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But it will all work out and be ok! Today's card was created using Party Time Fergus from Wild Rose Studios. I colored him with Copic markers. I used Copic Opaque white to add the dots on the partyhat. All of these products can be found in the iCopic Store.

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We speak to Yrannath Ng or YN, a faithful follower of Team FatBird's I-Runs and Marathon Training. YN, with FatBird David during our Carbo Loading Dinner. T: For a start, give us a brief introduction about yourself. This particular rendition of Cornbread, Molasses and Sassafras Tea: is sung by Lonzo and Oscar. Traveled all over this whole wide world, Eat a lot of cooking from a lot of pretty girls, But there's none like Tennessee With cornbread, molasses and sassafras tea Cornbread, molasses and sassafras teaMy cornbread recipe has molasses in it, but I haven't had sassafras tea in a coon's age. Nor have I raced in California. But also risky, both in terms of burnout and potential injury. For that reason, this race was a "maybe" for me all the way until I hit the taper. I knew that I was taking a risk by running a second marathon so close to Chicago, and so resolved to pull the plug if I ever felt burnt out, or if any injuries started flaring. But neither happened, fortunately. Case in point- My Singular Cycles Buzzard had been ridden in some pretty nasty stuff at one point or another back in the Spring, or maybe it was last Winter? Heck. I can't remember, it's been that long ago. All I know is that there was this layer of grungy crap and dirt all over the frame. Updating our charts once again. It should be borne in mind that the reviewer admits to not having read anything by the Brontës. Some of the subtler references to characters created by the Brontës were rather lost on me, likely to be down to my unfamiliarity with the source material. For this reason, some scenes ended up being of more interest than others. But there was another problem: I was not quite able to keep up with who was playing what character throughout. Despite the cast list in the show’s programme implying the contrary, all of the actors play multiple roles, and not just some. I would have expected the music – mostly played between scenes, but sometimes during them, and occasionally threatening to drown out characters still speaking – to have more of an emotional impact. For me, the tepid melodies were neither here nor there. courtesy of on. The film had less shows than its opening day rival MORTDECAI, but it left its rival in the dust in terms of admission at every show as it became the single day Hong Kong film box office champion. Dominic two nights ago attended a surprise audience appreciation event with director Au Cheuk Man, Hazel, Ronan Pak Kin Yan and La Ying. When the audience saw the actors screams of "Duck King" arose. The actors gave away film posters and memorabilia.

Happy Columbus Day!I'm sure Columbus loved cows.

This particular specimen was enjoying a fall afternoon in Wyoming County when I drive by with my camera. to all of you! Hope your day yesterday was filled with wonderful moments with your family! We had a great day together, laughing, eating, and laughing and eating some more.

I am going to write the address in the little circle.

Well, have a fun weekend relaxing with your family or shopping if that is what you are doing today! Not me. She decided to risk lying down next to her. "The shame, the horror. pushed to the edges of my own bed by a six-pound CAT!""Mummy, can you rid me of this plague?""Maybe if I don't look, it will just GO AWAY!""Or perhaps I should just act nonchalant and lick my leg. Tristan! What the hell are you lookin' at??!"But in the end. m. tonight in Grove City the against Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City Falcons. If you want to read the season preview for the Jaguars, go to page four of this week's Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper. m. according to Weather. m. You are probably more familiar with the Eric Burdon and the Animals version, but the Canadian rockers do a better job on this morning's offering:. Moarte rises again. ‎. The Eligor Dacia Logan Emergency Vehicle answers the call of duty!The Eligor Citroen Type H Emergency Bus could be seen speeding down the streets of France, on their way to a fire or medical emergency!. How Delicious. here is where we begin. i lay my hand gently upon your hip and with a sigh begin to stroke you up your side against the purple fabric of your top. I have always been interested in hearing about a woman's first time with another woman. I don't think I am alone in this because there are books about first times sold like this one called True Stories of Lesbian Awakening. and there used to be a website that talked about anyone's first time having sex either hetero or not. I obviously have had my first time with men, first time with a woman. I actually dragged my butt out of bed today and went to church. I decided to be a bit more traditional in my attire and go with a somewhat conservative dress. It still had the fun print and color which I love, and of course, I paired it with a fun heel and a little jewelry.

Dress: Chadwicks.

Shoes: Report. The President was working at his desk when grim-faced Secret Service agents and U. S. Marines burst into the Oval Office from both doors. President," his detail chief barked as the detail picked him up from behind his desk and rushed him from out the side door, and down into the bowels of the White House. The President glanced around to find General Carson, chairman of the Joint Chiefs. "Mr. mlkshk. The great rain debate is on. Each summer I have spent here, a major point of contention, in any expatriate watering hole, is the rain. But our weather talk tends to get narrowed down this year to two parties: The Rain Is Late This Summer party, and It Never Starts This Early party. Both groups are at each other's throats like Shias and Sunnis at a Ramadan midnight buffet. Here we are in the second week of July, and, other than the inches we received from the hurricane Carlos spinoff, our spring and early summer have been almost bone dry. We have had a couple of nearly dry thunderstorms with a few teasing drops. But that has been it. The hurricane season here started with three major Pacific storms right out of the chute. Since then, the National Hurricane Center has been displaying the image you see at the top of this essay. And that is fine with me. Kindness and consideration should be the norm not something pulled out occasionally " just to be nice".

I witnessed some things this week that have stuck in my craw,and I feel like a rant.

Anyway. He finally got his order and before he sat down with it, he marched over to the counter and threw his fries across the counter down and over to the other side spewing them everywhere screaming "I said no salt!"The girl who made them said quite nicely. "Sir, there is no salt on them. I'm back with the three winners from this week's Hip Hop. Thanks sooooo much for all that visited the DT Blogs AND left some love. Congratulations and enjoy!!. Karle Pyaar Karle movie is produced by Suneel Darshan and directed by Rajesh Pandey. Karle Pyaar Karle movie is romantic type movie. Shiv Darshan and Hasleen Kaur looking very hot and sexy in Karle Pyaar Karle movie. Fresh and HD wallpapers of Karle Pyaar Karle. Allwallpapers are with high resolution. Greetings, Simply delighted to be included as one of your Valentine's Day "gift gurus" in the newest edition of "To & From" magazine. As you begin the Valentine's Day shopping for your own sweetheart - here's a absolute parade of ideas and tips. Cheers, Scot. Carla's friend Joan made this quilt, her first! I think it's a very nice quilt for a first quilt. The quilting design is Fay Feathers, the thread is PermaCore Dyed Natural and the batting is Quilter's Dream cotton. Here's a little table runner that matches:. We visited a local orchard and bought four apple trees. Boo helped Razor build a new shelving unit in the mud room. They made it with reclaimed hardwood from a falling down, very old general store across the road. Don't worry. We had permission. Meanwhile, Licious helped me with some pinwheel blocks. And we walked the dogs and rode our bikes. And made our first batch of cinnamon rolls in our official quest to find the most perfect recipe. This one was close but we have a few changes to try next weekend. Darlings, here are some of the little lovelies that CC is currently smitten with. From ravishing rings to chic skirts, there's sure to be a perfect piece in this post for each of CC's fabulous fellow fashionistas! Alexis Bittar cabochon ombre stripe ring, at intermixonline. Aamaya by Priyanka topaz and rose gold-plated cat ears ring, at matchesfashion. Alexander Wang studded runway flat clutch, at shopbop. Valentino Rockstud mini flap crossbody bag, at intermixonline.

Barbara Bui colorblock platform sandal, at intermixonline.

It should surprise no one that Reverol has been indicted in the U. S. on drug-trafficking charges, or that drug money fuels much of the criminal violence plaguing Venezuela. A family in Lawrenceville, a suburb of Atlanta, said they were attacked by an unknown Muslim woman wearing a full burqa simply because they were flying an American flag for Memorial Day. ?. I love drawing and colouring apples. There's something very homey and simple about this lovely fruit that makes me think of country kitchens, warm days and grandmas baking pies. Apples seemed to be everywhere when I was a child. Scanned from images by Chris Lund. Unfortunately, these scans are heavily cropped but I actually added to the second one to make it less so. This Bizarro cartoon is made possible by Mind-Numbing Confections, Inc. But now I've got this damned OCD-type mechanism in my brain that hangs onto any melody I hear for hours or days, playing it over and over in my head. For most of the summer, this leaves me totally vulnerable to the local popsicle vendors and their satanic soundtracks. How a person with any hearing at all can work these trucks is beyond my imagination. I'd rather drive a school bus full of hungry badgers. .