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“Then he said to his disciples, "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. The classes went very well and, as ever, were a pleasure to teach and it was nice to see some familiar faces returning from previous courses. It was also nice to spend a little time walking along the coast in the sunshine.

There's nothing quite like being beside the sea.

Just recently, I can't think of the sea without the soundtrack of 'From the sea to the land beyond' running through my head. I've always found ships and the sea equally romantic and terrifying and the film captures this perfectly, as well as looking at British life over the past century - always with the sea as a backdrop.

Pics by ATF.

I clipped our pink peonies this morning. I of course loved the promise of such large blossoms, but I also liked the name because it reminded me of my Mom who loved Shirley Temple movies. This is the first summer that the blossoms have been this large. They continued to open after they were cut and in water for the afternoon. I really love the yellow centers. My gracious assistant agreed to hold the large bouquet for me. He likes peonies. They require no maintenance whatsoever. Nothing particularly exciting was recorded, as is usual for June, but my list of successful breeding birds for the year was incremented by one, when a pair of recently fledged CARRION CROWS were found on the pile of manure just outside the College Stables. A TREECREEPER was seen in the College Grounds, which I thought was possibly with a fledgling, but both birds disappeared into the canopy of a large Oak tree, a search for the Spotted flycatcher pair that are holding territory here was unsuccessful this morning. At least two pairs of BULLFINCH were seen in the Scrubby Woods, but little song was heard here today, only a couple of BLACKCAPS and a CHIFFCHAFF were singing. Flyovers were few today, with KESTREL, HERRING GULL, LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL and the already mentioned Black Headed Gull being seen, but very few SWIFTS and SWALLOWS were noted, unsurprising in the cool conditions, with not much insect activity about. Another pair of Bullfinch were found along Ashes Lane as I walked home, and the only singing WHITETHROAT of the morning was heard a bit further along from them. Thanks for watching. With Love, Dinha. From the letters page in the new issue of Viz magazine:Talk about dippy, my hubbie must take the biscuit. He suffered a massive head injury whilst working on an oil rig six years ago, and has been in a persistent vegetative state ever since. The silly sausage doesn't even know what day it is! Noreen Glanshood, Yeovil.

Preschool should be all about exploration, which is why I'm a firm believer in encouraging children to express them selves creatively and giving them opportunities to explore art without boundaries.

This is why I make every effort to promote process art in the preschool classroom. Process art places emphasis on the experience of creating the art. It encourages self expression and creativity, along with opportunity to explore new materials. The great thing about process art is that the final product is always unique. It also makes a teachers' job easier because each art experience requires less preparation. Including process art in the classroom doesn't mean that you have to give up class art projects, it simply means that children have freedom when participating in art projects. Here are some examples of process art that my students have created. The exterior opens to the house and blur the line between these pre-defined sections. There's so many errors in this tweet it's difficult to know where to start. Talking of the BBC, oops:BBC television presenter Ray Gosling is to be charged with wasting police time after claiming on air that he smothered his terminally ill lover. hattip for the tweet: Biased BBC. Apparently, a new artist's profile picture was found under '安室奈美惠' on Recochoku. jp by this blogger. I will say I got some immediate results from your prayers and good wishes. I had a consult with a neurologist on Thursday, and she went back and did the spinal MRIs with contrast. That revealed that there was no greater growth either in the intervening week since the first MRIs nor were there any other involvements beyond the nodes that were first noted in the lumbar spine.

I was in the neighborhoods for MRIs so I might as well have a tap.

They are waiting for more detail lab results to determine whether the infection is biological, viral, or fungal. Whether this means that something can be done about the loss of feeling in my legs or not remains to be seen. It does offer some level of hope for some return to normal mobility.

Spinal Tap - Gimme Some Money - Watch the top videos of the week here.

Yesterday we were seeing a screed from the ever-shrill Ann Coulter regarding the total disaster the Republican Presidential front-runner would be if nominated. While Ann abhors the Messiah, she delights in destroying Republicans who don't strictly fit into her uber-conservative cookie cutter. I'm not exactly clear whether Abe Lincoln would have made the cut on team Coulter. Here is a more mature and rational analysis of Newt Gingrich.

It isn't a slash-and-burn attack and it isn't an Ode to a Legend.

It's simply a balanced coverage of pros and cons.

It paints a picture of a man who has made mistakes, stepped on toes, endured successes and failures, and who consistently thinks of big solutions to big problems.

some of which may or may not work. As we shiver and sneeze waiting for the next snow-storm to blanket places that don't usually get much snow, the vampires of the global climate change movement continue to return.

In the process, we'll discover new technologies, build new businesses and create new jobs.

"Yes indeed my ignorant rubes, we'll adapt to climate change apparently meaning we'll do without air conditioning or running water. And, in the process, we'll stop aging, cure teen-aged acne, put a chicken in every pot and add a four hundred pound non-disposable battery to the trunk of every car. Mr. Karl is up to his elbows in the scandal according to co-researchers:But Roger Pielke Sr. , a climatologist affiliated with the University of Colorado who has crossed horns with Karl in the past, says his appointment was a mistake.

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Oggi: La Corrida ai "Tre Delfini". Did you see the wonderful notebook cover tutorial that Lynn at Alamosa Quilter recently had on her blog? I loved it and had to make one. Since I had a couple Moda Mini Charm packs that I didn’t know what to do with, I got to work. Above is my notebook book cover following her directions that you can find here. She has pictures and nice directions for quilting it too. However, I must admit I was lazy and just did straight line quilting. What I liked about these instructions is that all your seams are enclosed when you are finished. Above is what mine looks like, ready for the notebook. I wish I had remembered to attach the “this book belongs to” square. Looks like a total tourist trap, I know, but my family loves this place. In fact, we took our daughter Lila and her friends to dinner here after her graduation from NYU. The pay in the workshops is steadily decreasing. The excuse offered for this is that there is a recession, prices are falling, the value of the products is lower, hence lower pay. When we go to spend our pittance, though, we are charged way over the odds for everything. The explanation for this is that the prices of goods outside are increasing. Hmm, is someone having us over?.

So I have a bit of a dilemma today.

And when I say dilemma, I like to pronounce it Die-lem-ah. Why? I don't know. I just like to play around with word pronunciations. " Yeah, that could get annoying, but that's his little joke and I like it. Having known more than a few porkers who act like appreciative clapping seals when restrictions on smoking and drinking are mentioned, it's difficult not to imagine them munching on a large bucket of popcorn and belly laughing at the recent acceleration of anti-tobacco and alcohol attacks. All rather silly, really, considering they'll soon be in the same boat - after it has been widened, natch - as I hinted at in a tweet yesterday. The linked article was from The Economist discussing plans on taxing food. or even the fat themselves. Thadeus. my home town, where i grew up, is a little village in northern British Columbia. m. Papercraft lanterns based on the animated film Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie's Masquerade. Bus. Applicants must have first classes/divisions in all examinations. Applicants must have first classes/divisions in all examinations. Needless to say I had a wonderful time in southern Utah- I can not believe I have been home for almost a week!! Of course Stampin Up! Spoiled us rotten! Here are a few highlights from the trip. The door signs are AWESOME The first night dinner. I was very nervous as this was my very frst zip line. In many of these areas the inhabitants fled during the fighting and have not been able to return.

This was due to a number of issues ranging from the lack of trusted local allies to fear that insurgents would re-infiltrate with the returnees to political disputes over who should control the towns.

The effect has been to create a number of ghost towns in Iraq that are likely to remain empty for the foreseeable future. The first clearing out of inhabitants started in small places and was barely noticed. One example was Barzanke in Ninewa. Well hey, I'm actaully posting on Monday this week. I got a few more blocks made for Matt's Carmel Latte quilt. This quilt is made up of string blocks in these colors:creamcream/tantantan/light brown light brown light brown/dark brown dark brown. Architectural inspiration via Pinterest. Valextra alligator Isis clutch, at barneys. Aurelie Bidermann Central Park gold-plated leaf earrings. Darlings, what do you think of this beautifully appointed home office and the look it inspired? xoxox, CC. You just have to know what all there is to do, and either hire someone to do it all - or do some or all yourself. The most difficult step may be APPROVAL. But at least now you know what all has to be done. .