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Those little enamel dots finish off the centers nicely.

Hard to tell in the photos, but I added some small sparkles to the umbrella! It makes it so shinny! I am very ready for spring, for some rain! We haven't had any rain or moisture since October! I have take my umbrella out of my purse and my car. It all ways seems that when it rains I never have an umbrella, so my thinking is that if I purposely don't have one then maybe it will rain?. Help! I'm turning into a noodle monster! I promise that tomorrow we won't be eating more noodles! But I had a big bag of delicious looking cherry tomatoes that were starting to explode with ripeness.

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Black and white television had live coverage from across the Atlantic and the weekly news magazines were filled with color photos of the pomp and circumstance.

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Not much chance of that with these mentions:The Prince of Wales also attended the ceremony despite suffering from a persistent chest infection and is scheduled to take three days off next week. In an aside, the delectable Catherine Zeta-Jones made the Queen's Birthday Honours list. We've heard the mandate from the Messiah. From the pinnacle within the Beltway, our elected prima donnas who are chauffered to and from their offices, enact the enabling legislation to make this miracle of automotive disprogress occur.

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The soccer moms and good ol' boys aren't ready for this. Here's a follow-up to a post we had back in September:U. S. Today's listing makes the site eligible to receive federal funds for long-term cleanup while EPA seeks to recover costs from the responsible parties. "We look forward to cleaning up the Salt Chuck Mine site in collaboration with the tribe, the U. S. Forest Service, the state of Alaska and affected stakeholders. " The Salt Chuck Mine is located on Prince of Wales Island in the Tongass National Forest. Stromboli: sole, mare e il fumo sprigionato dalla lava che finisce in mare. It was a fun stitch and I will definitely stitch this again. the color possibilities are endless!Karen T. Actually we have two sleeves, but one of them is actually sewn into the Dale sweater body. We're, um, just gonna pretend we don't notice that the sleeve top is too small for the BIG HONKIN' HOLE I cut in the side of the sweater for it. And look the other way when you notice the Armpit Fudge. Now I know why our forbears didn't do this - it's a pain in the ass during finishing. Yes. It will. Of course it will.

The natural distribution of cactus species occurs exclusively in the New World with a single exception.

This range includes North and South America, Central America, and the adjacent Islands such as the Caribbean and Galapagos islands. Rhipsalis baccifera, an epiphytic species, is the sole exception that can be found in Madagascar, tropical Africa, the Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, and Sri Lanka as well as tropical America. Think of all the great deserts of the world that don't have cacti: the Gobi, Sahara, Australia's Victoria. But it's worth adding this point from the Reddit discussion: While there are not cacti in those deserts it should be noted there are cactus-like plants. Cactus belong to the family Cactaceae. Meanwhile the Eastern continents got "Old World" plants to fill those ecological niches, many of which belong to the family Euphorbiaceae. I have a winner for the MonScrapbook blog follower!A big thank you to. Jamie You won an awesome set of My Little Shoebox Alphas!Congrats Jamie! Email me your address so I can ship these out to you!Thanks bunches. If you are able, please join me this week in offering up prayer and penance for the morally destructive and offensive play being presented by a school in my diocese this weekend. So Monday it was all raining boxcars down here, Crazee but this afternoon I look up and see this: It's like a Christmas miracle, y'all!. You all know we have a whole bunch of sheep that graze around assorted fields near and far from our farmhouse. As our numbers of sheep and lambs have grown, so has our need for some better kind of way to corral the sheep for shearing, checking them over, and sorting. The Border Collies are indispensable at moving the sheep but they can't immobilize them! This year we invested in a "mobile sheep handling unit. It is on wheels and it can be transported to the sheep on the trailer hitch of the pick-up. It is ingenious. On Sunday, we had to separate two ewe lambs from the lamb flock because we had a customer for breeding stock. This week on SPA it's time for the gents. of the vintage variety. Barbecue soon, Eurovision later. So it is really October, it is definantly settling itself in. the air is feeling nippy around here. Adding layers of afghans to the bed the last few days to stay warm. Football games every Friday afternoon.

Shearing Day for the second year of the Wool CSA is underway on Saturday.

The wool sheared will be skirted, boxed, and sent off to the mill for the people already paid and signed up for their share of wool. Folks from the very first year have been mailed their shares. Everyone who signed up has either got their packages or has them in the mail this week. It took longer than I anticipated, and for that I apologize, but not a single investor went without a return.

Some farm CSAs aren't so lucky.

I am am sorry the mailings took so long but am happy I have product to send. Fierce fashion: Olivia Newton-John sports a leopard print skirt and sophisticated satin blouse at Four Star Awards in Vegas Olivia Newton-John was certainly her stylish self as she hit the red carpet at the first ever Four Star Awards in Vegas on Monday. Olivia sported a silky brown blouse with flowing sleeves and a slinky neckline.

Full article : dailymail.

co. Based on their therapists and healers extensive experience and knowledge, the new skincare range is inspired by the science of Australian native plant essences and local quality plant oils. Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:"You don't paddle against the current, you paddle with it. And if you get good at it, you throw away the oars. As it stands, little of consequence will be taken from our beloved break this morning, as only rips and dips measured in inches can be observed. CHANNEL: Sluggish, like a wet sponge.


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Darlings, here are a few of the little lovelies that CC is currently smitten with! Jamie Wolf Double Scallop Marquis Earrings, at jamiewolf.

Fendi By the Way Bangle, at fendi. Shourouk Medal Brooch, at eshop. shourouk. Malone Souliers Montana bootie, at malonesouliers. Please scroll down for the new challenge and the winners from the last challenge. Hi everyone. I'm am asked quite a bit about how I make my favorite double-loop double-layer bow, so I've made a video.

Now you can make them yourself! Along with the bow tutorial, I talk a little bit about ribbon selection.

The type of ribbon that you use will greatly affect the finished look of your bows. .