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On our mid-year conference, the kids enjoyed the ropes course most,and I finished knitting a jumper for Lizzy. Then it was off to Phillip Island for a family getaway, where we caught some fish,went for some glorious walks,and played at the beach, burying Andy,building sandcastles,digging pools,making giant structures out of beachwood,paddling in the sea,and enjoying the scenery. Beautiful!. W. Griffith and starring Lilian Gish, Richard Barthelmess, Creighton Hale and Emily Fitzroy. I can't imagine why I can't find this in one piece somewhere. co. scott-grant. co. boltonengineeringproducts. She will also spend time visiting Alaska’s North Slope and the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, to discuss issues regarding resource development and public lands management with local and elected leaders and stakeholders. “Alaska is a unique and special place, and I look forward to meeting with local leaders and partners and spending some time visiting the incredible resources that the state is so blessed to have,” she said. “These conversations are critical as we continue to chart a course for thoughtful and wise management of these natural and energy resources – using the best available science and integrating cultural, environmental and economic factors in decision-making about development and conservation. The road would provide for land travel to the all-weather airport at Cold Bay in the case of medical emergencies occurring in inclement weather, when connections cannot be made by air or sea. A new study produced by the Alaska Marine Conservation Council calls for establishing permanent protection from offshore drilling for oil and gas for Bristol Bay and the southeast Bering Sea.

The document urges national policy makers to recognize potential economic, cultural and ecological impacts of offshore exploration in Bristol Bay and the southeast Bering Sea.

Such impacts, says the study, vastly outweigh the possible benefits.

The harvests in these waters include salmon, an essential food source for Native Alaskan subsistence users, as well as groundfish, Pacific halibut and red king crab. wish you all a wonderful weekend!. Nouse reviews Weathering Lows, a play written by students which is 'a bizarre parody of the Brontë novel'. Student writing is very hit-or-miss and sadly, the latest piece from the lovely Tess Humphrey was quite a miss. The whole thing, somewhat unsurprisingly, uses the plot of Wuthering Heights to tell Cath’s story as she suffers from her condition, the problem here being that the play is far too obvious to be an allusion and far too uneventful to be an homage. The two had good chemistry on stage, though sadly underused, providing some of the highlights of the piece. Trouble is, the play tries so hard to force this message upon the audience that it is actively rejected by them. Actress Gabrielle Union is making another go for the small screen. M. , according to Variety. Union plays criminal defense attorney, Zoey, who along with the other main characters gets a glimpse into her future and has a choice of either changing what she sees or living her life to the fullest. A Marathon woman was arrested for burglarizing her ex-boyfriend’s residence. m. Friday after he returned home Friday to discover his gold chain gone. She said she took a nap in his bed and took his gold chain. Two neighbors told Deputy Deanna Torres they saw Thilmont’s car at the residence for about an hour earlier in the day. Thilmont was arrested by Sgt.

Chuck Kellenberger at a Marathon bar.

She still had the stolen chain, which was returned to the owner. She was charged with burglary and grand theft and she was booked into jail. Below is the latest on the missing crewman off the trawler Rebecca Irene. The Anchorage Daily News yesterday reported the crewman was noticed missing after he failed to show up for watch duty.


S. m. m. Saturday. “The search was severely hampered by visibility as low as one half mile at sea level throughout the day,” according to Lt. Yet we can also tell you that both prospects were very much why their teams won their games. Bourque has been on a hot streak of his own since returning to the Remparts from Team USA offensively. Yet there was Ryan Bourque being named as the game's second star right after his goalie and it was because of the things that normally do not show up on the stat board. A regular feature here will be Franco related films we would most like to see on SE DVDs. More about this later. YouTube link. Devils Hole is a geothermal pool within a limestone cavern in the Amargosa Desert in the Amargosa Valley of Nevada, east over the Amargosa Range and Funeral Mountains from Death Valley. The pool has frequently experienced activity due to far away earthquakes in Japan, Indonesia and Chile, which have been likened to extremely small scale tsunamis. It's fascinating to watch the activity in this video as the water responds to an earthquake in Mexico. People have disappeared after diving in this location.

So it should have been no surprise that the nesting box, the one right outside my writing room window that has been occupied every spring by Marge and Studley Windowson, our chickadees, has fallen victim to the hot market.

A pair of nuthatches sensed an opportunity and snapped it up before Marge and Studley ever got their tiny little identical butts in gear. There's nothing we can do about it. We're hoping the Windowsons have been able to locate something affordable on the edge of town. Meanwhile the nuthatches seemed to be dinking around about actually moving in. I decided to hang up some nesting material right nearby. My cat Tater helpfully refused to shed a single strand of fur. I went next door and borrowed a cup of Golden Retriever. Et lysrør er satt på ute i planteboden og de potter som får lov å overvintre er satt inn. Det er ikke så mange i år, alle knoller og løker har jeg tatt opp ur pottene og viklet inn i avispapir. Så gjelder det å huske på litt vann nå og da… bortemot juletider vil jeg tro. Ute er det mildt, ti grader når jeg gikk inn i ettermiddag. and the brflines posting train keeps on rolling. i added six pics of Andreas Seppi this afternoon to the brflines site. it's actually kind of nice making updates to a player who isn't from spain or france, which i seemed to have been doing a lot recently. in other non-pic news, i'm trying to add more links/blogs/other content to the right side bar. let me know if there is a blog you manage/post to that would be a good match for mine. thanks!. Breathe, Mrs.


So I looked out the bedroom window this evening and there was Jenny dancing around the yard talking to herself. Well and good. But then a movement off to the left caught my eye. He was on the underside of the branch, with his feet and hands over the branch like an orangutan. When he got to the trunk he swung his feet off the branch and over to the trunk where they mercifully latched on and he shimmied up and into the nest of branches right there. Pretty obvious. So what do you do with North Korea who, in defiance of the UN, have just exploded their fifth nuclear bomb with analysts saying they now have sixteen devices ready to go and the means to deliver them. By any measure North Korea is an unstable society led by an unstable leader. They don't hold to diplomatic norms. Indeed, there is much to suggest that Kim actually believes his own rhetoric that his country can out-nuclear the forces arraigned against him.

Real dangerous stuff.

If you're curious to deviate from motorcycles and learn about life at sea on a historic tall ship, give Gabe Griffin's blogsite a look. Gabe's on land at the present but his blog shows you his latest creations. Ahoy, as Gabe will be sailing soon and he'll catalog his adventures on this unique site. After Marty left, I loaded a memory quilt that Lisa made. I wondered how my machine would do with all the different fabrics, but not to worry, it stitched like a dream. Here's a closeup of some of the different fabrics:And all finished:Then I decided to try making one of these cute little fabric baskets from a tutorial on the Pink Penguin blog.

I used an assortment of fall colors and a leaf print for the lining and bottom.

Here is mine with some of the leftover Halloween candy in it on my desk at work. I made it for Dan and it's now hanging by his recliner. I loaded the photo quilt on Saturday after much debate with myself on how I would quilt it. I decided to do beadboard on the borders and Stitch-In-the-Ditch around the photos and the blocks.

It really didn't take me as long as I thought it would, although it took longer than a pantograph, of course.

I didn't attach my extended plate and use a ruler, but rather guided the hopping foot with my left index finger. That seems to be the easiest way for me to SID. Another new-to-me thing was using Monopoly thread - Smoke from Superior Threads on the top and PermaCore Camel on the back. I didn't have to fuss with it too much to get a good stitch, although some of my corners wanted to take shortcuts on the back. Abel does some cool things with blacks and grays here.

Oh, yeah, Lotus returns, too!.

A senior prank has likely landed felony charges for five Arlington teenagers. ?. Enjoy tasty Middle Eastern desserts and learn how to make Raspberry and Turkish delight semifreddo. Use an electric mixer to whisk cream in a bowl until soft peaks form. Use an electric hand mixer to whisk eggs and sugar in a heatproof bowl until pale and fluffy. Remove from heat and whisk until cool. In some studies, cinnamon has shown an amazing ability to stop medication-resistant yeast infections. In a study published by researchers at the U. S.

Department of Agriculture in Maryland, cinnamon reduced the proliferation of leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells.

It has an anti-clotting effect on the blood. When added to food, it inhibits bacterial growth and food spoilage, making it a natural food preservative.

The Bentley Brooklands Coupe.

So I'm back with another HPL LevelEditor feature update, the Poser EditMode. Back in the Amnesia days, whenever we wanted to add details which implied a unique skeletal model with different poses, we had to go all the way back to the modelling tool, set them up there and save them as a different mesh files. In a nutshell, it takes a skeletal mesh and exposes its bones to be translated and rotated in whatever way you fancy. There's not much to be added, so see it in action in this little video. S. D. is waiting on the U. S. .