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Students had to figure out how many layers of toothpicks would be in the entire structure once Dan ran out of toothpicks. This might have been a bit too easy. I was a little worried at first that many students would do this. I wanted them to think about and use patterns. So I came up with a sequel where drawing would be the last thing you'd want to do. ” Which means that the percentage of Muslims naming their sons Mohammed is nearly six times the percentage of Jews naming their sons Noam, or Muslims naming their daughters Maryam. But that is what happens when there is so little name variation among newborns in one population. Walking has many benefits for health. Maybe all this time we've been spoiled by the vehicle, then it's time to think again. Source: V. She produced numerous studies of the works of writers including EM Forster, DH Lawrence and John Fowles although her most popular proved to be her Macmillan Master Guide to Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights. She was also a leading light in Dundee University's English department. Another of her greatest passions was First World War poetry, her fascination for which fired the enthusiasm of students on her course on literature of the Great War. Many of those students went on to postgraduate study related to the conflict. In retirement, she went on to champion and protect a part of Dundee's environmental heritage. Who IS this sexy piece of ass? . Built by Ronny and Benny Noren and designed by the BMW design team. Far out!This thing is nuts!The mix of modern and vintage parts is brilliant. Efficacy of a hip protector to prevent hip fracture in nursing home residents: the HIP PRO randomized controlled trial. Three of the authors of the study on bone breaks didn't tell editors of an influential medical journal, which is publishing their research Wednesday, that they had consulted for or received research money from the makers of bone-strengthening drugs. That potential conflict was discovered by The Associated Press. Editors of the Journal of the American Medical Association _ which has tough rules on financial disclosure _ had asked the authors about any conflicts and were told there were none. The editor of JAMA agrees. "LAPLACE, La. – The boyfriend of the mother of Kenner teen Jorion White has been arrested in connection with her murder, according to St. Charles Parish Sheriff Greg Champagne.

Daniel Beckley was booked with second-degree murder in White’s death and with obstruction of justice for the disposal of her body.

Champagne said the death has been ruled a homicide but would not elaborate on what caused her death. ". Not only is there a new issue of Scotland's soi-disant premier art zine, there will be pies too. DIY Pie will be there courtesy of the esteemed collective Edible Wearables: LINK. Pierz and HL-W-W are squaring off in the first match of the triangular hosted at the B-B-E High School tonight. The Lakers had to forfeit the top two weights of the match. The B-B-E vs. Labels: bbe jaguars wrestling, belgrade-brooten-elrosa wrestling. Have a great weekend. ED. It’s a Hindi language catchphrase for caution about something, it’s got popular when Shaktimaan – An Indian Superhero started a series educating children about the right and wrong things. It will improve the performance and usability of SharePoint applications. We will also see SharePoint development tips, case studies, best practices and all about SharePoint world. I sure do love my panino press. It's so fun. Somehow, it has magical powers to transform regular sandwiches into Super Sandwiches! Last week, we kicked off Panino Season with a great Tempeh Reuben. I used the marinated tempeh recipe from RFD, for the first time, and really loved it! The tempeh was really great and thick and hearty - really a nice substantial element in the sandwich. Together with some delicious sauerkraut, secret sauce from Vegan Diner, and fresh rye bread - we had some really tasty sandwiches! Also, super filling! Then, on Father's Day, we had my parents over for lunch. As it turned out, Mr. So, I spend big bucks on furnishings. It is the way of my people. Never had a problem with them until recently. When they first opened at The Avenues, Slapperella and I had been shopping at the mall and walked in with a few bags. I don't know the word for "locker" in Arabic, so whatever they were saying made ab-so-fuckin-lutely no sense to me.

They were both so rude that we turned around and left the store.

This is before we even entered the store to shop. Ya know - that's pretty pathetic. You are treated poorly even before you have the chance to look at what items they have!On my next visit, there was a dude who did speak English and told us that we needed to put our bags in a locker. The movers spent about six, eight hours here today, dropping off all our stuff.


After living out of a suitcase for a year, wow. We've got a lot of stuff. The husbeast overheard me telling the washing machine "It's so good to see you! You have no idea how I've missed you.

" and I caught the Goober hugging the couch.

Unfortunately they lost a bunch of our hardware to put stuff together, raked a hole in the finish of my kitchen table, ripped some veneer off a dresser, scratched the dryer to shit. well. YouTube link. Eden has been eating like a champ lately, and working out at EuroPeds for the past two weeks as well. Everyone knows that muscle weighs more than fat, right? And she is one tough girl!.


Good morning and happy Friday! We're showcasing this delightful little set of images today - Pumpkin Heads! These sweet little gals are so charming in their little frocks and striped stockings. Your weekly dose of Spurgeon The PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from the lifetime of works from the Prince of Preachers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon. " "Love is the true way of soul-winning. " We win by love. We win hearts for Jesus by love, by sympathy with their sorrow, by anxiety lest they should perish, by pleading with God for them with all our hearts that they should not be left to die unsaved, by pleading with them for God that, for their own sake, they would seek mercy and find grace. Carve a preacher out of granite, and even if you give him an angel’s tongue, he will convert nobody. Put him into the most fashionable pulpit, make his elocution faultless, and his matter profoundly orthodox, but so long as he bears within his bosom a hard heart he can never win a soul. by Phil Johnson love this:"Although there is nothing in the world deserving of God's favour, He nevertheless shows He is favourable to the whole world when he calls all without exception to the faith of Christ. ". This is Hanno and two other travellers buying pumpkins and avocados at a lonely roadside stall on the road to Toowoomba. We're going into week four of the bathroom renovation. Sigh. Most of the tiles are up, they still need to be grouted and then the fittings installed. I'm sick of the mess, the dust, covering and uncovering the bed with plastic sheeting everyday and having to use the main bathroom and toilet. Hanno tells me it will be finished soon but I'm not so sure now. But I'm hanging in there, I'm hanging in. It's mating season now and while you don't see bears mating, you do see mating behaviour. She was in such terrible pain and had to be on super strong meds and had injections in her back, too. And this was an even bigger tragedy as Suzanne is our world traveler - always on the go everywhere! Super strong and independent! So, it was really hard to see her all strapped up in a back brace and unable to do much of anything. So, I made her a soft warm flannel quilt to wrap up in. The quilt is all flannel and the pattern is used is Yellow Brick Road.

Saturday fun.

Plenty of material awaits. The children were rotten today, lots of little naughtiness especially after nap time, but before was so hot either.

Ju is having some listening issues of late, she just doesn't do as she's told and has some attitude issues we're dealing with right now.

On the good news front, my NDS came home to me today and its all fixed, YAY!!! I'm so happy to have it back, and I have a list of games I would like to buy all figured out, now the moneys. You know, when it had a friggin' hole in the top, so now I'm considering pulling it out, even though I already wove in the ends. Alright, lack of sleep last night is making it hard to pay attention to what I'm typing so I'm off to bed.

I hope tomorrow is better.

I just purchased three balls of Bernat Felting Natural Wool in English Rose. Now if you knew my Gran you would see this yarn and say that it was her exactly. She is a fairly tall woman and she is English so I want something with lots of English taste. What would be the best pattern for this type of yarn? Would a simple cable look nicer than a lace or vice versa?PLEASE HELP!!!Thanks for your vote. Muhalabia with Honey Give your kids this healthy easy to prepare traditional dessert after lunch. It's a good time to share some of my favorite pieces of writing on the subject, by various authors in different periods. Last year I posted T. E. Thank you PinkRoses for sending your notes. I am glad you all are on the call tonight. It is a good time for us. What we try not to do on the Big Call is to call it because we have been so close based on the Intel we have that we were right there. We all thought that based on the Intel provided then something would take us away from it. These days it is more accumulative. We know we are at a certain point of Iraq or USN gold standard and all these things happening outside.