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The photo of the author at the top of the post is from Wikipedia.

Today we came up the Market Harborough arm of the Grand Union canal. The Foxton basin attracts masses of visitors in the summer, because of the staircase locks and the old inclined plane boat lift, but today was not our day for venturing up this famous landmark. We turned left to do the five miles down to the basin at Market Harborough, tying up, like many others, just before the entrance to this terminus. Anyway, we need to find a supermarket. Visit the Indian Motorcycle event page for updates. m. We don't often get photos of our concerts, but one evening in Seminole, Texas, Chels took her camera along in and we captured some "concert moments". These little ones love to sing! Probably my favorite moment every concert is when I get to sit down and hear them sing "Do Right". Their voices are so fresh and young and their enthusiasm inspires me.

"Do right till the stars fall.

Do right till the last call.

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In ‘Thornfield Hall’ this first book in this classic ‘Mr Rochester’ series, Jane arrives at Thornfield Hall as the newly appointed governess to Mr Rochester’s orphaned ward Adriana.

She takes up her position, yet to meet the master of the house. And then on a cold wintry night, while out on an errand on a lonely country lane, her path crosses with that of a dark horseman on a fierce black steed, and they immediately find themselves at odds with one another. To understand why this study is important, you have to know that for decades scientists have evaluated insulin resistance using something called HOMA or homeostasis model assessment. What the scientists did in this latest study was something blindingly simple. Below is a photo with the little girl and little boy assaulted by agents of the Castro regime. The Castro brothers have a tradition of beating children and stealing toys at Christmas time. Three Kings Day also known as the Epiphany was observed last year by the regime in Cuba with detentions of children, the homes of activists stoned, and death threats. State security agents punched and kicked the women and stopped them from attending Christmas Mass. The holidays are upon us which of course means dressing up!Whenever I am obligated to dress up I usually find myself going for a more feminine look than I wear on a regular basis. A Marathon man said he received a threatening scam phone call he wants to inform people about. The man said someone called him purporting to be representing Fisherman’s Hospital in Marathon. The caller threatened to file a lawsuit against him on behalf of the hospital because he allegedly owes the hospital money. The man said he knew it was a scam call because he does not owe any money to Fisherman’s Hospital. During the phone call, the caller attempted to get him to go to the store for cash cards to pay the bill. The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind the public that no legitimate business will ever ask you to pay a bill using a cash card of any sort, nor will a legitimate business demand immediate payment while you are still on the phone. If you receive phone calls like this one, hang up the phone.

In the past, the Sheriff’s Office has received reports about scammers pretending to be from Keys Energy Services, the Florida Keys Electric Coop, and even scammers claiming to be from the Sheriff’s Office itself.

Scammers will frequently threaten to cut off utilities, threaten to arrest people, threaten a lawsuit and sometimes threaten to harm family members. Someone was sixteen yesterday. She is taking the behind the wheel test for her Drivers License today. I remember when she drove the toy fire engine down the stairs and broke her leg. I hope she doesn’t break anything today. I also remember the big deal they all had about her name. She wasn’t named for days after her birth…. Her parents went back and forth…forth and back…finally they agreed on a name. They named her Paige. From a few months old to sixteen just like that! Happy Birthday Miss Paige!. via. Last year it was Paris and other cities in France. We've seen it as well in England. Now we've got this in Italy:A Crying Need for Immigration ReformsEven the most egalitarian one-worlders must stop for a moment and ask themselves, is assimilation possible or likely? Can we continue to ignore the free flow of people of a significantly dissonant culture across our borders? Do they honestly wish to abide by a rule of law in a civilized world? Can co-existance be possible? The evidence at first glance seems to say no. The foundation also hauled off the wreck of the Ocean Clipper. Read about it here. The BiOp concluded that fisheries in the western Aleutian Islands are likely to jeopardize the sea lion. To avoid jeopardy, the National Marine Fisheries Service is proposing closures and other restrictions that could cost the fishing industry millions of dollars. Here's a summary paragraph from the SSC report:"Overall, this BiOp much improved from earlier ones. The current document has a more balanced, neutral presentation of the scientific information in the background chapters although the conclusion chapter has retained some tone of advocacy, stating as fact some conclusions that still have a great deal of uncertainty about them. ". As Deepavali is around the corner, there's bazaar in Little India, was there to jalan jalan look see look see. I fully agree with you, friend. they were permitted to use cardstock, and any other embellies. Maybe so. But I still have plenty here in my courtyard. During our last rain, this interesting guy showed up. Saying that does not narrow down the seach very much. I have heard that the vast variety of beetles constitutes one-quarter of life forms on earth. That boast obviously has some techincal biological limits. After all, I assume bacteria outweigh them in actual numbers. However, that is mere quibbling. There are beetles galore out there. When I built my insect collection for my sphomore mandatory project, the box was filled primarily with beetles. None of them looked like this guy. I knew a quick way of narrowing down his identification, though. It should be noted that Cuban players have not been included as I am using a list provided over at Baseball America. If they were, the Orioles would not increase their number, but the other teams in the AL East would. Also, keep in mind that money spent on big ticket items does not mean that money is well spent. Just can't get enough of that rubber ducky from Easy Events! This sheet of DSP from Berry Blossoms had the look of bathroom tile to me so it was the perfect background for my trio of ducks. The bubbles? A flower stamp from Raining Flowers. And I love the Calypso Coral with Wisteria Wonder! Here's another quacker strutting his stuff:It's one of the famous ducks that live in the glorious fountain at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. While visiting Tennessee, my daughter and I watched the morning parade of ducks from their Penthouse Suite, down the elevator, across the red carpet and into the fountain. We brought home some great duck themed gifts including a bib for my niece's little guy that says: "I'm de-duck-tible!". I call it the "Cardinal McCarrick" School of Thought. Suddenly, we can point out that he is Catholic and that his opposition to the death penalty shows that Catholics are united against this. Yet, I don't seem to remember a time when they point out that Catholic O'Malley is pro-abortion and pro-homosexual marriage in a regular article. Go to. Last night was the annual Christmas program at our church school. As always, everyone showed up starched and shined.

They sang their hearts out and astonished all of us with their performance of "He Gave Everything," a drama that had us laughing at times and crying at others.

Well, Rita Baker, she of the soft heart and five boys, cried. I don't know that the rest of us did. As the principal's wife and the teacher's mom, I played my usual role of sending my frozen Christmas turkey to school and seeing it get schlepped around onstage, scavenging at the last minute for a flashlight for Paul the lighting guy, and arranging dozens of plates of food afterwards, a Mennonite Christmas-program feast at its best. Unfortunately, a few teenaged boys, no doubt tired of being trussed up in white shirts and dress pants, relieved that the program was over, and fueled by a few too many pieces of Aunt Bonnie's famous fudge, decided to go into the sanctuary and run around the perimeter. with the lights off. Daily Telegraph Miranda Devine BlogDAVID Suzuki’s appearance on the ABC flagship program Q&A spelled the death of any credibility left in the fag end of the climate alarm movement. Accordingly, neither the overall warming trend or sea level rise began with the fossil-burning Industrial Revolution… nor have they changed in any detectable way due to human influences. And we can’t even really know that the second follows the first. This has always been hard for me so I am looking to you all for inspiration. cards for men. ugh. OK I've survived. let the bloggin' reconvene!!SO I visited a shop a few weeks ago WITHOUT my camera, but still posted my findings. So here they are. Saturday morning, I got a text from Aaron saying he had talked to Dr. Woo-Hoo! I loaded up the other three kiddos and we headed back down to Iowa City. See where Blake has to stay. See what he has to go through, at least a little bit. "Don't do what I did.

Don't go without your gun," she says.

The point of Lost and Found is to level the support playing field. When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership. Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below. Style inspiration from Grigory Gluckmann. Who/what is inspiring you this summer?. I have spent my life working in healthcare but I need a change. So I guess I will start posting my sewing projects and see where it takes me!. .