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If there's one thing I'm lazy about, it's chores. It's always easier to do them myself, especially when I'm busy and tired. Last week, I shared my chores chart. You might also remember last year's discussion about kids and chores which I wrapped up here. Which can only be a good thing. It's good to have both kinds. There are chores kids like, and chores kids hate. Lizzy loves cooking and hates messy dishes: she has to help with both. Isaac repeats the lack of faith in God’s protection as did his father, Abraham. Clearly, the possibility of being killed and having your wife taken for another man’s pleasure must have been a cultural practice and a grave danger in the ancient world for Isaac, like Abraham, to be too afraid he might be killed for his wife. Abimelech, though, after a long time, looks out a window and sees Isaac sporting with his wife. So, something Satan said was true. This knowledge that came from disobeying God in the one thing that was forbidden to them gave man the understanding to oppose God and hinder that fellowship they had with Him. The essence of human knowledge is and has always been an attempt to overthrow God’s will. It was God’s desire that man till the ground but man created cities, which we will discuss later, and a great many employments and diversions not given by God. That is not to say that it would be Godly now to abandon modern medicine and move to the wilderness any more than realizing that your divorce and remarriage were a sin so you should make the situation worse by abandoning your current spouse and children. to allow this country to exist. And yet, it is a puzzling and mysterious passage. Jesus and Peter and John and James go up on a mountain to pray. Peter and John and James are aroused from their stupor to see a glow-in-the-dark Jesus speaking with two men that have been dead for centuries, the great law-giver Moses and the great prophet Elijah. It is a puzzling and mysterious scene.

From Brenton Sawin Mysteries To Search: Mr Fritz had a Dogman encounter while hunting coyotes and this creature was huge.

We also talk about Bigfoot and other cyriptids. The size of the Dogmans head is very scary to think about so you dont want to miss this description and interview with Dave. Okay, this could be a gag from Monty Python's Flying Circus, but it's not. It's quite real. The Guardian introduces us to the Naked Boys Reading. the Brontës: And now for a nude lifeguard reciting Jane Eyre … my night with Naked Boys Reading They stroll on stage and read passages from classics naked. Our writer catches a Brontë reading with a difference in Yorkshire The Naked Boys Reading collective is what it says on the tin: a literary salon in which naked men read. Fittingly for Brontë country, the event was themed around sisters, with three naked men plodding on stage with a work by Charlotte, Anne and Emily.

Sarah was looking for snowflakes with hearts in them and tatted Darling Josephine from my Tatted Flurries book but added another JK between the pattern repeats of the last row.

If you're looking for a snowflake with a heart, you can always make the Grace Snowflake on my web site. Batty Tatter made another Regal dragon from Flights of Fantasy by Martha Ess, this time in red and purple for her daughter, who has a different take on the story, as her princess weilds the sword and saves the day, but sadly not the knight, who is reduced to a helmet and ashes. Mary Lena created a lovely necklace in a simple design made elegant by black glass beads. Claire has copied, with permission, Gloria Nelson's tutorial on when to reverse work and when not to reverse for use with visual patterns. Diane made considerable progress on her hanky edging, but had to stop when she ran out of thread. Her next Spinning Wheel is well under way. The Sheriff’s Office dive team training this past week on the Vandenburg wreck offshore of Key West. Following the season-opening win on Friday: Volleyball fans. See you there! Labels: bbe jaguars football, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Jaguars football. If you're like me - not a professional crafter, but someone who does use craft supplies on a regular basis - I'm sure you have a "craft drawer". But one look inside my craft drawer might previously have convinced you otherwise. Yikes! This drawer was scaaaary! The drawer was such a disgrace. Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and all the best! Merry Christmas. Yay! the layout my brother and I were supposed to set the table every night. One of the things I remember most about dinnertime in our house was that we always had dinner together. We had placemats, cloth napkins, and we set the table, and we had to put our napkins on our laps. Proteins, starches, and veggies every night. Deckboss apologizes for his silence the past few days. Had some nonfish business to deal with. To catch up, here are a few news nuggets I'm sure you'll find interesting. m. Friday. The phrase ‘human rights’ is used in a generic or global sense to include all rights or claims that are regarded as fundamental or inalienable, and thus including first, second, and indeed third generation rights such as the right to self-determination and the right to enjoy the environment. Thus, the basis for protecting human rights is of course, vulnerability to attack from those who feel that certain individuals, because of their conduct, have forsaken their right to dignity. HAPPENING THIS WEEK: Farm Girl Vintage BOM, Tuesday, Dec. So wonderfully simple yet fantastic. Ink. My classroom is not an "art room".

I don't even have a sink in my room.

Blown Ink Monsters. Sometimes when I give my students lots of freedom/little instruction many of them freeze and look at me like I just told them perform brain surgery. What would your significant other say to you if you started snapping photos of him when he hasn't yet had his first sip of tea? The Farmer is a sport.

Either that or he was oblivious to his wife snapping away.

All for my knitting pals. Do you remember the night when geeky Phil desperately wanted the brand-new iPad and Claire went nutty trying to procure one? Julia thought that was the funniest thing and she started teasing her Dad that we were going to buy him an iPad for Christmas. His response was "I'll use it as a hammer to pound fence posts in. The Jenn Ski design cat is done.

There were some challenges with different densities of quilting as well as doing all the quilting on my domestic machine rather than a long-arm.

This is the final blocking after the binding and second washing. Which happens every time I use it. It wasn't SOOO bad, but after this section, I used it only on the bobbin. A little context on size. Amo moltissimo i disegni di Gooduswife e mi dispiace moltissimo che questa disegnatrice abbia smesso di creare. I love Gooduswife designs and I was rerally sorry whenIi heard that she doesn't design anymore.

LISTEN TO READING I purchased an iPad and I bring it to school for listen to reading.

Students choose a story from a set I purchased that has QR codes. WORD WORK I've purchased a lot of great sets that I use for word work. David, Bentley and I have been having fun since Wednesday night when the holiday weekend began. We have been shopping, eating, sleeping in late and having fun! No work, no worries, and no news.

The weather has cooled off here and I we are wearing sweaters and going for long walks with Bentley.

It's time for trimming trees and stringing lights. I hope y'all are enjoying the long weekend. We sure are! Big Texas Hugs, Susan and Bentley. So here are the highlights of the month of July. We published the following posts. Inspirational Quote Of The Day: "An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools. " - Ernest Hemingway The sun shines brightly today on our little town. Fog has burned off and blown away and the air is still and CRYSTAL clear. Lots of movement in the water, leaving people wondering what shape the day will take. Weather is better than yesterday and conditions may be as well. Take the opportunity to appreciate mother Earth and all she has to offer. CHANNEL: A bright reflection blinds us as we try to take a peek. ATeacherWrites. With reference to three texts, to what extent have you found this view to be true? ‘Four hundred years of excess, horror, evil and ruin. ’ Is this a valid assessment of the gothic literature? To what extend does gothic literature rely on visual imagery? “Despite various attempts to define it or pin it down, the gothic remains an elusive literary genre. ” Is this a valid description of the gothic? “Gothic literature is more interested in cheap thrills than serious intellectual debate. ” Is this a valid description of the gothic? “Either shameless harlots or trembling innocents. ” Is this your view of how women are presented in gothic texts? To what extent have you found the gothic texts you have studied to be linked by the horrifically macabre? How significant is transgression in the texts you have studied? Gothic literature has been accused of relying not only on the improbable but also the impossible to engage its audience. I stamped the Scripture onto the leaf, then sponged the edges with Ranger Old Paper Distress Ink before removing the die. The background, Prismatics Dark Birchtone card stock, is dry embossed with the Cuttlebug Seeing Spots folder. Other embellishments include some natural twill, Maya Road leaf trinket pins, and a skeleton leaf. Wednesday Stamper Toys ChallengeThe challenge at Wednesday Stamper is toys, I think this is the only stamp of a toy which I have. Tilda is stamped and then coloured with Prismacolor and Sansador. HOMMOS BIT'HINEH is mashed chick peas in ground sesame. Drain liquid off and reserve. Reserve ½ cup of the whole, cooked chick peas for garnish. Today's Bizarro is brought to you by fire. "It's all about proximity. I love the word play in it, and its surreal time-travel nature.

Are they in prehistoric times but she knows what a condo is, or are they living like cave people in the present? I prefer the latter explanation.

My own wife used to date very wealthy men, not because she was after their money but because she happened to meet them in the circles in which she ran. She could have married a millionaire many times, but chose a thousandaire instead. Condoman/Caveman – another autobiographical joke. And because I'm behind on posts lately, here's another bonus cartoon. .