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Until we see each other again. Castel San Angelo, the dedicatory bronze statue of the archangel Saint Michael atop it, the most fortified stronghold in the city, was built as Hadrian's Tomb and later adopted for use by the Roman pontiffs during the days of barbarians and frequent invasions of Rome. Massive moats, now dry, still surround the fortress and mark the limits of a park popular for Romans under the umbrella pine trees around the castle. The heights of the Gianicolo hill afford some of the finest views of Rome. Castel San Angelo, refuge of popes during the sack of Rome and dedicated to the Archangel Saint Michael, is visible with the massive Palazzo di Giustizia, or palace of justice, to the right. The line of trees between these landmarks line the Tiber River on its way through the city. She was my Grandma Millie's oldest sister and was a wonderful cook as well as a wonderful quilter. She was a very kind lady who worked hard to take good care of her large family. I have very fond memories of Aunt Isabelle and I was in her home often. From SoCal Bigfoot: I read this story on the /Nosleep subreddit about an old man that goes hiking and never returns. There are some weird things that happen in the forest and the Forest Service does not want you to know. Be safe out there people. Patagonia's Reversible Flannel JacketLooking for a jacket that can double as a shirt and triple with a reversible option? Patagonia has you covered with its Reversible Flannel Jacket. She's dead but her memory is getting brighter and brighter every day. Neda said, "If I don't go, who will?"This is the question we pose. " Her death became iconic in the struggle of Iranian protesters against the fraudulent election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Elazar Withers was charged Tuesday, after he allegedly met his victims through jack’d, a gay dating app. He was arrested Monday during a traffic stop. ". Extract from Jean Rhys, 'Good Morning, Midnight':He is very good at salad-dressing, this waiter. We eat with him and his wife next day. There he is, with his fat back and thick neck, mixing the dressing. He uses sugar in the German way. His wife watches him, looking spiteful and frightened. She is thin and ugly and not young. The waiter mixes the dressing for the salad very slowly at the sideboard. Recent movies, such as “The Patriot” and “John Adams,” as well as books about the founding fathers have caused interest in the Revolutionary War period to mushroom. In response, a number of Revolutionary War Reenactment groups have attempted to make themselves more family. "The Patriot," and other historically-influenced movies, has increased interest in living history Taking part in Living History is a great way to escape the worries of today and "pretend" just as you did when you were young. Best of all, it is something in which you and your family can share the experience together.

This photo always makes me smile.

Why? Because most of the grands are laughing out loud. Jen took this photo and she shared it with me for my parents anniversary last fall. I wonder what was so funny. Back in the sixties I foundsome incredible bargains here. Think those days are long gone, but it's still fun to look. My friend Penny swears she didn't shriek.

She is basing this on her personal knowledge of herself, which includes the strong conviction that she is not a shrieking sort of person.

She has known herself longer than I have known her, so I will concede the point. I no longer remember details of the conversation, but she was holding up her end of it when she decided to clean up a few dishes that had been left by her sink, and noticed a teabag in the bottom of a glass tumbler, and reached in to pull it out, and it was a little damp and a little squidgy but just a bit larger than your average teabag, and before she was able to fully process this observation, a wing unfolded on the teabag, which was revealed to be, in fact, a bat, and that's when the thing that couldn't have been a shriek happened. I don't think she has anything to be ashamed of. If I had reached into the very same tumbler and pulled out the very same damp bat, there would have been an authentic shriek and an airborne glass tumbler and wild jerky moves on my part that might have disrupted the entire kitchen ecosystem. I am readily startled. Our annual "Running of the Sheep" as featured on the cover of today's "Greenfield Recorder. " Check it out here! I'll try to post my photos soon.

Well folks, it is that time of year when the Social Ministry Conference to take place.

It is a low cost event and has a number speakers on a variety of topics.

According to the description:This workshop will look at current challenges to making it easier for children, working families and the elderly to obtain the health insurance, medical services and prescription drugs they need to stay healthy.

The workshop is presented by an expert in the field and will include time for questions and answers. Wait, isn't that that that what ACORN is a part of? Oh yes. In fact. How do I start this blog post? I guess with where I have been. I have been here with a heavy heart. I wish I could say I went off on some wild adventure. but mostly I have been here meloncholy. I have these little niches on either side of our microhood. BUT not gonna happen at the moment. We had leftover beadboard and I decided to FORCE my dh to cut some down to size and I painted it black and put it in the back of the cubbies for some POPPPP. I love to collect ironstone. especially pitchers and plates and I thought this would make a great back drop. Now my question to you is do you think we should do the sides as well? OHHH and what about down below. i'm not going to lie. sometimes i cheat on y'all. Fire away!. It seems that every time my husband and I check the news the death toll rises and the devastation is mind-boggling. I have seen many fires having grown up in the Southwestern US. Here in the US, those who wish to donate to the relief efforts should contact their local Red Cross and they will put you in touch with the Red Cross of Australia. We send our prayers to those suffering in this disaster. And it worked, of course, because what we call civilisation is really only controlled barbarism. You take away the control and the barbarism is all that's left. style. style.

This AM on Newstalk ZB's "summer breakfast" Tim Dower interviewed Australian Federal Senator Malcolm Roberts from The One Nation Party, ostensibly over their condemnation of McCully's awesome effort in support of Hamas that has so many exercised around the world.

However in what I could only conclude was a pathetic attempt to put the Senator off his stride, Dower began with an ambush attack on Roberts' well known total opposition to the fraud that surrounds man's causing accelerated global warming now oddly renamed climate change. As that rude and clearly unannounced ploy failed in spite of Dower's best efforts they moved on to One Nations suggestion that New Zealand's advantageous immigration status could be altered as a result of the unprecedented attack on The State Of Israel. Maybe Dower could advance the sum of knowledge had he made an attempt to interview Our Prime Minister to bring some understanding to what may well be the next step in the downfall of Simon English. Cricky even Mal 'Turncoat' Turnbull is somewhat puzzled and clearly not in support of Mad Monk McCully. I sure Did! Here were a few quick fancy favor boxes I gave away with yummy Knock you naked brownies inside. I had some fun with my Camera! and the fact that it was Mother's day and they had to be in the pictures because I said so!CarsonThe group shot, my request. My Mom and my sister. I've been ordered to take this out of my tabs and post it. As usual, Bill is spot on. Wow! This should help. California bans lawful concealed carry on campuses – that should work. As a child I would gather flowers from my mom each Mayday- she was so good at making little things feel so special- on silly holidays, big moments, and frankly every day. Now, Mayday brings the Mayday Parade- hands down my favorite parade of all time. I'm excited for this weekends events more than usual this year because I feel like I could use a little burst of energy. The studio has been slow for me, and this pregnancy seems to have zapped me of all my usual motivation to GET THINGS DONE! Perhaps I'm turning a new zen leaf. one where it doesn't matter so much what the product of any given task is- but the act itself- but that's not quite where I'm at either. So, here I am. PART SUN AND MOON Everybody has a little bit of the sun and moon in them. Everybody has a little bit of man, woman, and animal in them. Darks and lights in them. Everyone is part of a connected cosmic system. Part earth and sea, wind and fire, with some salt and dust swimming in them. We have a universe within ourselves which mimics the universe outside. None of us are just black or white, or never wrong and always right. No one.

No one exists without polarities.

Everybody has good and bad forces Working with them, against them, and within them.

Sid Silvertrail + A Spoon Full of SugarHere's my card using another of the fab new releases from Toodles + Binks, Sid Silvertrail. How cute is he! I have made this card for this week's Spoon Full of Sugar challenge. I have used papers from Crate Paper and coloured Sid with Copics. Have a great Tuesday!!SuppliesStamp: Toodles + Binks - Sid SilvertrailTools: Copics, Nesties, WizardDP: Crate Paper, Bazzill. Enjoy the Middle Eastern Cuisine and learn how to make Lightest ever meringues. Shape and bake as in the basic meringue recipe. Tip Chocolate meringues Finely grate a small knob of plain chocolate and chill while you make the meringue. Wow. I am now officially between jobs. We arrived up here in Saratoga just around post time for the second race on Friday.

Oh yeah, and then passed out.

And now, suddenly, it's Monday morning. Saint Arthur sports a couple of bullet works, and he's by Invasor, out of an End Sweep mare who is also the dam of Shrewd One, who won for Phil Serpe here the other day. His second dam is a half-sister to the versatile Precisionist, who I will always fondly recall as my first Breeders' Cup winning wager, at my first live Breeders' Cup. And for all the changes we've seen at the Big A, you wouldn't know a thing, right down to the seagulls, just from watching this. Pretty easy win in last, first time over the track, taking charge under little apparent urging by Ravi Maragh, and handily holding off Cinematize, who has run pretty well all three starts for A. Firstly, what exactly are Arum lilies? Proper name, Arum maculatum, improper names include Cuckoo Pint, Lords and Ladies, Jack-in-the-pulpit and, when I was at school, Waggling Willies. It was not a particularly “good” school. but at least we had Nature Rambles! And secondly, why would you want to remove them? Answer, mostly because they are devilishly generous with their self-seeding, and if you take your eye off them for two minutes, you find that you are over-run with the darned things! The other reason is that the seeds are very unpleasant: they are poisonous, but luckily - well, sort-of luckily - they are filled with saponins, which have needle-sharp crystals, so that if anyone starts to eat them, their lips, tongue and throat immediately hurt and swell up. This is very nasty, but at least it means that "one" is unlikely to choke down enough of the things to actually kill yourself. Oh, they have their place: if you have large woodland areas to cover, they do a great job, and there is a certain ebullience to their startling orange seeds, later in the year. There is even a garden variety, Arum italicum, with elegantly marbled leaves which can be considered quite desirable. They are popping up their green leaves at this time of year, shortly to be followed by an elegant wrap-around greenish-white confection, known botanically as a spathe, which is pronounced “spade” with a lisp. No, a lisp at the end, not at the beginning. Can't wait to see it! "Dirty Old Times" Trailer from OVER/EASY FILMS on Vimeo. .