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The case continues to bubble.

Senior U. S. District Court Judge Jack B. Weinstein issued a mixed decision in the closely watched case involving documents relating to the drug Zyprexa. Days in history that you recall. exactly where you were and what you were doing? Twenty Five Years Ago: Far Guy was on temporary duty in Florida, at Tyndall AFB. We lived in Moorhead, Minnesota back then. Both of the girls were in school. Silence will fall. The stuffed animals in the Museum of Natural History all seem pretty pissed off to me. Today's sightings for Broomhill Flash were a little spars till Shaun Roebuck gave a call out saying there was a Med Gull present. Photo John Seeviour. Here are the rest of the sightings for Broomhill Flash. Bolton Ings. I feel a little better today. To say that I have a “good” day while on death watch may shock some people, but this I would imagine just goes back to that indominitable spirit I spoke on a few days ago. I woke this morning feeling refreshed and ready to dace whatever Polunsky Unit had to throw at me. I have been thinking about my children and their possible visit tomorrow. I have spoken on Samantha a few times and thought I would share with you Nicole. When I first met Nicole she was still a child, NO! I am NOT a child molester! She was seventeen and living alone with a nine month old son. The first sight of her made my heart quicken. She is one of those women that just screams “sexy” I am not sure exactly what it is about her but she could walk into a room full of beautiful women and dominate that room. Margaret had the tomato and tuna salad,. So I am a bit late on reviewing my to-do list from last year. there is a reason for that - it barely budged!A box of scrappy star pieces. in need of a retreat. I was getting a little sleepy so I had to kick her out ! hahaha. It's always fun to scrap with someone else sometimes but then there are moments when your Scrappy Friend says " Are you Scrappin Her Again?!" In a joyful way of course. and I replied YES! Yes I am!!!I don't have many photos as most of you know.

Espalier synes å være et seinhøstens prosjekt på meg.

Muligens for det ellers i sesongen er så vanskelig å komme til uten å ødelegge noe. Nå har noen kvelder og helgen tilbragts til å få de ferdig, endelig, for det har tatt sin tid. Jeg ble nødt til å klippe ner store deler av purpurea plena, men nå sang den uansett sin siste vers. Begge espalierer er dessuten malt, wow! Den småblomstrete clematisen nærmest er full av blomster igjen, full av blomster langt opp i pæretre. En slik burde jeg hatt i espalieret bak mot gjerdet men der er jo alle rede tre andre, Håper de etterhvert fyller opp den og. Ettersom jeg nå fikk malt begge samtidlig har de dessuten samme farge, nå passer de godt sammen. Well I tried to answer that question last night, but blogger had other ideas. They were happy to let me add words to my blog, but no visuals. And, I can't imagine a post without pictures. OK. Here's what up. This:I finished the custom order I was working on and happily am working on another custom order. That necessitates a fair amount of dye work, so I've also been working on that. Unfortunately, I'm not one to have my camera ever at the ready, so I don't have images of the fabric in progress, but I'll probably add the fabric and anything finished from it to my flickr page. I tend to be much better about updating that than I am this blog.

It's the words, I think.

I don't have to write much to update my flickr page, not even a description. It's that time of year around here. My kitchen table is soon to be drowning in tomatoes. So much better than last year with the tomato blight that killed the entire crop.

I just love all the shapes and beautiful colors.

Yes, the sunflowers are blooming and I am in picking mode. Before I left the farm to teach at Marji's Ewephoric Knitting Weekend in CT this weekend, I took a nice long walk with the dogs. The sheep have been grazing our neighbor's giant hill for a few weeks now. It is a spectacular sight, as they slowly eat their way up and down this large expanse of grass. The field has really greened up since they have been intensively grazing the field, spreading manure as they go. It's a giant hill and quite a work-out to walk up. The Farmer is fit and can walk up it without huffing and puffing.

Me? Not so good.

I'll keep walking it though and it will get easier. Cheaper than a treadmill and way prettier. If I were a dog, I would be panting like Phoebe was. Nessie on the other hand is a speed demon flying up the hill. Do you see her? She is the little spec below the pine trees in front of the white birches. This website, created by Salvadore Miranda, provides one with a wealth of information regarding the Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church. It provides a list of Cardinals, biographies, Papal Elections, etc. There is so much information, it is overwhelming but fascinating. Take a look: mirandas/cardinals. htmTip of the Hat to Catholic Culture. Go to. "Booper" and "Peggy" at the Riddle Elephnt Sanctuary. Blue Moon Lander paper model created by Ninjatoes. i would write it on a card like this. all of the note card designs are fab but i picked the lime tiles and windowpane orange and pink to share. We had a lovely Christmas dinner with our sons last night. Kerry stayed overnight and is going back this morning. There's been a train derailment near here so I'm driving him to a town where he can get a bus back. From there I'll go straight to work. I don't have time to do my full post today, so I'll leave you with this. I'll be posting the apron photos tomorrow. for not speaking the truth. You claim to be an outsider - someone who is not part of the establishment. MoveOn. On the heels of your calling Trump supporters "low-information" and "not engaged", may I point out it was not Trump supporters causing mayhem in the streets? It was uneducated thugs with low IQ's and poor impulse control who were screaming about "free speech. " Where was Trump's free speech? These thugs have cost the citizens of many cities untold amounts of taxpayer money while almost none of them have been held responsible. They block traffic so hard working people cannot get to their jobs, burn down buildings, and trash vehicles.


Inspirational crystal quote of the day: “I like cheese with a frosty beverage. I certainly hope all is well with you as you are reading this while sipping your coffee/tea/absinthe/bourbon. While I'm here working in the studio I like to think about what other people are making. little hands moving- little animals being made. Here's a really good one from Manuales. Darlings, CC is so excited to introduce you to DailyLook. Select your favorites so DailyLook can personalize your looks. so chic and sophisticated. Check out this video, darlings!xoxox,CC. Pattern. Nor has the Democratic Party candidate for president this year, Hillary Clinton, sought peace. Instead she has pushed America into successive invasions, successive efforts at “regime change. ” She has sought to prevent Americans from seeking friendship or cooperation with President Vladimir Putin of Russia by characterizing him as “another Hitler. ” She proclaims herself ready to invade Syria immediately after taking the oath of office. And the Democrats she leads seem intent on worsening relations with Russia, for example by sending American warships into the Black Sea, or by introducing nuclear weapons ever closer to Russia itself. InnSane: An Interview with Elizabeth St Hilaire Nelson: Meticulously torn bits of hand-painted papers, delicately put together, form the exceptionally vibrant collages created by Artist Elizabe. Thank Youfor being a part of myArt Journey,Elizabeth.

I guess summer has finally arrived.

The pool is open and the fountain is flowing. Both are a bit of a project each year. We remove the stones and give it a good cleaning. Teddy watches my every move. Yay! Water. A nice place to sit and read a book. Or to just lay on the grass!. Took care of some yard work today. Felt good to get outside and do some work in the yard for a change. Probably go to the club tomorrow and help out with the spot shoot. They only have a few left in the spring season. Get the welder out tomorrow and play in garage in the afternoon. I did get the reloading gear out of storage. Try and get it set up for. .