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Oh, the work-out yesterday was a good one, but that's not why I'm sore. Well, maybe a little bit, it was. See, we still had two and a half inches of ice on the approach at the fire station. Our captain used a novel method of hose training: make the BTU's work backwards. Instead of using the water to lower the temperature, we used the water to raise the temperature of the ice, and pushed great sheets of it off the pavement in the afternoon. With almost no wind and a high humidity, the water on the pavement didn't evaporate. Jesus saith unto them, I am he. And Judas also, which betrayed him, stood with them.

The Trail To Bigfoot team heads back out into the swamps of Florida to try and capture the attention of the skunk ape.

They find what appears to be something watching them from the cover of the thick vegetation. Whatever it is, it looks like a face.

Slim cut suits with short legged trousers go a long way.

A few days ago, Sergei from Close Up and Private sent me an email about his new project titled Etiquette For The Modern Classicist. Take a look at the final product with illustrations. Buy a pair of wingtips and loafers. The Beatles sir, listen to them – and do so regularly. Be a gentleman towards women. Own several ties – n. B. Detectives say they are attempting to locate her. Ford was last known to be living on Wisteria Island, in Key West Harbor. The court appearance was regarding a misdemeanor DUI arrest of Ford in March of this year. A warrant was subsequently issued for her arrest for failure to appear in court. Detective Manny Cuervo is talking to friends and acquaintances of Ford in an attempt to find her. Good morning. I hope you are all having a bright, sunny start to your day and are ready to break out your stamps and dies for the next Make It Monday challenge! I've got a new video up for you on "Bringing the Inside Out", which you can see HERE at Nichole's blog. First, to decorate the outside of the card, I've used the new Make It Market Mini: Garden Guild stamp set. The Scripted stamps and dies were used for the sentiment and a flower from Quilted: Summer added to the inside. Using this technique of die cutting a peek-a-boo window and decorating the inside with a pop of color allows you to add some much needed color to an otherwise boring inside of the card! And you still get the enjoy the pop of color on the outside as well. We have a LOT of red squirrels around here. They used to eat a lot of our birdseed, but when we started getting rats at our feeders, we invested in a new squirrel-proof feeder and a pole baffle for our old feeder. This frustrates the squirrels, but they can still eat seed that falls on the ground. They also manage to get at the suet feeder.

Judging by the, ahem, nipples, I am guessing this Mrs.

Squirrel. There was a very popular recording that made the rounds during the Vietnam air war years. It was a pseudo press interview with an Air Force Phantom pilot answering questions in typical fighter pilot fashion, crudely, while a frantic public information officer translates into politically and socially correct verbiage. "Now we've got to learn the language of Messiah-speak. Read this:Let Me Make Myself Perfectly Clear. "I want to be very clear: I will not sign on to any health plan that adds to our deficits over the next decade," the president said in his weekly address. "And by helping improve quality and efficiency, the reforms we make will help bring our deficits under control in the long-term," he added. For those who don't know, the Texaco trucks were delayed, the special edition trucks even more so than the regular edition trucks. It's great but not as great as the service you provide. "I am so glad you received your order and were able to get them out to your customers and not raise the prices, as many dealers did, taking advantage of so many people.

Thanks again for the great shipping, service, and spiritual goodies.

You made one old duffer very happy!" Thanks for your feedback, Terry - we really appreciate it!. At that time, seeing the wolves and the way people treated them literally broke my heart and I vowed never to return again - just can't do it. I hope they will find help for the poor animals. I’ve written about it a number of times and it’s just something that has bewildered me for a very long time. Well to be fair one was a goalie and he did try hard to win. Good afternoon! I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely spring weekend. Today I am sharing some images of interiors that I am using for my own inspiration. More whites, better displays, some new furniture, and less chaos. Some of these images I have posted before, but I wanted to use them in this post for my own reference, like a little online inspiration board. Somewhere under all that is the Harbour Bridge !. McCafferty based his conclusion on the work of another linguist, David Costa, who wrote an article on the etymology of a number of Miami-Illinois tribal names, Moingoana among them. Moingoana, McCafferty cites Costa, originates from the word "mooyiinkweena" -which translates, politely, to "the excrement-faces. Hundreds of feet below a Russian city is an abandoned salt mine which might as well be the inside of a rave. The walls are covered with psychedelic patterns, caused by the natural layers of mineral carnallite creating swirls throughout the coloured rock. It is variably colored yellow to white, reddish, and sometimes colorless or blue. Wisdom is learning to let go when you want to hang on. Courage is learning to hang on when you want to let go. - Mark Amend Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or dismayed before the king of Assyria and all the horde that is with him, for there are more with us than with him. With him is an arm of flesh, but with us is the LORD our God, to help us and to fight our battles. " And the people took confidence from the words of Hezekiah King of Judah. The New Lexicon: According to the Supreme Court, neither 'bribery' nor 'corruption' mean what you think they do – and just in time for another Clinton administration. Probably Not: The Brexit vote was a referendum, not a piece of legislation. There will be a lot of backing and forthing over then next couple of months, but at best it is a wait-and-see and the longer they wait the less there will be to see. Quoted: “Starbucks — the only thing more contagious than infectious disease,” Takes One To Know One: : Michael Hayden, retired four-star general who served as NSA director under Clinton One and Bush Two and CIA director under both Bush Two and Obama, says that Donald Trump would be “destructive for our country… and the world. ” Confirmed: When asked, most of the world says that Amerians are arrogant, greedy, and violent. So let's not ask 'em. Broken Dreams: Having house-broken Senator Sanders, the Clinton run Democratic platform does not call for a single-payer Medicare-for-all health care system, does not endorse a ban on fracking, does not propose a carbon tax and refused to oppose the TPP and TTIP. I mentioned last time that I'm clearing out spaces and discovering all manner of unfinished and near finished projects. Actually I'm slightly astounded by how far along a project can be and still be abandoned. Go figure? I'm glad I unearthed it though, finished a seam or two, quilted, and backed it because it makes a lovely pillow. There's also something weirdly satisfying about reviving a nearly dead project and making use of it. It's like cutting up holey clothes to work into patchwork. by Frank TurkI've been having a little knock-down drag-out at my blog over Limited Atonement, and I have been thinking about it intently. Now I have a question, which I would like to pose to the readers of TeamPyro:Does any person who ought to be condemned to hell escape because God is somehow not concerned or involved enough about sending them to hell that they escape his wrath? For example, is it possible that, in the final account, Judas will be judged by God worthy of hell but will escape God's wrath and spend eternity in heaven with the saints?Talk amongst yourselves. In this one-day workshop, you will learn how to conceptualize pages and capture the essence of your travel destinations in your journals. Bring in photographs of past or future places that you have visited. We will touch on cover design and how to paint strong journal covers with the use of Watercolor Ground. Photographs will be on hand or if you don’t have your own. Be prepare to travel to your creative side of journaling in a fun filled day with International Workshop Instructors’ and Make Every Day a Painting Authors, Theresa Goesling and Cindy Briggs. theresagoesling.


Notre ami et maestro David H. Only faint and faded swell proponents upon which to work with today leaving options limited and of lesser quality. Cars with boards strapped firmly to roof racks dispense hopefully candidates currently sauntering upon open beaches. Incremental improvements are possible during the tidal influx though present conditions define low and slow. CHANNEL: A touch more than nothing as the moderate NW windswell has angle and persistence this morning. A languishing left appears as if in a vision to gently rise up to nearly knee high before deflating upon exposed sandbars. Periscopic pinnipeds survey the scene before diving deep in search of new playgrounds. PATCH: No words to define the lack of surf as less than vague S swell elements fail to reach these shores. I wish I had brought my good camera so you could see the details, stitches, and materiality in these. until then: and look who came home with me:.

Toth knew he had something groovy in his hands, though, and reworked the strip as The Vanguard.

Toth, since Vanguard was going to be published in b&w rather than the color, added gray tones, and before you can say "dy-no-mite!" Mark Forte's masked alter-ego finally saw the light of day.

Whoops, I've done it again! I left out another one of my lovely designers cards. my apologies Christine. . We used to visit Snowqualmie Falls in Washington State when my kids were younger. One of our favorite things to order in restaurants there was salmon cooked on cedar planks and seasoned with the local potlatch seasoning. This is a seasoning that the Pacific Northwest Indians used to prepare salmon for their ceremonial feasts. It consists of salt, crushed red pepper, chili powder, oregano, basil, and coriander.

I seasoned the barley with sage, salt and pepper.

The barley needs to cook for over an hour at a simmer. When the barley was finished cooking, I drizzled it with a bit if the vegetable gravy that I made a couple days ago. Warren Meyer,a libertarian entrepreneur and prolific writer, who writes the blog as well as being a contributor to Forbes list three principles more important than the right to vote. Here is the first one he discusses:"The Rule of Law. Criminal justice, adjudication of disputes, contracts, etc. all operate based on a set of laws known to all in advance and applying equally to all. " Meyer then points out the obvious contempt for the rule of law with the exemptions to certain provisions of the health care law. .