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" When he said this, a dispute broke out between the Pharisees and Sadducees, and the group became divided. For the Sadducees say that there is no resurrection or angels or spirits, while the Pharisees acknowledge all three. More videos from Rob's on set interview hereOn Yahoo's playerRobert Pattinson may have found fame playing the sweet and sensitive Edward Cullen in 'Twilight', but omg! can reveal the real-life Rob has a penchant for bad-boy behaviour. "We think he meant while in character filming scenes in the Hungarian capital, but maybe this is what he got up to after hours. Rob in a fight? We can only hope this was over us!Talk turned to what drew him to his latest on-screen venture and how it differed to 'Twilight'. "But what we're really concerned about is which women are locking lips with our one true love in the film?Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and Kristin Scott Thomas each get up close and personal with Robert in the movie and wow are we jealous. And the actor only had good things to say about his co-stars too: "They are all very strong and had long careers so they know exactly how they want to do things. "Yahoo.

I've been following the Jodi Arias capital murder trial with some interest for the past few weeks, particularly the defense strategy of exploring in lurid and uncorroborated detail the sordid sexual history between Arias and the man she killed, her former lover Travis Alexander.

I may write about this at some point, but that's not why I'm writing today. The prosecutor is impeaching her with prior inconsistent statements right now, but for every statement so far, he's had to refresh her recollection. In the middle of all this was a sidebar conference to discuss how much of the transcript she would read silently to herself to refresh her recollection about "pop rocks and tootsie pops.

If, by any chance, you know someone who likes to coach their trial teams to burn their opponents' time as a strategy, they could do no better than to watch Ms.

However, the content of the agenda and the qualifications of the speakers suggest that an attendee may successfully petition a credit-granting authority. Speakers:Gregory S. C. He is a frequent speaker and writer on antitrust, litigation, and professional topics. Danny Thankachan Nicole Williams represents clients before federal and state trial and appellate courts as well as in arbitration proceedings. at milan!via.

Modern reinterpretation of the traditional Windsor chair by Christopher Specce.

Although the form has been streamlined and paired down in a nod to minimalism, the chair retains the solid charm of its ancestor.

Via Design Don't Panic.

-priscilla giler. I like Bloomberg Radio SF. But the new radio outlet is chock full of useful information and interesting content, real live and local. First on my list was Big Poppa's Chanpionship "Money" rub. I've heard so much about it! I seasoned a brisket with the rub and threw it into the BPS drum with a kiss of mesquite. added a skillet of spicy pintos. Cooked bacon in skillet, removed, added onions, garlic, green chilies to the drippings. Cooked til tender then added cooked pinto beans, diced tomatoes, salt, pepper and cayenne. I didn't take the internal temp of the brisket, just smoked til probe tender. had to have a taste! I really really loved this stuff! lol The "Money" rub was soooo tasty! I can see why it won so many championships. I'm pretty happy right now, my brisket stash has been replenished and I get to think up more things to make with the rest of the BPS dry rubs. The U. S. And U. S. Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, will help pursue the funding. Begich on Friday in Anchorage announced he intends to introduce legislation to create a national seafood marketing and development effort. The program would feature five regional seafood marketing boards. The legislation evidently has not yet been introduced. When it drops, Deckboss will provide a link. I would have never thought of going to a place like Salzburg. It was never on my radar. Yun dreamed that one up. But i'm glad I went. Not a care in the world.

Surrounded by such beauty.

There is a giant castle high on a hill overlooking the village. "my diary" by Le Portillon. I've been sick in bed the past few days. And now for the winners. A big mojo-licious congrats to. The gilded chariot arrived to be part of the blockbuster exhibition at the Discovery Times Square Exposition. "This is a once-in- a-lifetime opportunity for the people of New York to see something of such great significance from the boy king's life. "The chariot is unique and stands out among the five other chariots found among what Howard Carter called the "wonderful things" that made up Tutankhamun's burial equipment. Carter found the chariot in the south-east corner of the antechamber, along with three others. The wheels are extremely worn, which suggests that the chariot was "used frequently in hunting expeditions by the young king. In this detailed post Tim examines the possibility of identifying the boy. Some have speculated that the mummy on the boat was the founder of the twentieth dynasty Sethnakht because of a reused coffin once manufactured for that king was present in the tomb at the time of discovery. Unfortunately the mummy was destroyed more than a hundred years ago when the boat was stolen. I think I've got this ball-winder thing out of my system. Maybe. The big stack in the back is more Plymouth Encore that will hopefully be made into a Weasley Sweater for my nephew for Christmas. Another Christmas job. O. My parents are Allan & Marcia Copenhaver.

Because I am used to handling parchment books, it was odd to handle a book that was made out of paper - and a lot of it, for that matter.

Also new to me was the fact that related materials were held together by needles and to see dozens of rare actual receipts, small slips that were crossed out when paid. The biggest surprise, however, was the material that came falling out of the account book: sand. Rapeseed in bloom, Luoping, China. Found at a Reddit discussion thread. This is another of the quilts brought by one of the attendees to the talk at the local antique gallery on textiles. The photos barely do this one justice. The colors are so saturated and bright and bold and beautiful in real life. I liked it. It is hand quilted in a grid pattern. the quilting is very good. The status quo demonstrably does not work. Quagmires Are US: Word is seeping into the MSM that al Qaeda in Yemen is the new big threat, bigger than that bunch holed up in Pakistan. Thought Experiment: What would the US be like if we lived within our means? What would your life be like without a credit card? Ah. Various MSM sources knew of Mehlman's orientation at the time, but acceded to GOP pressure to keep it quiet. You know, those liberal media folks that hated Bush.

Question For Bill Gross: If the government should nationalize the mortgage industry and set lending standards, why shouldn't it do the same for auto loans, credit cards and the rest? And citing your personal financial stake in mortgage bonds but not other credit operations will not be a convincing argument.

Observation: The Psalmist cries out to the Lord in the midst of going through some terrible things. He is in a bad place, but in that place, he thinks of the reputation of the Lord over his own feelings. He doesn't want the Lord's name to be disgraced because of his sin or problems. Application: Many ministers, Christians, etc. have fell into sin and messed up their lives. They don't realize that they are also messing up the Lord's reputation. We need to always be conscious of the fact that the Lord's name is to be lifted up and our reputation makes Him look good or bad. May our lives bring Him praise and honor instead of dishonor. Prayer: Father, let my life bring Your praise and may Your name be lifted up always through my life.

Let me never bring Your name disgrace, but great honor.

A couple weeks ago, I hosted a little travel link party on this blog. At that time, I had no plans to make it a regular occurrence. I just thought it would be nice to provide a place for people to share some vacation posts. In fact, the first few days I wondered if I would get more than a couple link ups! Turks and Caicos - Regent Palms Slowly, the posts trickled in and it ended up being so much fun! Those of you who joined, linked up some amazing vacations and I am sure you inspired others. The Other Side of the Road - Kauai I received a few emails asking about the next party. Some of you missed this one and some of you mentioned how much you enjoyed having a place to share your travel posts. From My Carolina Home - NC Lighthouses Like I said, I had only planned for this party to be a one-time deal so I had to consider it. For this set of cards I first stamped the 'in colors" on natural cardstock with the Hardware stamps. and then stamped the butterflies onto the colored cardstock, I used the retired Dahlia flower buttons for the center. I really try and show you some retired items you have bought and can use for your cards. Ecoyarns is celebrating its tenth birthday this weekend. One order per customer. I am currently knitting a cardigan for my granddaughter. It's a joy to knit with. This lucky winner will receive my review copy of Orson Scott Card's Gatefather! For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. The winner is: - Christina Parker, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Many thanks to all the participants!. Uto came to Akaroa from Tonga just over four years ago to finish his highschool education at the local Area High School. A gentle giant with a reserved politeness, a quiet determination and a willingness to help anyone in need, now it is Uto and his family who can do with some help in return. Last week Uto was dealt a really crap hand when on investigation of a heart irregularity it was discovered he had a very rare cancer that left him in a battle for his life and his prognosis is so far unknown. Uto Enosi needs a little help so pay a visit to "give a little". A couple of observations. I do wish the media would stop referring to Ismail as a diplomat. He wasn't. He was a Malaysian Army Warrant Officer employed in their Defence Attache's Office as a gofer. Nothing more and nothing less. Sure he was entitled to immunity under the Vienna Convention but diplomat he never was. I do think heads should roll in MFAT.

Clearly there are rogue elements at work, perhaps the same rogue elements that drip feed confidential material to the Opposition.

Earlier this week, the Story Time activity was scratchboard art using store bought black scratchboard paper. Logan loved doing this, and it made me think about creating our own.

I was sure that I had done this at some point in elementary school and thought that it involved liquid soap and black paint.

Our story time lady, however, had no idea what I was talking about and responded with something about crayons and watercolors. No, I said, that would be crayon resists, which we have done before. This is not at all like that.

I decided to check in one of my kids' art activity books, but it only suggested doing this with crayons: first a layer of colors on the paper, followed by a thick layer of black crayon.

While I knew this would work since it was confirmed by Kristin, my sister-in-law who happens to be an elementary art teacher, this was not what I had in mind. It sounded too time-consuming to do it this way, and I knew Logan wouldn't stick with it. There they found cases of torture, poor conditions, and a lack of due process. This is just the latest example of the widespread abuses that exist within Iraq’s justice and prison systems. There the lawmakers found cases of torture, prisoners who were held for up to eight years with having never gone to court, lost files, people who were supposed to be released, but who were still being held, and a lack of medical care. The Human Rights Ministry responded by saying that allegations of torture did not prove that it happened. The differences in opinion were likely because of political differences. If it were in the national interest, we'd already have federal bug bounties of that order, for all sorts of products. Long before the EFF argues that it's in the national interest that purchased bugs should be disclosed rather than exploited, the EFF needs to first show that it's in the national interest to have a federal bug bounty program at all. Seriously, I know lots of people in government, and they have stories. e.

the deaths of innocents.

From the time I was nine years old, I've written in a journal. While I no longer have some of those earlier samples of my writing, I have a shoebox and the better part of a shelf in my closet dedicated to the rest of my journals. While I'm not a regular journal keeper, I don't really hold that against myself. It's not about how frequently I write, but the quality and value of what I have to say. That being said, there are some simple steps every genealogist can take to transform their journals into historical records and sources of information. From remembering to describe people and places, to the selection of your writing prompts and topics, anyone can create a priceless treasure trove of history through journal keeping. If journal keeping is something you've always wanted to start, check out our the latest video for helpful hints and ideas. , are scams from West African scammers mainly from Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana etc. , living in various countries, most having entered those countries using student or working visas. .