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i don't think the stitches on the title are the best.

but it's done.

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But one grows up aiming to be ones own man.

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and finally winter is here.

Well, here's another idea I found on Pinterest. When I told Mia about the idea to write "Kindergarten" on the driveway and then have her lie down next to it for a fun end-of-school-year photo, she was excited to try it out! However, the problem lies in actually pulling off a successful photo. That didn't seem like it would be terribly difficult but the next obstacle was the weather. Obsolescence advances upon us all, and time treats us as objects of sport. In an essay a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I have been writing about habeas corpus issues for several years now, as well as excerpting various articles that addressed the themes that so concerned me. Tinged with bitterness, to be sure, but still good. The David Cole article that I excerpted is now available from the LA Times only for a fee, but I had included the essentials of Cole's presentation. All these arguments that no longer apply. Holiday greetings,Just wanted to share some 'in-progress' images from a flurry of holiday installations from the past few days. I'm going to attack the decorating of my own place in earnest this evening. Covered in pine needles,tartanscot. Quite a few of Karachi homeschoolers have reached the age of their O Levels exams. Jazak Allah Khair, Zainab! Assalamualaikum.

My parents, both of whom are doctors, taught me the science subjects.

It's high time I updated my blog, no? With my sincere apologies for those still checking for the occasional new piece of art. I've been very busy this year and my blog suffered because of it. Now. The first thing I remember about Earth day were reports of some cases of histoplasmosis in a group of well meaning well-meaners who breathed in a bunch of fungal spores when they set out to clean up their little portions of the earth. Dr. Dr. He ends his essay with this answer to what has made the earth greener.

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