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As a number of my regular readers would know I recently ruptured my Achilles tendon and had to have an operation on it. Well, my ordeal with the scalpel wasn't over after that initial slice and dice meeting. Five weeks later, having watched Manchester City win the FA Cup final on television, I noticed a swelling where the stitches were.

It started to get worse over the next few days.

To cut a long story short, I had to have another operation to clean up the wound as it had been impacted by a staph infection. So what is it like going about your normal daily business whilst recovering from an Achilles operation? The answer is quite simple - it's bloody hard. Meeting Time: This Wednesday there is a meeting taking place that should help define a few key points in regards to T. I. There may even be some recon as well. If all goes well, and there is no reason to believe it won't, a lot of dominoes will start to fall real quick in regards to how the rest of recon will go, and the key parts of the event should be well defined. I suppose you could say this is an announcement that there will be an announcement! At any rate, look closely for that directly after the Wednesday meeting. You can expect that I will be letting in past participants first.

Book Review of ‘Strategy, Planning and Litigating to Win’ , a monograph by Lt.

Col. Andrew S. Dreier of the US Army JAG Corps. Hence the title, ‘Strategy, Planning and Litigating to Win’ is exciting. Are you are an attorney interested in providing pro bono services to veterans? This program will provide you with:A day-long training class on veterans' law issues. If you are interested in volunteering you must attend a day-long training. Trainings are scheduled several times a year. Learn more about the program. C. Why Doesn't Your Business Plan Consistently Secure Your Desired Results? From small businesses to large corporations, when you render all the challenges and issues facing these economic engines from employees to growth and innovation, the inability to secure desired results or implementation always float to the top as the number one to number three obstacles that prevent business success. Why can't I consistently achieve my desired results? All of these questions when rendered down are about implementation. The failure to implement each corporate wide business goal consumes valuable resources specifically time, people and money. These resources may have been already allocated to other initiatives. My sickly laptop's still with the Apple store in Glasgow having emergency surgery. It'll hopefully be back amongst the living in about a week, and until its safe return posting will be sporadic. Avida Estates Nuvali is a well planned - sure investment property. This property is perfect for any family who wants to stay closer to lush greens, breathe fresh air and make their property investment appreciate well for the next generation. Templates: Quickpages: Alphas & Wordart: Kits & more:. via. Here is another video that illustrates the loss of hearing as a normal part of aging, from National Geographic: Disclaimer: Do not make conclusions about your health based on online information. Always consult a physician. The story skips back and forth between a grand-daughter and a grandmother. The grand daughter, Emma has inherited the grandmothers old farm house and is sifting through her belongs to sale the place, but instead finds herself discovering the mysteries of her grandmothers past. I loved this book!. The player said, "When I get bad cards, it's not the dealer's fault. And, when I get good cards,the dealer obviously has nothing to do with it. So, why should I tip him?" The dealer replied, "When you eat out, do you tip the waiter?" "Yes, sure I do," responded the player. "Well then, he serves you food, and I'm serving you cards. So you see, you should tip me.

" "Okay, I see your point," agreed the player.

"But, the waiter gives me what I ask for. I'll take an eight. When you sell a product, always try to expand your user base. That's advertising talk for get more people to buy your stuff. So what I am doing is telling people that Meat Like Substance is also baby food. A stroke of brilliance. Good enough for mom, good enough for junior, I always say. I can hear the cash registers ringing. If you've been following us for a while, you might remember the Kern County Fire Department Mechanic's Truck, which I posted here. Don't miss this month's DieCast Magazine or Toy Trucker and Contractor, since there will be nice features on the Mechanic's Truck. Next month they will also be in Model Collector Magazine. In addition, next month both Diecast X Magazine and Model Cars Magazine will each have nice editorial sections specifically about the Kern Co Mechanics Truck. Here is my version of the little "red" sampler - I stitched it up last weekend -I included my grand parents initials and the year they were married. It is a great little piece to stitch up!!edgar. Since it’s football season and the boy’s have been getting their equipment, Jasper and River have developed a daily routine. It’s pretty funny since Jasper has a broken arm. Bruiser. River walks around the back yard and plays on the trampoline all while wearing a giant helmet with a binky in his mouth. And yes, you read that right: Jasper broke his arm. His humerus to be exact. Celebrating six years!He kills me. Hanging out with the big boys. We bought a wreath holder after Christmas, but that's certainly not what it's used for in our house. Jake immediately adopted it, and now it's his seat/stand/stage and he loves it. Sleeping and waking up and it's all so adorable.

They're cute and stuff.

So read through and enjoy. I'm sure there are many we haven't thought of, so let us know what we should add to the "On Board" line. We are always open to suggestions. First off, there is just the general retort to the "Baby" signs. You've got a Baby on Board? Yeah?! Well, over here in this car we've got exactly:But maybe that's too general. Maybe that makes it sound like you just don't want a baby or something, which isn't really quite right. gif of puppy learning to play "catch. " Audio of the Boston Symphony's response to JFK's assassination: Gasps and screams of shock can be heard after the statement of JFK’s death, and after the change of programme is announced there is a general panicked hubbub that takes its time to subside. Then, as the orchestra begins its funeral dirge more slowly than is usual, every note throbbing with pain, there is only a numbed quiet as the news, the awful reality, sinks in. Russians use a clever human-powered winch to retrieve a Honda SUV that had gone through the ice on Lake Baikal. So far, the hunt has required a knowledge of number theory, philosophy and classical music. An artist has "made headlines by assembling picture frames made of human placentas. She does it by boiling a whole placenta, grinding it into pieces, mixing it with resin, then shaping the mixture into a frame. It’s a keepsake for new parents, like a baby’s first blanket. Resolve to be a master of change rather than a victim of change. Ikke helt stille idag heller nei, men lavendelplantene er på plass til slutt. Her ser jeg at det blir plass til noe mer og, og det liker jeg. Jeg hadde gjerne sett en aurikkel der og men den lar seg enda ikke dele. må nok vente noen år til. I dag har jeg malt. Nå stikker ikke planken så mye ut lenger. Blister packaging showing all accessories and painting on how you could execute Guile's moves, the arcade style Let's take it out from the card! Awesome flat-top hair and dog-tag Nicely painted from top to bottom. The secret to the tidy flat top hair Round One Fight! Nice clean sculpt! Sharp painting and detail like muscle veins Cool accessories - SONIC. We have reached our total! Thank you, so much, for your kindness and generosity. both in cash and spirit! A special thanks goes to Paul Sagar for the extra publicity. Ben will be overwhelmed.

Thank you.

Il gioiello della foto l'ho realizzato la scorsa settimana e spero vi piaccia. E' qualcosa di inconsueto che si aggiunge alla mia boutique. A presto amiche, vi aspetto a Macugnaga. That pendent is a new design that i finished in that way , hope you like it. I finally found the first of several boxes that contain the dishes for my big hutch. Things are starting to look homier. We have set up the back porch a bit. This house has a small front porch, but a fairly large back one.

We are loving it.

You can't see it in this pic, but there is a ceiling fan. That fan works overtime to keep us cool! We put lamps out here and like to sit out in the evening after the sun goes down. stampinup. "You Were Americans Once" Edition. Bush. Mary Matalin, disgraced former counselor to Vice President Dick Cheney and chief editor of Threshold Edition, Simon & Schuster's wingnut division. Disgraced former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Weekly Standard editor, ABC employee and disgrace to his species, Bill Kristol. Disgraced former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Posted in:. By Wizard The night was cold, dark and wet. I was alone, trudging my way through the city streets, enjoying the walk and cool air, which made the city smell less stale and rotten. I was heading in the direction of home, having nothing better to do, when I heard the sounds of a party.

Music and laughter and girls, girls and more girls! Cool.

I peaked through the windows, and saw the foxiest bunch of females all dressed up in party splendor. They all seemed to be Asian. I just can’t resist a foxy Asian bitch – they just make me horny as hell you know? All I can think about when a see one is sex. Hays One of the problems with that objection, as I pointed out to Jerry on more than one occasion, is the ambiguity of "all persons". But that's deceptive and incoherent, for a world in which everyone is elect will have a different history with a different set of people. Although everyone who exists in that world is heavenbound, there are people who were heavenbound in a world where everyone isn't elect who won't exist in a world where everyone is elect. So there are many hidden losers in Jerry's contrast. Many people who miss out on heaven because they don't exist in a world where everyone is elect. When Jerry says the Calvinist God could save everyone, I suspect the picture that conjures up in people's minds is something like this: There's a possible world A where God damns Judas. Architectural inspiration via Pinterest. Givenchy Shark Lock textured-leather sandals. Jerome Dreyfuss Nicolas hexagon-print calf hair shoulder bag. Herve Van der Straeten hammered gold-plated cuff. Darlings, what do you think of this lovely living room and the luxe look it inspired? xoxox, CC. Spinach with Meat Stew Enjoy this tasty recipe on a cold winter night. Add meat, salt, and al alali Ground Allspice and cook until meat is cooked. Border the dish with lemon slices Serve hot with rice and enjoy! Source: alalali. My grocery store had pork loins on sale and I bought several of them and could not decide what to make. They also had black truffles and I bought one of them too. My kids love truffled pasta and they also love schnitzel so I thought I would make both. I sprinkled them with salt and freshly cracked black pepper and then coated them with flour. Then I dipped them in milk and placed them in cracker crumbs. Coating them in flour and then dipping them in milk causes them to hold on to the cracker crumbs which makes a very good coating. .