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Brendan is a cool guy and super passionate about bicycles and mountain biking, no matter what the wheel size.

I've had the pleasure of talking with Brendan and I admire his hard working attitude and attention to detail. You can check out more on his views in a recent post up now on Twenty Nine Inches. Also, I want to congratulate Brendan on landing Dave Harris and Lynda Wallenfels as part of his World Bicycle relief/Siren Bikes Endurance Team. It is a bike shop somewhere out west by the name of "Bikes and Guitars". Oh yeah. From the Trail To Bigfoot team: The truth needs to be said. What are these things? Mark is a bit shaken. We explain what we saw. It is very weird. The camera also catches something that happens to me. Watch: Drone fishing for tuna Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersW orld. Here's another in Health Affairs from a team at Harvard: Electronic Health Records' Limited Successes Suggest More Targeted Uses. The team, led by Harvard Medical School professor Catherine M. S. Michele Sison has not yet been appointed as the next US Ambassador to Sri Lanka. She’s still ‘Ambassador Designate’, meaning that she has to subject herself to scrutiny by the US Senate before being confirmed. One thing can be concluded: we don’t need to anticipate any surprises from Ms. Sison in the likely event of her being confirmed. When the outgoing Ambassador, Patricia Butenis, assumed office a couple of years ago, she took the trouble to make a statement to the press of sorts, outlining her position on various issues and giving the impression that she is willing to field any questions on any issue. She made out that she was for dialogue and openness. It didn’t fool anyone of course. The lady chose when and where and on what to speak. She chose her ‘friends’ carefully to. There were those she listened to of course, but when you are the representative of a nation that has the power to blow up the world several times over, it probably doesn’t matter if you don’t get it right. We went for a walk whilst the wind was blowing…the skeeters are horrid. The Red Achillia millefolium or Yarrow is blooming. We were outside for a short time working on Christmas Ornaments. Thanks goodness for Air Conditioning! I did some laundry and I had a nap in the afternoon. I am feeling better but when my body says it is tired…I listen. Chance and I sat outside… we listened to the cars zip up and down the highway…. everyone is in such a hurry. We live just seven miles from the Reservation. The public is invited every year to the PowWow. Far Guy and I went over on Saturday evening between rain showers. No photographs are allowed during the Peace Pipe Prayer Ceremony. Other than that, you can take photographs. The Flags are honored in the Grand Entry. They make one circle around the drummers and then the dancers dance another circle around the flag bearers, who are all men who have been or are in the Military. The entire PowWow area is made up of circles. everything is done in a circle. Dan Raviv, CBS News Washington correspondent, had a stint in the London Bureau and interviewed Margaret Thatcher many times. We'll also talk about North Korea and the Middle East. Roland Maw has sent a letter to Gov. Bill Walker withdrawing as a nominee to the Alaska Board of Fisheries. Wombwell Ings -I was warned that there was very little on. You know there is a huge reason why I have been not bothering to stick around during the day and see what the Rangers are doing this week. The first and biggest reason is as Dubi so wonderfully put it: "It never ceases to amaze me how Ranger fans undervalue their own players and overvalue others. "And before anyone says otherwise I am not poking fun or disrespecting Dubi here but rather showing the kind of stuff that a Dubi Silverstein or I put up with on a daily basis. This time of the year royally stinks because all one has to do is look just at the Blueshirt Bulletin website and you get a picture of the Ranger fan mindset these days. Ranger fans want to argue over what moves were right or wrong and yes that is their right but far too many base their opinions on next to no information at all. I am not a big spender. I have kids, plenty of bills, and a deep love of thrift store finds. And that's exactly how much each of the lovely items above cost. Alexander McQueen, by far one of the most innovative and influential people in fashion design- he will be missed. This shot of a dramatic Arctic sky was takenfrom a zodiac as we made our wayto a spot where polar bears had been spotted. We reserved the last day of our vacation for some good old-fashioned R&R. After a lazy morning, we headed to the pool for an afternoon swim. That night, my brothers picked the T-Rex restaurant for dinner. We ate in the blue ice cave, which featured a meteor shower every fifteen minutes. When the meteor shower started, the cave turned red, the dinosaurs roared, and thunder sounded throughout the room. Poor Jakey woke up from his nap terrified. But really, who can blame him? If I fell asleep in my mom's arms and then woke up in a meteor shower, I'd be scared, too. Luckily, his Uncle Joshie got him laughing fairly quickly by making funny faces while balancing chicken on his nose. Leave it to Josh, I tell you. And would you believe, we were in Florida! Which meant we were in the South! Which meant there were cartons of Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream in the Target freezer! This may have inspired celebratory fist pumps and happy dances, which may have led to interesting looks from fellow shoppers. I think I have a great excuse as to my lack of blogging the last few weeks, sewing. Yes, sewing up a storm in fact. All thanks to a little bit of motivation. I've also signed up for a gift exchange via Craftaholics Anonymous which I am very excited about. I really appreciate everyone's input. I am with you on that. The ipad is so convenient for browsing but give me a keyboard anyday so I can bang away quickly on it. I think I am guilty of the same. Now that Julia is back to school and on the bus very early, I've had a chance to go outside and experience the glorious autumn early morning light. Greetings, all. I added Croatian tennis hottie, Borna Coric to the brieflines archive this morning. Hi guys. Just checking in quickly to tell you about the update I made to the brflines site this morning. I added five new pics of Fernando Verdasco to the site. I hope you guys like them. We are progressing nicely. Actually, we are in the throws of demo so everything is dust covered and gritty.

Not my favorite part.

We have no kitchen. The electrical is slowly being installed and upgraded. The flooring will hopefully get moving next week. Keep your fingers crossed. Of course, that will be without wall paint and countertops but should be a working "enough" kitchen. The glaring omission is, of course, Healthism - "Shit happens to naughty people only". Some of you may have heard about the passing away of Art Linkletter. I remember him as a child on television. "When you watch his old shows, there was no nudity, no violence, no crude humor, and no foul language. Goodbye and thank you Mr. Apparently our forum format for the July Giveaway was a big hit! Hopefully you were able to learn some new things and perhaps even answer someone's question. I am done canning grape juice. I think.

I hoped for more, if someone had extra grapes to give me.

In the old days people canned grape juice by filling a jar half full of stemmed, whole grapes, adding some sugar, and filling the jar with water.

And then canning it in boiling water of course.

It was then ready to strain and drink at will. I bought a steamer several years ago. It is a wonderful invention. I was really digging the new Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song, what with it featuring old school beats and lyrics from Kool Moe Dee and Grandmaster Caz. But I recently saw the video and it's hilarious. Just what this not-really-serious track needed!. this is going to be my toughest post ever.

I'm not even sure where to start, but I'll try.

Normally, specific days don't phase me. I've said for years that each day is fairly insignificant over the course of a year or career except in aggregation with all the others. And yes, that silly counter to the left is the only earnings timeframe that means anything to me. Yet today I find myself deeply moved as I've been blessed with a career trading day. Yes, a career day that was pretty much over by noon. No, John, we're not kidding you. But you, quisling that you are, just made life-long enemies of the very people who have supported you. P. S. You look like a fool and the only person who has lost "all credibility" is you. Dope!Don Bongino has a message for you: An open letter to the establishment GOP. I am serving you with divorce papers. For those who are unaware of what happened, the establishment wing of the Party has openly declared war on the grassroots. The current graded earnings standings are here. But there's also the danger of someone behind him jumping in front.

So Pletcher doesn't have quite as much leeway as Carl Nafzger does with Street Sense, or Doug O'Neill with Great Hunter in terms of using the race strictly as a Derby tuneup.

It was exceptionally hard for me to not post Kathryn's entire flickr collection! Kathryn Blackmore is a designer, illustrator and purveyor of the most delicious looking jewelry I've ever seen! She is most certainly one to keep a close eye on. What was your first fashion-related creation? Back in my school days, I made a full-length dress consisting of leather panels and a handwoven bodice. Back then I thought it was great, although thinking about it now it was truly awful. What or Who inspires you? I find Alber Elbaz inspiring both as a designer and an individual. The inspiration for my work depends on my mood, although I can always rely on natural history, traditional crafts and a personal collection of vintage finds. I brought it along on my trip so you won't have to wait long for your prize!This weeks Teddy's Treats giveaway is for a basket of Halloween. It is filled with all sorts of goodies. It has some miniature Indian corn, honey bear, Halloween candies, dip mix, a Halloween mask, etc. If you are not already a follower, sign on to follow. The winner will be announced next Saturday and a new giveaway from my trip will be posted at that time. I will be gathering all sorts of treats on this trip and will use them for several of the next giveaways. This is a short post since I am en route to New England. I've posted these before but I thought it was worth showing them again for the new followers. Plus, this is a great Halloween recipe.

He was unidentified but I thought he was rather good looking so here are some of the pics used in the article.

” Design: Andy Mangold Country: USA Related post: Monopoly RepackagingVia The Dieline. The “NOW” part of what I wrote holds good even now. . .