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In case you hadn't noticed. The U. S. has long been a critic of Assad's government in Syria, supporting, at least verbally, the insurgency against him. Military intervention in support of that insurgency seems to have been seriously considered although never actually implemented. Then ISIS, one of the groups fighting Assad, invaded Iraq and seized substantial amounts of territory, raising the possibility of a takeover of the country by Sunni fundamentalists. The U. S.

government responded by air attacks against ISIS in Iraq.

Told you boys can make guns out of anything. Even worthy educational toys like this one. What had been brought about in the land of Babel, Babylon, was a religion counterfeit to the true worship of God. It was not long after men and women left the ark of Noah. Now that we have The Polar Express on DVD, though, we watch it every year. The Husband is an especial fan, and he picked it tonight. It is a tribute to faith, of believing without having to see. "The bell still rings for me. "trailer:Moria says,The performances captured are fantastic. Eph. All we have to do is to look at the opening pages of his Gospel. Luke is the one who remembers the shepherds at our Lord’s birth, the first to hear the glad tidings of the savior. Parabreakdown gives his thoughts on a video recently published showing what appears to be some sort of alien reportedly captured in Russia. and her almost blue. Internationally published Canadian art photographer Joris Van Daele specializes in nude portraits and figure studies. With a creative approach that is sensitive and versatile, Mr. Get the look. + ASOS Classic Trench + Robert Rodriguez Fit & Flare Trench + DANNIJO Celia Necklace + Chan Luu Multi Strand Beaded Necklace. situated on a flat site which does not have the vantage point for sweeping views, the design carves out a triangular plane into the structure's form to extend the eyes obliquely up towards the sky. via. via. I have to admit, that this treat holder is from last year, just never got around to posting it. I used some dried branches from the honeysuckle vine in the yard as the handle.

I am pleased to say that the handle held up for a whole year.

I was sure that it would break or crack because the treat holder was just tossed in a box.

Supplies from CTMH-Pansy Purple CS, Black CS, Colonial White CS, Black ribbon, edge distresser, colored pencils, chalk, fancy cut tags, Holiday jubilee stamp set, Little spooks stamp set, black inkOther-branches.

When is a drawing finished? I'm an artist that has to prove how good I am every time I put my pen to the paper. Draw every brick. Make sure I got every leaf.

Is that a gum wrapper in the distance? Make sure it's in the sketch.

At some point or another during one of my drawing marathons, a sketch starts to look pretty good.

I often wonder, what if I just stopped now.

This is pretty good as it is. I never stop though. Whether it's for a casual day hanging out with friends or a special event, here is some summertime fashion inspiration. It's definitely the time of year to expose skin: enjoy it. cottonink-shop. Happy shopping! xx. I actually had a really cute hair day today, but I cropped my head out because I the pic came out with one very very red eye that I could not fix and was too embarrassed to post! This dress is Kasmira's, and I love it, but I think it looks better on her than on me. I felt like it made me look excessively large on the bottom half. I'm faffing around with some autobiographical writing, and interested parties insist that I start at the beginning. They mean, of course, my childhood. For me, though, it is as if my life began at the moment that I ended another’s. Having to look further back than that event is a strange journey and one I have probably been avoiding for thirty years.

Not that I believe my childhood to be particularly awful, it was far from it.

Up until my mother’s death when I was nine, I think my life was pretty good. At the least, normal! And yet. that early part of my life pales into insignificance, has been overshadowed by the murder.

Hey guys! I added a new player to the brieflines site this morning.

He's Spanish footballer, Javi Martinez. Hope you enjoy the new footballer. Bye!.

Not following me? OK, let me explain with reference to the handy list of 'costs' broken down by Simon Clark.

Here's a little "thinking outside the box" idea for you guys on this Friday! I was looking for an inexpensive LONG console to fit behind a sofa for a client. Similar to this idea: So I decided to use this piece from IKEA:BESTA It's actually a DESK not a console! But it was perfect for the space. It went between a wall and the sofa, so you can't tell it's a desk at all. I decided to go for this desk because of the openness of the legs and the better quality finish/construction. BUT, good to know, IKEA actually does sell a really long MALM console table which is also great:MALM.

Someone talked to me recently about longing for excitement and wishing their lives weren’t so humdrum and they could go places and do things.

I can’t remember who this was, because I can’t remember much of anything at my age, but that’s ok, because I have been able to stay home for longer in one stretch than I have for the past year, and this makes me happy. And even when I stay home, my life is very exciting. This morning I was yanked from a sound sleep by my cell phone ringing. It was Emily. She was crying. This piece and today's tutorial was inspired by the concept of passing time. And equally in the freezing days of January, people are often wishing for a hot August day. Some recent experiences have showed me that we would all do better to be in the present and make the most of what we have at any one moment. That being said, icy colors and imagery rules the roost in this time piece. My winter wonderland continued with a slice of Precious Metal foil from Spellbinders and their Crackle texture plate, which reminds me of cracked surface of a frozen lake. Look at the deep emboss that this texture plate makes in the foil. So much was discussed and we saw so many things in the shop on Saturday I was rather blown away by the whole day really. So here are a few snippets of info that we have remembered from the day and I hope you find them interesting and useful for the future. Although not shown on the website the Filofax Shop had packs of pages for the Lifestyle packs, so if you ran out of a particular sheet they have additional ones. Contact Neal Street for details of what is available.

Some of the sales items in the store had to be seen to be believed.

Apply them to a soft surface like velour paper - and you really have something special. Alicia Harvey will step you through her process of exploring the beautiful pathways of the human face with this wonderfully vibrant medium. Rapid Portraits by Alicia Harvey . We got up to 'Kato on Friday around supper time and after unpacking all of our junk at the hotel, we were able to hang out at Justin and Mandy's for a couple of hours. We had to hook Blake up to dialysis early, so he was done in time for us to UN-hook him before the run. Saturday the weather was perfect and we watched football, played games, caught up with each other and relaxed! Here are some pictures of the weekend:Aunt Jess and JennaAunt Mandy and BowenThe three Hunecke siblings - Jess, me and JustinThe thing about Justin and Mandy is they are awesome hosts!! They always keep us doing SOMETHING. First, progressives can never be taken seriously when they lecture about the “rule of law. ” They couldn’t possibly care less about it. And I wonder how many of these solemn believers in “law” were the same ones making excuses for riots a few months ago? How many are offended by a woman refusing to file paperwork, but were sympathetic to barbarians who burned half a city to the ground? The hypocrisy is absolutely staggering.

These pious little preachers of “law” couldn’t actually give less of a damn about the law.

This is about dogma. It always has been. Hot guy for ball fun methinx. This was in part due to new government offensives, which led to Islamic State counterattacks. At the same time the militants were carrying out more operations in places like Diyala, Baghdad, and the south. All together that led to a rising tide of attacks. Here's Dan. I had hoped to post all of my scans today but it's slow going. .