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This one.

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We have a beautiful grass out in the wildflower/weedy area.

It was a gift from Marge, Far Guys Godmother. She was and still is a heck of a gardener. She has hit a rough patch the past couple of months. and one day she said to me “Don’t go talking about me on that blog of yours. ” Now there is a very fine line between talking and writing about someone. I won’t say how she shared some of her very invasive grass or how she smiled when it left her yard. We planted it out on a mound of soil. This was pretty tasty. I smoked some potatoes and an onion for this dish while smoking the beef ribs and spam the other day. The potatoes were rolled in olive oil and seasoned with cracked black pepper and kosher salt. The onion was buttered and salted. I cooked a bit of garlic in butter. How did your quilting go this past weekend? I didn’t get nearly the projects finished that I had planned. Sometimes life just gets in the way. I did manage to stay in all day Sunday and sew. I spent the first two hours of my day looking for a pattern. Ugh! I did find it but then couldn’t decide on which fabrics to use and gave up on that project. I did make a decision. finally, and decided it was time to finish this table runner. So, here it is, quilted and bound. This pattern is from Kim Schaefer’s Calendar Runners. Here's his introduction:The new Museum gift shop that was looted during the recent revolution in Egypt has been a subject of ongoing controversy. What follows is a detailed description of events surrounding the establishment of the museum’s new gift shop based on accounts by Egyptian publisher, photographer, writer and printer, Mr Farid Atiya who was directly involved. And I'm sick, probably from these stupid drugs. Keep telling me. Haha. To paraphrase, am I using the Wilton's icing colors that have sugar in them? Yes, I am. We look forward to seeing your layouts!. Professor Widmayer and Professor Gross decided to jump into their time machine and visit a few of their favorite scientists and philosophers from the past. Since they both had so many favorites, they decided to narrow the scientists and philosophers down to the ones that made important discoveries that had to do with the atom. The scientists and philosophers included:Democritus of Abdera Aristotle John Dalton Joseph John Thomson Robert Millikan Max Planck Ernest Rutherford Niels Bohr Louis deBroglie Erwin Schrodinger Werner Heisenberg James Chadwick Due to the demanding schedules of many of the scientists, Widmayer and Gross were only able to sit down with seven out of the twelve people and interview them on their lives and work. When fully equipment, Kampfer really is a MS that is capable of serious bombardment. This MS is fast and deadly and was able to take out the Phantom Squad single-handedly. Unfortunately, it is unable to match with Titanium/Gundamium alloy made Gundam. Above is my MSIA Kampfer that I'm keen to sell it away. Just want to keep the Gundam nowadays for more shelf space. The pics were damn well taken. Ngee Khiong also had given me a link for more pics on GFF Kampfer and it's prototype. First thing in the morning, I sold off my capitaland warrants. Don't know whether it's a curse or a blessing, because initially I wanted to sell off in the morning then buy back lower in the afternoon like the whole of last week. Unfortunately, I think this week is property play, all the stocks involved in properties like capitaland, kepland, city development, sp land, all cheong like nobody's business. Really no goverment type of cheonging man. Too bad lah, could have sold off at a higher profit. If you are a frequent reader you will know that I am obsessed with fashion week and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC kicked off yesterday and I have been following the live stream around the clock. The spring collection from Spanish brand Desigual totally caught my eye- I am loving the mix of pattern and bright color! photos from Zimbio. Motherhood intersecting with art has probably been one of the most inspiring things to happen in my life. My latest creative endeavor has been been making handmade coloring books for Lucy.

After watching her take my sketchbooks and try to color over my drawings I decided to get to work creating some simple little books with lines drawings that she could paint and color.

I know that creating a handmade coloring book is nothing new but I love the idea of making custom art for my daughter to color instead of buying something.

And what started out as a simple idea became a process that was very profound and special for me as an artist/mom. All the drawings were made with lots of love and made me feel even more connected to my little one. They are by far some of my most profound work. In yesterday's article, the supranational state's intentions were laid out by Dr Judith Mackay. You may think that this is a trifle unfair. We are, after all, supposed to be living in free societies where personal choice is cherished. So how is this discrepancy to be tackled? Governments want - demand, in fact - that we shun products which we enjoy for the sake of their arbitrary decisions for our health. However, we - in overwhelming numbers - would prefer not to, and may feel rather empty and miserable if we did. Fortunately, politicians have an answer for the problem.

You see, they are in charge of nature itself now.

But due to such intense interest, I would be happy to offer it for April as well. We could do more of the workshop outside, weather is more predictable. Holler if you would like one of those spots, possibly?.

"with a few dozen flowers in my garden, half a dozen pictures, and some books, I live without envy.

Hello my dear friends!!!! I'm just back form Vicenza Market, just great time and lovely people indeed. Lot of wonderful stitchers came to visit me and it was so nice to meet my friends again. I want to share those pictures with, you hope that you'll enjoy!!! I've so many things to do now so I need to say you 'bye bye' and talk with you soon. Have a wonderful stitching day my dears!!! xxx Niky. Those are just a few examples of your evil lifestyle which causes Bad Weather, islands to tip over, and Gaia to sweat. Hello Ai fans! This is my second post today so please scroll down to see my other post. My card features one of the new Halloween sets from Art Impressions. Here's a view of all the layers. I'm not sure if Ai planned this or not but the eyes on the costume are the perfect size for googly eyes. Research is highly important factor to the success of your paper especially that you will depend greatly on data and information from various sources. Research MBA dissertation help hone the ability of the student to do investigative study and simultaneously influence their critical thinking. Research Methods in Your MBA Dissertation Research MBA dissertation writing methods are widely used by many students in order to simplify its research on its MBA dissertation. It is important in the research process to decide which of these modes can help attain your purpose effectively. Utilize books, magazines, encyclopedias, lab reports, historical documents, recordings, etc. Another Calendar + Happy New YearHere is another of the calendars which I have been making, this is one is mine and also as it is the New Year tomorrow I have been tidying up my blog. I've given it a bit of a face lift and have spent most of the morning removing some unnecessary labels and lots of old posts!I would like to wish you all a Very Happy New Year and I hope you have a fun evening whatever you are doing!. creating your personal style from inexpensive pieces, priceless!. Lebanese Green Bean Salad Tired of your family refusing to eat green beans? Serve them up Lebanese style with this healthy, tangy recipe. - In case you were worried about Magna Entertainment's plight, be assured that its racetracks are "fundamentally large, strategic blocks of land in large urban centers. " "Notwithstanding the current U. S. real estate market, they remain extremely valuable, particularly as zoning efforts continue to be pursued. And, as far as those asset sales that we keep hearing about: "Given the state of the overall U. S. With summer approaching, I thought it would be a great time to start thinking about summeryhair pretties! Skye thought so, too, when I made her a super cute and super simple Ponytail holder. Here she is modeling her newest little hair pretty:I have put together an "Easy to Follow"photo tutorial for you today. First, you will want to gather your materials. I used the Pony-Os and the March Ribbon Club assortment. I found that too many will decrease the elasticity in the band,so the fewer it takes to cover the band the better. .