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This is a new mesh for male toddlers. It is a cardigan layered on top of a polo to give your toddler a fashionable casual look. One preset is a plain cardigan whose buttons have its own separate channel. While the other two presets have a Polo emblem that can be recolored. You may use my meshes to recolor but please give a link back for credit. Robert Dodson braves the elements in Oklahoma to capture bigfoot evidence on video. Check it out:. Dirt Quake V was, again, super rad! Great crowd, awesome bikes and riders, fantastic weather and top notch atmosphere all around the event.

! Rad! As you can see I had a very bad start in the final, falling back to the end of the grid, and half way trough the race I had some trouble passing the Yamaha T-Max.

Watch the February Superintendent Update on YouTube: Dr. Happy Friday! It's been a week, let me tell you - but I'm off on another camping trip this weekend and looking forward to relaxing a little! I have two freebies for you today, I figured since I'm sharing graphics I'd give you papers and clip art so you can make something fun! This beachy clip art set is from Graphics from the Pond. This would be great for learning activities or summer scrapbook pages! The summer paper set is from Teaching Super Power. The bright colors are perfect with the clip art set, and make me wish summer would stick around a little longer. Enjoy your last weekend in June and have a little fun with these graphics!. I am profoundly happy that I've struck a nerve. As much as I treasure the wonderful messages of support I get from you, I can't pay my bills with your kind words. After many of you vociferously protested, I reconsidered. That's OK, we don't discriminate. I know things are difficult for most of you. But they're difficult for me too. That's why I've added this donation button. I will be needing a wedding card soon for a friend. I just love how the chipboard heart on this card just pops out at me. Hope all of you Dads and Granddads are taking the day off. It was really fun and we were able to provide people with a lot of resources and good solid information.

We always provide some food too, so that people will see how yummy vegan food can be.

This is one of our favorite meals, so I made a double batch so that Musty and I could have some for dinner too. We had more for lunch, and even still have a bunch left over. I guess I really did make a big batch! It's such a great recipe, I really encourage you to check it out. Dudes, please now stop writing to me and asking where to go to have a massage by a female in Kuwait. I provide assistance, but not all kinds of services - if you get my meaning. Homey don't play dat. Since I have been a bit under the weather lately, my lovely quilting friends have been sending me pictures of what is happening at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. Above, Maggie is participating in the Doll Bee. I love these little dolls and wish I had the patience to make one. Julie L. teaches the class and runs the bee. She is a fantastic teacher and if you are interested in making one of these dolls you should stop by and join her Bee any Thursday to see what is going on. You might want to join one of Julie’s doll making classes. You can check the calendar on the sidebar for classes/Bees and times. OOOPs. New Year’s resolution: check before put fingers to keys. Last week it was reported the shop had a new look. This was based on rumors of what was going to be done. Verve stamps are NOT required to participate, and you can enter as many times as you want. As always, if you don't have a particular shape, feel free to substitute. This decision apparently took place following pressure from archaeologists in Egypt. Milloin väritatar on valmista korjattavaksi? Bryanin Japanese Textile Workshop-blogissa oli hyvä keino kokeilla milloin lehdet ovat keränneet tarpeeksi indigon esiasteita. Irrota lehti ja anna sen kuivua ja jos se muuttuu kuivuessaan tummansiniseksi, silloin lehdissä on mahdollisimman paljon esiasteita. IN ENGLISHWhen is japanese indigo ready for harvest? In Bryan's Japanese Textile Workshop-blogissa there was a good way to tell when the leaves of japanese indigo are ready. Take a leaf and dry it and if it turns dark blue when dry, then there are enough indigo precursors in the leaves for harvesting. Kokeilin kaksi kertaa kuivata lehtiä, ensin heinäkuun lopussa ja sitten viime viikolla. Selvästi pigmenttipitoisuus oli kasvanut lehdissä, vaikka säät ovatkin olleet viileitä ja osin pilvisiä. Tämä on ollut huono kesä lämpöä vaativille kasveille, vaikka väritatar onkin kasvanut hyvin, kuten näkyy ylimmästä kuvasta. I finished the corn and beans top today. I also finally came up with a name - Carnival Corn. Do you remember the popcorn that was dyed different colors and sold at the summer carnivals? Mainly I remember pink and blue. So what did I learn from making this quilt? First - Trust the math. Making a pieced border is always a bit dicey. Spicy and Ginger Snap While I’ve been engrossed in the tornado that is my life, the farm has been chugging along uneventfully, under the steady hand of Farmer Katherine. Honestly, she does such a good job that I don’t really have to involve myself in the day-to-day operations. But at breakfast the other morning, she caught my attention. A month back it was about her escapades as a pro bono goat midwife. On more than one occasion she got called out in the middle of the night to pull kids out of one of Bubba’s mama goats. Which, on a side note, warms my heart. What a relief that is. Sometimes it’s about her breeding plan. Or maybe the topic will be about her newest business venture: goat milk soap.


This is not a cooking blog. It is a blog about my life in Mexico. But I do enjoy cooking. Probably, because I enjoy eating good food. Let me share it with you. Some of the recipes require ingredients that are difficult to obtain in Mexico. But about two weeks ago, the weekly recipe was Peppers and Tomatoes with Eggs. That I could do. To quote my evil, South Park alter-ego Eric Cartman, " I hate hippies! I mean, the way they always talk about "protectin' the earth" and then drive around in cars that get poor gas mileage and wear those stupid bracelets - I hate 'em! I wanna kick 'em in. ! " It isn't enough that they ruined a whole decade, now they are after my toilet paper. #$#$ Hippies! Is nothing sacred? My last year at the sem, the crunchy granola brigade managed to persuade the powers that be to install low flow shower-heads and buy recycled TP. The shower-heads were easy enough to deal with. Hey guys, I'm sorry I've been so flaky about the updates. But as you all probably know, work is. work and I sometimes can't make the time to do the updates to the brflines site. I did three this morning to get sort of caught up to today. The first update this morning is Stefano Galvani, a player from Italy. I just would like to make something simple and quick, so I stitched and finished those Prairie Schooler freebies in scissors keepers as gifts for my stitchers friends. See their beautiful faces, read their 'quirky' bios written in their own words, see some of their art that led me to invite them to be a part of my book, and hear my story of what they each mean to me. That is the well established mantra of the dead tree press as it continues its inexorable slide to insolvency. When was the last time you heard a story on Honary Consuls.

For me it was the fruitless and rather self promoting for personal benefit, attempts of now Sir Owen Glen to achieve that exalted status representing NZ in Monaco.

This morning Mike Hosking interviewed Anthony Mosse, an above average swimmer, graduate of Stamford University and currently NZ Honary Consul in San Fransisco. He briefly outlined how as Consul he is the go to agent for NZ Inc in tourist problems, trade initiatives, and rather coyly, assistance for a NZ Citizen with legal problems, maybe for instance the partner of a senior NZ Politician, or was that Los Angeles. A self effacing portrait , all positive, on how a very successful one of us, ok he was born in Hong Kong, continues to represent his country on the world stage. Made for an interesting aside though. I know y'all are thinking I bet that Caryn has some amazing fabulous plans on New Year's Eve. Pimples Cure Home Remedy Pimples gives the worst situation to the teenagers regarding their skin care. Pimples give a bad look to the face when it is more. Not only the bad look but the pimples give a bad texture after the pimple has gone. In some cases it produces holes on the facial skin. This causes mental worry to teens. Lots of products are available in the market that claim sudden cure. But most of the time the experience from the store brought products are not that much favorable. evah!A Few Thoughts About St Patrick's Day . Trying to recap all that Sew South was is like trying to nail jelly to the wall. Like frantically trying to describe a dream as it floats away like a whisper before all the details are firmly cemented in my brain for an accurate retelling. The words well up in my chest but before they make it to my mouth my body defies me and renders me unable to speak. Reading name tags hung from lanyards around necks and then putting a face to the name I've known so long online. Clinking glasses at dinner. Plugging in sewing machines and letting the fabric and thread fly. Hearing needles break besides just my own. Something must be wrong. It's a big racing day for NYRA, and the weather is actually nice! I seem to remember reading a week or so ago about the possible starters for the Cigar Mile, and thinking it was going to be a full field and a wide open betting affair. though it is at least a fairly interesting race still. I don't like Pyro either. Art was working on some electrical issues in the barn, related to the pool, but connected to my studio. Something happened. As a result, I no longer have a phone/fax machine in my studio. Today has been amazingly quiet! But I feel like I'm missing out on. I am looking so forward to getting to know each of you. Sit down, and have a cookie, they are pink and yummy! Please stop by again soon,. .