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YaY! All you need to do is grab your supplies and tune in here every Monday. It's indoor rowing season right now, so I captured a few kids in full training mode which is something we all can take note of these days: Champions are made in the off season because there is no off season. . C. Freedom Now represents prisoners of conscience around the world on a pro bono basis, using legal and political advocacy to secure their release from prison. Freedom Now has represented some very well known prisoners of conscience, including the only imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize winner, as well as many who are far less well known. Clients have included leading political opposition figures as well as journalists, editors, bloggers, human rights lawyers, religious figures, musicians and doctors, among others, and they have been imprisoned in the Americas, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


I hope you all had a good, relaxing weekend. Some of you have asked if you could create charts to answer test questions. Yesterday I went outside for a good long time without a sweater or hooded sweatshirt. We didn’t have a stretch of nice days like this all last summer. I will take it! Years ago we called this warm Fall weather Indian Summer, I suppose that is not politically correct…but you know what… I don’t care. Chance got a really good brushing and his feet got all trimmed up, he has the furriest feet ever. We went for a ride before nap time. The farmer next door is harvesting his corn. Off to the left you can see a portable deer stand and a hunter in blaze orange. We didn’t see any deer in the afternoon. The windows are all washed! It was a beautiful day yesterday. warm.

I helped Far Guy haul and stack some wood and then he helped me wash the windows.

Teamwork. I had to sneak in a few hours working for the museum this week, updating a phone and email list and sending out the invitations for the Christmas Party. I also had a meeting. Knowing that nearly all of us are guilty of what co-founders Jason Stoddard and Mike Moffat would consider an abomination is an interesting notion. Headphones. via. If you read the newspapers, there is constant buzz about me being one of the most amazing artists in the world. I try to tune it all out but it's hard. I'm struggling to stay above the fray. This new video tour through my latest sketchbook will not help tamp down on all this attention being given to me. In fact I suggest you NOT watch this film. It might be best to just move on from here otherwise you could get sucked into the vortex. I gotta say it is AMAZING though and silly. Friend was mentioning about going to Maison Kayser after our Ramen dinner to try out this place. per Brian Penistone. It’s actually been a tough few days for me and I’m feeling a bit blue…, but I decided to suck it up and deal with it – while wearing blue. Might as well embrace it, right? Good thing “So You Think You Can Dance” is on. !. AIP's biggest budgeted project to that date, they made the fatal error of casting Kier Dullea in the title role, at least Franco had the sense to cast Klaus Kinski as the "Divine Marquis" in JUSTINE. The estimable Richard Matheson talks on the DVD about how his original script for DESADE was in the style of Robbe-Grillet's LAST YEAR AT MARIENBAD but was rejected by the powers-that-be, presumably led by Deke. -Oren ArnoldAnd let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts,to which indeed you were called in the one body. And be thankful. Snidely, Whiplashed: GMAC has agreed in a Maryland case that it would dismiss every foreclosure case in the state that relied on affidavits signed by robo-signer Jeffery Stephan. Ever. shells, plants, wood, terracotta. Beautiful!.

Pronounced Bow-hee-kah.

Maher says that they were given amazing access to a lot of locations which have never been filmed before including the Wailing Wall, the dome of the rock, and even inside the Vatican.

Lionsgate will distribute. A clip of Maher talking about the project is up on Youtube.

The other match today resulted in a draw between Ayrshire and Lanarkshire.

Sheep at SunsetThe other day, The Farmer was pasturing the sheep at just the right spot for an amazing photo opportunity. I made a mental note to be home by sunset so I could catch the moment to share with all of you. Phoebe, Nessie, and I ran up the road and arrived just in time. Here's how Phoebe saw it. Although it beautiful around here most of the time, that night was quite extraordinary. Observation: God gave a prophetic word to Abraham about his plans for Abraham's descendants. It wasn't good until the very end. He said they would be enslaved by another nation for four hundred years. He didn't sugar-coat it for Abram. He may let us go through some things, but when He delivers, He does it extremely well.

Application: Sometimes we don't understand why God lets us go through certain things.

Dennis Fox, a junior at Cornell University and president of Cornell's KyotoNOW! climate justice group, sees promise in his school's divestment movement. I think we just ought to work out where the differences are and why, and see if we can persuade them of a few things, and sometimes they persuade us of a few things. receiving wise council!. How much the climate warms in the future is up to us. #Climate PR hack wants UK sceptic group silenced for "political statements" - Greenpiss/FOE/WWF would never do that!. Hi Unity Friends!Jimmi here to start off this fabulous Thursday tradition. HIP HOP!BIG NEWS: we are hopping with Helmar and showing off the amazing Susan Weckesser Unity Stamp Co. stamps so check out the Unity Blog & Helmar blog every day through Aug. JimmiKarenLisa H. Hello Ai fans! Today I'm sharing a masculine birthday card. This was made for my brother-in-law. He's a wine drinker and recently started wearing glasses so I thought he'd get a kick out of this. My card features Pierre and the verse from the Celeste set from Art Impressions. InLinkz. Today's post is the new SU! Party Favorbag that I have altered. Assemble it. Take the original boxand put adhesive strip around the bottom and slide it into the new gray bottom that you just assembled. I added the eyelet lace around the bottom. The handleis made with the circle cutter and attached with the bradsand the rounder tab punch holds it all together. Add somechristmas candy sticks and a tag and it makes a pretty little gift for that someone special. xoxo. I have always been drawn to the story of Dan Eldon, and to his photography and journals. At the age of seven, he moved with his family to Nairobi, Kenya. He was hired by Reuters based on his photographs of this tragedy. His photographs began to be featured around the world. The horror of the situation was extremely difficult for Dan but he agreed to stay on to cover the events. Recently I read Tania's post about rising early and the mundane ordinariness of Monday mornings and once again I felt that soft collision of connection between the two of us. In reality, we're worlds apart - geographically, in age and culture, and probably many other things, and yet there is something that I recognise in Tania. I didn't realise it until I snapped back to reality but I sat there starting out the window after reading the post, trying to find the reason for the recognition. The sun was still on the rise behind some pine trees, making bright shadows on the front garden and highlighting spider webs that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

Tiny golden leaves fell from one of the trees near the house and a Sacred Kingfisher swooped down at one point to pick up a grasshopper.

How do we make a connection like this to someone we don't know? Blogs are strange things. I've been thinking about them a lot lately because of the blogging workshops we've just finished and have been trying to define just what a blog is. He then started a band called “The Ranch” and signed with Capitol Records. His second album garnered his breakthrough success and the rest is history. BCMmoto. bigcartel. Watters suggested that Democrats had released the report to coincide with the testimony of economist Jonathan Gruber, who outrage conservatives when he said that health care reform was passed using the “stupidity” of the American people. “They Senate Democrats, they’re just trying to get one last shot in at Bush before they go into the minority!” the correspondent opined. “And they didn’t even interview any of the CIA interrogators to do the report. ” “It’s kind of like how Rolling Stone does their reporting, they only get one side,” he added, referring to a controversial report about an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia.

“You know, the Democrats didn’t care about transparency when they were destroying hard drives at the IRS.

” Out Numbered host Andrea Tantaros agreed that she didn’t need transparency at the CIA either. This is what the driver's seat in my minivan looks like. It is the result of years of abuse. Mostly due to sitting on it with a wet swimming suit from the pool in the summer I believe. Not very pretty. To say the least. I've even trolled ebay and etsy in search of the perfect cover. Then I had a light bulb moment. Like the other four, he does not descend from a Northern Dancer line stallion. Circular Quay is by the Mr. .