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Ahead of the Yellow Ribbon Run the next day, with others away for work and resting, the turnout was rather small. We spent a bit more time briefing all Kingfishers about race day preparations and meet-up. The feeling was one of having a good workout, with fuel and energy to go on for more.

From the new runner to the more experienced marathoner, all have benefited from the structured program incorporating strength-training from hill reps to speed-training at the track.

Importantly, good friendships have been formed with very good espirit-de-corps among the cohort. "Some of the dance movements do indeed seem as if the dancers are changing a light bulb or three, or having had too many beers!.

To a passing stranger it might have appeared if I had ants in my pants or doing a mystical Indian dance"Last week No Worries and I took out daughters to an Indian celebration at a business centre in Sydney.

We were all looking forward to it as it meant that my wife and gals could have an excuse to dress up Desi style. I too decided to get into the spirit of things by dressing up in Indian clothes. So "Super Secret Mode" was still on all of Wednesday morning, but I can reveal that I was able to hook up with my good friend Jason Boucher and get in some dirt on a bright, clear, cold morning. Our destination was St. Paul, Minnesota. We stopped along the river downtown where it didn't take long for Jason to whip out a camera and start hunting for a shot of the city in the early morning light. Downtown is a beautiful area, and the image capturing opportunities are many. The fact that it was so clear and bright this morning only made the images more tempting to grab. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off this particular morning and spaced off the all important clipless pedals for the ride Jason brought for me to use. So, we hopped back into the car and ran back to where I had the pick'em up truck parked to grab that necessity. Just before we sped off we were treated to a train pasing by that had nine engines! Pretty cool! I see a lot of cool trains on the way to El Paso everytime I go, but the backdrop is always the sage and scrub of the Southwest. To get this train in an urban setting was pretty cool, or at least I thought so. Petroglyph, along the Colorado River, Moab, Utah. Photograph Mr. In this I expressed my disbelief in the claims of creationists that there are rock art examples of dinosaurs that prove that humans and dinosaurs coexisted and interacted. Its purpose was to record an example of rock art that supposedly proved that dinosaurs and humans had coexisted. Gilmore, Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology at the United States National Museum. This year we are raising donations for the GO Campaign. If you can donate, every little bit helps. News story, auto-translated to English in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. It took awhile this year, but the hot days of summer have arrived in the Lone Star State.

Front Line Defenders believes that the arrests of the aforementioned human rights defenders, as well as the threats of arrest, are directly related to their legitimate work in defence of human rights.

Members of the Damas de Blanco continue to face harassment and physical attacks from police around the island as they attempt to carry out their legitimate and peaceful human rights activities. A report in the trade journal Brandweek. " Moreover, AAFP Executive Vice President Douglas Henley stated, "while the AAFP respects the mission of No Free Lunch, their desire to eliminate information-sharing by exhibitors with our members clearly negates the purpose of the Exposition Hall. Therefore, No Free Lunch is not in keeping with the character and purpose of the Scientific Assembly Exposition Hall and it would not be appropriate for AAFP to accept their exhibit application. Furthermore, No Free Lunch noted that even corporations such as Coca-Cola and McDonalds were allowed to exhibit. I CHALLENGE you —Today CALL someone you really like!!!“ No, you hang up. ” “No.

You hang up first.

”“No you hang up. ”Wow! I miss those days of a good old fashion phone call, snuggling under the blankets, talking for hours to my latest crush. Remember those days when you liked someone and they actually asked you for your phone number, and you wrote it down on a piece of paper or even more romantic they would write their number on the palm of your hand and you wouldn’t wash your hands for days because every time you looked down at that number you would smile. Remember?Remember those days when your phone would ring and you would jump over furniture to answer it nearly breaking your neck in the process?How the sound of their voice on the other end would make you think indecent thoughts.

But not today.

As I was walking to my next class, there was a random guy in the hallway waving his hands in the air screaming: "WHERE'S THE AIRPORT?!?! I NEED TO GET THERE - NOW! WHERE'S THE FUCKING AIRPORT?!?!?!?!?!??!" He went up to random people and shouted this in their faces. Trust me, the stupidity of this insane asylum still amuses me and increases my use of sarcasm in my personality every day, but this actually made me laugh. I spent the weekend at this little lake, relaxing by the water and enjoying the campfire. Time flew by. The moonlight, the water, the campfire. it was not easy to leave. About the Book: Beneath the Weight of Sadness is a novel about Truman Engroff, a gay, seventeen-year-old boy, living in an affluent, New Jersey town, Persia, who is brutally murdered one early Sunday morning.

The death of Truman's brief life is told in four separate narratives, by: his father, his mother, the detective investigating the case, and his best friend growing up, Carly Rodenbaugh.

All four of these people are devastated by Truman's death, and the story of his death unfolds as the characters tell the story of his life. Wintersett Res: A calling Greenshank flew south. Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of finally seeing Moonrise Kingdom. As always with Wes Anderson films, I fell madly in love with the style, characters, and every little detail. Cosmas, Cari Ann Wayman, Oleg Oprisco, Pinecone Camp, Carambas, and Jessica Hische. via Jane from Stormy Girls Castle BlogTraditional HomeAna Ros Nuevo EstiloElle DecorStuart CrealAna RosThe Designers Collaborative blogSueleen Gregory IDJenny Keenan IDOlga Lopez De VeraTrip HaenischVTI. I am way overdue for an update! I've been home alone with the babies a lot this week, so it's been kinda hard to find time. They are keeping me quite busy. imagine that. So, I'll touch on the most important points from the past week. Daddy gave both babies massages and they loved it. We're well provisioned, I'll say that. Penny is in charge, and we're glad of it.

She has a steely determination and fiscal ferocity matched only by her coupon collection, and if we eat any more food, the grocery chains are going to be sending us money to stay away.

We're in good hands. As for activities, it's not like we all have to do the same thing. We have options. There's talk of an excursion to the Adirondack Museum. nickholmes. From the opposition seen so far, Margo MacDonald shouldn't have too much trouble passing her assisted suicide bill. I'm sure she'd be happy to help if it saves the NHS a few bob. One of my readers wrote the following to me:Some very distressing news, the Archdiocese closed their ONLY ProLife Center. The remaining staff was moved to the Archdiocene Pstoral Center in Hyattsville. This is hardly a replacement for the convience, warmth and excellence of the College Park location. This is a terrible blow for Prolife advocates and the Side Walk Counselors. There is no longer an accessable Catholic Walk-In Center that offers birthing and care alternatives to conter act the Abortion propaganda machine. That is Farenheit. Just a couple of days makes all the difference. What does that have to do with being an asshole? Nothing. Yesterday morning as I was eating breakfast with my wife she looked over at me, all serious like, and we had this conversation. So You Believe Guns Give Us The Right to Overthrow Our Government? Congrats, You’re a Traitor When the gun debate gets brought up, the group of people that often make me laugh the most are those who believe our Second Amendment is meant to keep the “government fearful of its citizens. ” They’ll cite all these historic dictators and their insistence on very strict gun laws—while ignoring the many current free nations which also have very strict laws on gun ownership. These people honestly believe we were given the right to “bear arms” so that, if need be, we could rise up and overthrow our government. Wouldn’t preparing for, and advocating the possibility of, war against the United States government constitute “levying war?” It seems pretty clear cut. That’s why they gave us the form of government they did. It’s why each term is given a limited number of years. I wanted to share some of the updates and things offered by this little business, for anyone inclined to support the farm going into Autumn. So does winter hay, which I have already set up a few hay accounts going into winter but need to pay the farmer who is providing the actual bales for the farm.

I want the work of design, workshops, farming, writing this blog and events to get me to my goal and keep this place solvent.

I am certain I will find a way to keep the foreclosure warnings just that, warnings and keep this place in my name and keep living the life I love.

Last night when I took Bentley for his nightly walk there was a slight breeze of cool air.

Wow. immediately our pace increased. Find me something, anything, that hasn't basically been said since at least Machen's day. After a sneering nod to the historical genesis of the term "Fundamentalism," he does his best to trash it by lumping Christian fundamentalism in with the fundamentalism of Christianoid cults such as Islam and Roman Catholicism, and with some sects within apostate Judaism. Buried Treasure - a call for collaborative participants! I think it is reasonable to say that I am a blog junkie. I love the interactive nature, inspiration, and immediacy that blogs provide. However, the limited time that I have means that I have been unable to fully explore the blogs that I love. There are usually many, many posts that I have never seen that were put up before I discovered a new blog. I just don't have time to go post by post from beginning to end in order to see all that is available. So. In honor of our own Frank Turk, I titled it "Where I Am Right Now. ®"But it has room for no more than six items at a time, and I keep updating the links, so in order to preserve a record, I decided to make a permanent list titled "Where I Was Last Week. and all the weeks before that. Hello all. We are wrapping up the swap soon. I will leave you with an interesting link that give ideas and a few tutorials for handmade holiday gifts.

Singapore remains a special place for me having lived there for many years.

Its main opposition is the Workers Party led by Low Tia Khiang. There was speculation that this time round the opposition would increase their share of the vote against a backdrop of concern around transportation issues and the influx of foreign workers. Yesterdays election saw the PAP achieve a crushing victory. The Singapore People's Party led by Chaim See Tong, the second largest opposition party, is now out of parliament altogether. And on Sunday, Olivia Newton-John looked far younger than her years as she attended the 'Turn Up The Pink' breast cancer awareness event in Las Vegas. - it's good - to be here now -. In the course of discussing certain related matters yesterday, I mentioned that I wanted to analyze in some detail a particular approach to political analysis that I only recently began to understand much more fully than I had before. Very fortuitously, an unusually interesting discussion involving Chris Floyd, Glenn Greenwald and Paul Curtis has just unfolded, and their debate touches on the themes that concern me at several points. Chris's first entry about this will be found here, and his second article is here. His posts contain links to the related entries from the other participants. The starting point for these posts was Greenwald's new book, A Tragic Legacy: How a Good vs. Evil Mentality Destroyed the Bush Presidency. One to be remarked upon. Recently friends of hers were at our house. A few are new this year and as I talked to one of them she said that she really wanted to dislike my girl because she is just so good at everything but impossible to dislike because she's just so nice. Isn't that one of the most wonderful things you can hear as a mother? I've known it all along. -dana. Weaver's character was one of those "fish out of water" types TV loves so well, a cowboy cop in the big city. You know something's a hit when Mad magazine does a parody. You have to figure your days are numbered, though, when you're parody appears in Crazy. It's regarded as the national dish of Lebanon and there are as many ways to prepare and serve kibbeh as there are to spell it. InstructionsThe following recipe has been tested and edited by SBS Food and may differ slightly from the podcast. .