirth, and several of Nathaniel's in-laws live with the men. Elizabeth also meets Richard Todd, a well-respected physician. Elizabeth soon finds herself in the middle of a situation she has not caused, but one she can directly impact. Richard wants to own the mountain that the judge owns and Nathaniel and Hawkeye live on. When i saw the Kai Loog Keuy/Thai Son-in-law eggs in Sonia blog, the name of it sounds interesting and it tempted me to try it out. Trying out fried shallots myself This is how my fried shallots turn out, so ugly My Kai Loog Keuy/Thai Son-in-law eggs. Rattan, Wicker, SeaGrass on floor or wall , are great materials with versatile use. They add warm and casual elegance to any indoor or outdoor space. Source MeredithO'Donnell Source Ingram Source Brilliant Asylum BlogSource Ballard DesignsNatural Wallpaper and CarpetSource Grant K GibsonVTISource Kelly McGuill InteriorsImages Yvonne O'Brien ID. Dress: Vintage Thrifted. Belt: Xhilaration. Shoes: Nine West. I almost always try to switch up and mix & match my clothing items, but I have to say that I stick with the tried and true on this dress. I just love it with the red belt! I can’t believe I haven’t worn this dress for over a year… seriously, I may be ready to admit – “I have too many clo…” NO! still in denial… LOL. I love this top with the cute tie and cinched waist - but I wasn't quite as happy with the pants and shoes. I wanted to go with a fitted bootcut style black pant and the blue heels - however my bootcut black dress pants are in need of hemming and the blue heels in the left pic are not worn-in enough for me to suffer through a full day of work in them. Later, while they grabbed a coffee and socialized, I headed with my trusty camera to the church's peaceful graveyard. Now my posts are a bit wonky in order. I know the show was a few weeks ago and I have posted since then but I've had visitors and my life has been a bit hectic! I also noticed I have been posting about a lot of things that have nothing to do with quilts. what am I thinking!I will not make any claims to these being the best nor the most interesting quilts at the show.

They are however the ones that caught my eye and came out best in the photos.

I thought I could just enlarge the photos and read the name of the maker. Anybody seen Plan B lately? Failing Grade: The Senate – and by this I mean all of the Republicans and Joe Lieberman - failed the people again last night, by failing to pass an economic assistance bill. Note that we gave AIG about twice that. The rich will still be rich. That's what's unconscionable. Worst Case: Experts tell us that the worst-case scenario is if the BP well-bore leak is leaking from a broken casing far beneath the seabed. Tattle tales tell us that BP has been fighting cracked and leaking casings since February. What If? In most of Europe, democracy is a some-time thing of recent invention. I love these wonderfully spacious rooms. They're all so light and airy - definitely no feeling of being cramped here!. Malva sylvesteris mauritana Så noen til rosmarinfrø fast enn de første jeg sådde fortsatt ikke vist tegn til liv. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written". Observation: John tells us the story of the resurrection and many of the post-resurrection experiences with Jesus. He then goes on to say that he had written these things so that we would believe and that we would have life in Him. He also lets us know that there was a whole lot that was not written down, we just got the highlites. I realize this is exaggeration, but it also lets us know that Jesus did much more than what we have recorded. Observation: Joseph was such a man of integrity that his bosses, rulers, etc. never needed to oversee what he was doing. If he was given a job, they knew it would be done.

He gave them no reason to question his integrity because, if he said he was going to do something, it got done.

His yes was yes and his no was no. There was also the fact that God was with him and people noticed it. I take issue with the fact that using percentages are highly misleading. The reason is that percentage calculations are relative, hence they are always based on something. It's late at night and I should be sleeping. but couldn't resist posting this nice head and shoulders formation from Dow intraday. Fusion is kicking off the new year with a sweet sketch, wintry inspiration photo and fabulous guest designers! I am delighted that Brian King agreed to be my guest. He is so creative, so much fun and has a CAS style that is all his own. Check out his cool treat on the Fusion site! You are going to love seeing all of our guest designers' amazing creations! I do hope you get a chance to play along! Stamp Sets: Tea Time by Avery Elle, Made With Love by SU! Carried Away DSP by SU! Falling Petals Embossing Folder by SU!. In for a penny, in for a pound. In what looks suspiciously like a "we asked them but they said they done nuffink wrong" kind of 'judgement', this was the ASA's reply. Advocacy for plain packaging was one of a range of Smokefree South West programmes and campaigns designed to reduce tobacco use. In this context the poster was advocacy of an opinion in an ongoing public-health debate. It was not implying that this opinion was universally accepted or that there were no contrary opinions, and was unlikely to be interpreted that way. The poster was unlikely to mislead consumers about Smokefree South West's advocacy of plain packaging for cigarettes. Red Savarin paper model created by Katzenfaust, Red is the main playable character in the Nintendo DS action RPG, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter. There is mild moderation. Normal rules of blogger etiquette and courtesy to blog hosts will apply. with serious transgressors being thrown out. Visitors might consider the wisdom of using moderate language. Regards Adolf. Plus C'est La Même Chose This is now apparently an insightful revelation: From The American Conservative:. For all the mistakes that Tea Partiers have made in the last few years, they weren’t the ones that drove the party into the ditch. Indeed, much of the party’s current toxicity with the public is the legacy of the last era of united Republican government. The Bush era was the political disaster from which Republicans have been recovering.

Cruz isn’t helping to get the party out of the deep hole where the Bush administration put it, but driving his supporters out of the party would be even more politically self-destructive than the tactics that Cruz has been employing this year.

That lovely lady, Yes, that is the gal, Amy. She was attending her high school, going to church on Sundays and Wednesdays, playing the piano, and hanging out with friends. She was dating, but no one serious, until she cast her eyes on this looker. will all those "low level" IRS employees be drawing straws to see who takes the fall? Boehner spoke at a Republican leader press conference this morning. is actually pretty easy. This recipe is very easy to make and has that authentic pepperoni taste. Inspirational Quote of the Day:"The best way out is always through. " - Robert FrostAnother mid-period NW swell begins to rumble and attempts transformation later in the day. For now we satisfy ourselves with snappy temps and skies of clarity. Again no winds to foil plans and as the sun climbs above the Marin hills it seeks to warm cheeks. All tidal configurations are well within specification range and the scouting for waves is right in front of your eyes. CHANNEL: A shift in parameters has sliders pushed slightly south as positioning remains key. Situated within the Channel confines rolls a peak to be shared or split as some go left and others do not. Drift over and across to Seadrift and discover a land of rights just waiting for exploration. Greetings, It's Sunday. Let's look at pretty clothes. My eyes were too big when the time came to stock up on Halloween papers this year, so I have a definite surplus, but I have to say of all of them, the Mischievous line by My Mind's Eye is my fave! I'm also really loving all the adorable sentiments in JustRite's Halloween Mini Sentiments. They're sized perfectly to tuck in here, there, and everywhere.

I stamped "Be Afraid" onto one edge of a punched label shape, then tucked it behind the horizontal panel and embellished with two mini banner strips.

Don't you hate when that happens? When I finally ventured into my stamp room last night, I was pleasantly surprised to find this card mostly finished, minus a few finishing touches. "I don't know what the solution is. The British NHS is investigating how things could go so very wrong at one of their hospitals,the Stafford hospital. See here for the newspaper report that puts at least part of the blame on a situation where mindless adhering to quality targets may have caused deaths. See also here for the story that has this quote:. You can find ways to fiddle the numbers to tick that box, and you can put resources in to try to meet the targets. At a time when the incredibly bad care that is documented in the two above cited newspapers article was taking place the hospital was getting pretty good grades on its various performance measures. ". If you thought there were problems with the U. S. .