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For healthcare. At least, that's how I interpret the descriptions I have seen of his current plan, although I gather any interpretation is pretty uncertain at this point.

That everyone be required to have health insurance.

For vehicle with manual transmission, there is an opinion stating that upshift gear should be done when the engine produces maximum torque. I checked to vehicle manual book, but there is no explanation to constantly change gears when engine speed produces maximum torque. So, when the best time to change gears?For economical driving, always try to keep engine speed as low as possible, but not too low to make the engine lack of torque and transmission vibrates. So, what is needed is sufficient torque for particular load and speed, not the maximum torque. This will vary for each vehicle and can be felt by an experienced driver. For more details about the torque can be read on The relationship between Power, Torque, RPM. The use of a tachometer can help to determine when the best time to change gears.

From the Trail To Bigfoot team on youtube: We pull away from where the stones were found then go back to the creek again.

Mark hears some ape like sounds when we try a something new. "If you don't like it, don't read it. Tax-exempt charities owned and operated by the physicians. Hoo-wah!I feel I should've been aware of this new-ish wrinkle on double-dipping, but I wasn't. " Like Natrecor, a drug that's great fun to Google to see plaintiffs' lawyers duking it out with shills, and for which "Outpatient use of Natrecor around the country has fallen precipitously,"What such sources often fail to mention, and what their leaders may fail to mention at scientific conferences, is that the non-profit they establish, for purposes of clinical trials investigation, is funded by the drug- and device-makers. Many other examples follow. To me, what's most interesting is the Pogo Effect. The money is good, and those lured to this easy money rush quickly to defend their practices. Anderson allegedly pushes the girl back and then pulls a chair out, causing the student to fall on her back. Anderson then allegedly pins the student to the ground with the chair before eventually letting the child up. The student then crawls under a table and Anderson reportedly throws the chair, barely missing another student, CBS reports. ". This has the potential to leave a mark:. Deckboss hasn't heard a thing about prices. m. Not exactly a shock there. This builds on the sustainability certification Alaska salmon already holds from the London-based Marine Stewardship Council. Sally Scott never fails to make me swoon with her lookbooks/catalogues. The current one is dreamy as always. Happy Halloween! I’ve seen babies dressed as hotdogs to teenagers as soda cans. I’ve given away candy and hopefully will not eat the rest since I’m trying to focus on healthy eating. Why is that butterfinger calling my name…? While we are enjoying this “scary” and sugar filled night, I’m reminded how lucky I have it as so many are still feeling the harsh effects of Hurricane Sandy. The most we are feeling here in Cincinnati is some slushy rain, a slight bit of melty snow and chilly wind. Thoughts and prayers sent to all. viz. My new, antidepressant-fuelled routine sees me sitting out on the yard as soon as we are unlocked in the morning. Picking a bench, I try to radiate an air of solitude. Jug of coffee, tobacco and notebook at hand, I spend the next half an hour jotting down ideas for future posts. At most, a dozen others are dotted around, most sitting near the pond or walking around the perimeter in a deliberate attempt to stave off the temptation to slump into a carbohydrate heavy sloth. As they pass my bench, I catch glimpses of their conversations. An odd sentence here and there, a few brief words before they pass out of hearing. This morning, people mentioned the plants in the pond, the increasing size of a screwess’s arse, the politics between the lads who man the wing servery, and the 'end of history' theory proposed by Francis Fukiyama. "All human life. Remember this?Here's my take on it. Mine should probably be titled, " Big block. Little block. "I've wondered for a while about using a simple block design as an opportunity to play with scale.

The standard shoo-fly block that I've featured in quilts and pillows seemed like a good vehicle to explore this idea.

My current thinking is to make four of these blocks and quilt the top in the same dense pattern that I use for the pillows. Today I have a fun interview and a giveaway with my friend Cheryl Rezendes. I met Cheryl through artist friends over a decade ago and our career paths have been a bit parallel. I signed Julia up for classes with Cheryl - hoping to spark a fiber interest in my little girl! You can see two posts I wrote about Julia's experience taking classes with Cheryl at her studio here. Cheryl writes a blog and teaches classes now for different quilting groups and more. For the past couple years, Cheryl has been working on her magnum opus - a fabulous book that has just been published called Fabric Surface Design. I asked Cheryl if she would take some time out of her schedule to answer some questions here on the blog. At the end of the interview, you can sign up to win a copy of Cheryl's Fabric Surface Design book which is published by Storey Publishing. KN: Wow Cheryl - what a huge amount of knowledge you have shared with the world in your new book Fabric Surface Design! I can't believe how much technical information is included. How did you learn surface design? CR: Quite a few of the techniques covered in the book are pretty traditional painting and printing techniques that I learned in art school many years ago and had been employing in my paper collage work already. I just needed to transfer those techniques from paper and canvas to cloth. But many of the more innovative techniques I learned from other surface design artists by taking classes and workshops and reading books. Last fall I had the pleasure of sitting down with Madeline Weinrib for Lunch and conversation in her Atelier. Madeline's brand is unique- perhaps even a bit elusive, maybe like the glamorous lady herself. There is a cool modern vibe steeped in tradition & dappled around the edges with the exotic. Recently Madeline was quoted in the New York Observer as saying: "I believe in endurance and timelessness. Things that are here today & gone tomorrow have no soul. The Showroom is a stash of Madeline's entire collection- fabrics, pillows and rugs, along with things she has found in her travels. I can not think of anything more desirous than having a pillow- or a chair that delights & having a special silk ikat clutch to carry a few things in on a night out-or for that matter a kimono made in Madeline's fabrics to wear. It is the perfect marriage of design aesthetics. But changes in the temperature, including a period of extreme cold which killed off the vegetation that made up their diet, once again began to threaten their number. g. g. g. Females are encouraged to apply. Sc. Salary Range: Negotiable. Job Location: Dhaka Apply Instruction: Please mention the post & expected salary in your Subject bar. Hopefully a sunny and warm weekend is around the corner. So do you record any information on a daily or weekly basis in your Filofax? But of course it's a Friday so feel free to discuss anything Filofax related. . As I am still working full time, I am leery of biting off more than I can chew by posting too many projects to get done in a month. and this is a short month! So, although I do HOPE to do more than these four, here are my goals for this month!I made this purse a while back from leftover Kaffe Fassett scraps. It's been in The Artful Quilter quilt shop for a few months and Sheri asked me to write up a pattern for it as folks had been asking her what pattern it came from. - C. J. Perhaps the very best. He was an offensive guard and Linebacker for the Texas Longhorns. The expansion Atlanta Falcons made Nobis their first ever draft pick. Five — ALERT, BERET, ELSIE the Cow, “War IS NOT the answer“, LAURA, MANIA, MARIO, MATCH, OLIOS, PERCH, RIGOR, SAGAN, STATS, TEASE. Short stuff — ADDS, AERO, AGRO, Santa ANAS, ASKS, BBS and BIS, COHN, CRY, DELI, DIS, EPA, ESS, EVEN, FRET, GNAT, HST, “Am I TO blame?”, KENT State, LEM, LUG, LUST, MAD, MAIN, MARS, MAIN, MR T, “NE’ER the twain shall meet”, NEST, NINE, NOG, ODE, PAL, PUN, SLOG, SLY, STOW, TAN and TAU, TDS, UNI, “VA-VA-Voom!“, VEES. Hello, My Friends! Did you know we have mini ink pad collections? You have to try my ink pads! Designed with stampers in mind, I've joined forces with Clearsnap/ColorBox, the leader in the ink pad industry, to bring you these ink pads. The best part about these ink pads is that they don't have a texture! Now, when you stamp, you'll see your stamped image and NOT an ink pad texture! Woo Hoo! Plus, all ink pads and ink refills are PROUDLY made in the USA. Set A contains: Licorice, Blueberry, Grape, Bubblegum, Spearmint and Tangerine Set B contains: Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Artichoke, Sky and Guava Set C Cranberry, Ocean, Midnight, Green Apple, Storm and Gingersnap. Set D contains: Sea Glass, Cloud, Lemonade, Kiwi, Pixie and Candy Happy Stamping!. Inspirational Quote Of The Day: "Don't fight forces, use them.

" - R.

Buckminster Fuller A clear blue upper atmosphere and sunshine greet us this fine morning. Blazing with opportunity and vibes off the charts. The groundwork has been laid and the foundation set for new SW swell migrating up the coast. The best laid plans can be utilized unless sub-optimal water levels foil. Consult tea leaves and tide charts as well to determine best ocean access periods and fear not as time heals all. Now is the waiting game while those that froth make futile attempts and those with patience plot and plan. ATeacherWrites. You can read this as a metaphor. So Robin is the son figure, Batman the father or boss figure. The imagery is fast and furious, and none too clear. The point of Lost and Found is to level the support playing field. When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership. Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below. Connections Abound MISCELLANEOUS NEWSNewConnection: Adventures In Infertility-Land writes, "I am currently headed for divorce after a long infertility battle. All of the morning and all of the night All of the hours in the darkness and light All of the elements and all of the plants All of the creatures and created can danceSo, dance in the morning and dance in the nightDance in noon time when the sun is most brightDance when you're smiling and dance when you're notDance will be healing like the medicines you've bought When you are sleeping and when you're awake Angels are singing without any break Hovering about you yes everywhere around Angels are creating a melodious soundSo, dance in the morning and dance in the nightDance in the noon time, when the sun is most brightDance when you're smiling and dance when you're notDance will be healing, like the medicines you've bought Everyone who's living and everyone who's not Is joined to each other without any knot All have the Spirit and all have the One Who gave us our being when life was begun. So, dance in the morning and dance in the nightDance in the noon time, when the sun is most brightDance when you're smiling and dance when you're notDance will be healing, like the medicines you've bought. .