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Lovely soft colors and such old tradition. Here are a few shots showing the card opening up: The inside sentiment is: "may your life be filled with blessings as countless as the grains of sand". Hey, Ai Fans! Cheryl here with Yolanda, the master of inner peace. Her secret? Chocolate, of course. It seems to make everything right in the world. Look at that face. So much concentration.

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Speaking of chocolate, think I'll grab some now. Stay crafty! InLinkz. 'Bee Mine' Valentine's Day paper toy from Spoonful. so since its officially christmas time- as of tomorrow, i will now begin to write posts relating to my FAV holiday. if i can beat this cold, my husband and i will begin to decorate tomorrow. it's total chaos when this starts- mainly b/c of the outside lights. two years ago, we actually caught the bushes on fire. who knew it wasn't good to leave the lights on in the rain? i almost peed myself when i saw the sparks. Emily St. R. “I have a present for you!” I chanted in a singsong voice to my husband when I got home from garaging Saturday.

He looked interested.

“Oh yeah? What?”“It's in my car.

” We headed out to the garage.

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A recent JAMA article from Great Britain concluded there is little to be gained from prescribing antibiotics for acute bronchitis. Their conclusion differs a bit from a meta-analysis by the Cochran group which concluded there may be modest benefit from antibiotics in this "entity". This study involved both children and adults and excluded patients with COPD or asthma and several other conditions including heart disease and was an open study, i. e. not double blinded, the patients knowing if they were taking antibiotics or not. The JAMA editorial takes a strong don't -use-antibiotics-for-acute bronchitis- stance but not only opponents of their use but also proponents can extract some data from the study supporting their position. .