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Some priests of Babylon were identified as being Chaldean. Something about the Autumnal light The first day of Fall found me waiting. A trip to buy some shelving and necessary things for the kids. You know. “If we need it, so will someone else, so we made it an available product. I love parts like this – they make projects go much smoother and are born from necessity. ” Made from stainless steel, allowing for easy polishing, powder coat, paint, or the option to leave it raw with no worry of rusting, the “Tuck-It” Bracket can be used by pro builders or the home mechanic. The Trail To Bigfoot team analyzes one of their videos after a viewer sends in a clip of what they believe could possibly be a bigfoot in the background running through the trees. Hurley & Dharmavan. Orsi is a fashion designer who has recently taken up tatting. She wants to use tatting to create her own laces to be used on dresses and accessories. These two pieces will be used in necklace and earrings. Steph attended the Great Lakes Lace Guild's Love of Lace at the Livonia Civic Library where she tried out some bobbin lace and bought some thread and she even managed to start 'Primrose Path' by Mary Konior. There's a slight difference in thread size but she's hoping it won't matter. Fox made an earlier attempt at clunies just to see the order of rings and chains in tatting them. And, he added, 'they can also anonymously provide information and documents by mail or by fax. ' Grassley. Here are quick links to four of my most recent articles published by Working Nurse Magazine. Feel free to read and share!My Specialty: Oncology NursingMy Specialty: Nursing InformaticsMy Specialty: Home Health and HospiceDisaster Relief Nursing. Instead of making a Christening cake decoration in icing sugar, that is so fragile that it might break in transit, I decided to make this little scaled down pair in tatting. I shall be decorating the cake shortly and will post a picture when it is done. I. O. E. The temperatures may be dropping but the heat is being turned up for a pro wrestling event in Mansfield ISD. The back story. A. W. A. She decided to risk lying down next to her. "The shame, the horror. pushed to the edges of my own bed by a six-pound CAT!""Mummy, can you rid me of this plague?""Maybe if I don't look, it will just GO AWAY!""Or perhaps I should just act nonchalant and lick my leg. Tristan! What the hell are you lookin' at??!"But in the end. It is someone’s birthday. born on a cold snowy February day. he just missed being a valentine’s baby. He is a special guy. His friends must think so too. A few weeks ago I was sworn to secrecy. When the night sets in over the Wilhelminenhofstrasse. A feeling of calm. This is not a beautiful street, but the Chinese restaurant at the corner looks friendly with its coloured lights, people passing by with their late shopping, a man has a bottle of beer in his hand. I still feel like a stranger here, but I start to like this place. Unless you've been sleeping the last two days, you are probably aware of the "meeting" on the tarmac between Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and the President as he made a campaign stop in what he hopes to be a pivotal state in his re-election. The trigger of the conversation apparently was the portrayal of a meeting between the governor and the Messiah in her book which didn't go well, unless of course you are into monarch and subject sort of protocols. One dare not challenge the Bamster.

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Here is a summary which may offer details of the encounter, the most important of which is the mysterious letter which she handed the President before he turned and departed in a presidential snit:Working Together to Build a Better America The facade of courtesy is what marks diplomacy, breeding, and civilization. The pomposity which takes affront at any challenge to one's position speaks volumes regarding maturity and self-image. Did you notice that the main-stream media is in the Bamster's pocket? Ease up, that was a bit of sarcasm. If you're still above ground and not deteriorating rapidly to room temperature, you're aware that Chris Matthews tingle down his leg has puddled on the floor of MSNBC's studio and Wolf Blitzer's undying adulation has permeated CNN. I'm not eager to adopt the third world clinic model and witch doctor incantations for my illnesses. I will fight to my last breath. That's why it is so important to sell the program. And, no there is not a reason we should have any sort of opposition to the nationalization able to voice their objections. Why would we want Americans to have a choice on this critical matter? They would probably simply demand quality over appeal to the great unwashed masses. Pandering doesn't necessarily trump prescriptions for most of us, but why should we be given any arguments against the program? Why is this major shift in our healthcare system so critical that it simply must be rammed through this summer without debate or examination? Did ABC accept TARP money and give up journalistic balance in return? It reminds me of the car dealer's incessant question, "what would it take to have you take this little beauty home with you today?" It might take an examination of that pool of oil under the transmission. Here's a sampler of letters sent recently to state legislators. Some, however, say she lacks the proper background for the position. Questa la lettera di dimissioni di Giovanni Sardella dall'incarico di assessore. E' stata protocollata stamane. While I was in Oregon, the Melaque message board lit up the fear monitor. It started with what was called a mugging. A young man with a screw driver relieved tourists of their possessions. Armed robbery was what it was. And it was unusual enough to catch people's attention. Other posters added their own experiences. Home burglaries. Bike thefts. And, of course, a rehashing of the deaths of two Canadians last year. The events and the moral indignation were real. An upgrade from the older Jegan model, another good looking UC's Mobile Suit, Jesta. The MS portrays a strong military image of elite naval seal on covert operations. That's when I choose to a hovercraft as prop in this post. Since I don't have have Base Jabber featured in the anime. Close colour to how it appears in the anime. I had used third party water-slide decals made for this particular MS. This MS has an uniquely designed arm unit supports the shield from the backpack allowing Jesta to wield its weapons with both hands. In fact, the arms have wide range of articulations and the pose look natural when it holds the rifle with both hands. for the basket block of the month, I’ve decided to put the instructions on my web site early. I said December, but how long can I make you wait? You’ll find the pdf here or here.

You can find the yardage amounts and fabric sku’s in the newsletter that just went out today! And how about that Redwork version? I’m a little behind on finishing the quilt because of quit market.

The center is together, but the borders will have to wait until after market. I can tell you this…it’s REALLY cute so far! Of course I’m using my Chelsea Manor fabric! Are you working in wool along with my friend Anne Bryson over at Cottons ‘n wool? I’m loving how it looks and we’ll be working on the finishing instructions for it in a few months. Hello! I updated Raul Gonzales’s page with two pictures. Go ahead and take a look!. I WAS ONCE ASKED by someone who had spent a long time in the sub-tropics: “What do northern sailors do in winter?” Well, some go skiing. Some flee south in RVs. Some go away on cruise ships. These are the dilettantes, the dabblers, the amateurs, the superficial tire-kickers. Someone who doesn’t take sailing half seriously enough. The real sailors are reading books of ocean adventures. They’re making plans to get time off from their partners, and continue their clandestine affairs with their boats. They check the bilges for water and crank the motor over half a turn by hand, so the impeller doesn’t take a fatal set. Hot Air balloons just seem to make people smile so I hope this card will do just as it says and lift someone's spirits! And I must say the picture below lifted my spirits! Doesn't everyone attend their very first Monster Truck Rally wearing a monster truck shirt and a black tutu adorned with silvery sparkle stars and red cowboy boots? The boots were chosen because they matched the ear muffs. of course they do. Never been one for teddy bears myself, but I could get to like this little fella. Hopefully, you were able to follow along with our Laser-Cut Applique Blogger Challenge last week but if you weren't, don't worry! We are here to gather all of the posts from out fabulously creative bloggers in one place. Her DIY headband is great for crafters and her baby playmat is a perfect project for any beginner quilter: Erin at Why Not Sew? created a stunning Springtime quilt using some of our butterfly and tulip shapes: Deby at So-Sew-Easy put together this bright and lovely Spring Applique Pillow Cover. Hello Ai fans! I think this owl stamp is my favorite at the moment! Once I started to play with it I just made one card after the other. I finished the card with some rhinestones and foam dots for some dimension. InLinkz. Your weekly dose of Spurgeon The PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from the lifetime of works from the Prince of Preachers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon. "We do not know what is best for us. " It is sometimes very much better for us to suffer loss and disappointment than to obtain gain and prosperity. When that eminent servant of God, Mr. Gilpin, was arrested to be brought up to London to be tried for preaching the gospel, his captors made mirth of his frequent remark, “Everything is for the best. What a few days we've had. Everything was going well with the bathroom renovation until the waterproofers arrived and applied a coat of whatever it is they use. They came back the following day for another coat. That stopped us sleeping in our bed for the next few nights. The smell was overpowering and gave me asthma. Not much housework as been done this week. I've spent a fair bit of time outside, had morning tea with Morag and her daughter in the garden on Friday and I have stayed away from the bathroom-end of the house. Today the floor will be levelled with some sort of liquid gloop and when that dries - possibly in two days with all this rain we have at the moment, then the tiles can be laid and the new fixtures and fittings installed. I was looking recently at some of my older leaves, which are marked "BCM/Filofax". I realised that I had no idea why they said that, or what BCM actually stood for. Searching the Philofaxy archives didn't help either - several mentions of the inscription, but no explanation. I decided to hunt a bit wider. The five Supreme Court justices appointed by Republican presidents just told minority voters in the South to go piss up a rope. The mostly nakedly self-loathing of the Republican Majority explained his reasoning this way: Finally, while the University admits that racial discrimination in admissions is not ideal, it asserts that it is a temporary necessity because of the enduring race consciousness of our society. Yet again, the University echoes the hollow justifications advanced by the segregationists. in this case it's my tabs. The brilliant hasn't happened. First up: Which state is crazier, California or Minnesota? It's a toss up. This is just really good bread. instant rise yeast. of salt. .