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I'm not sure I'm still clear, but then plot has never been my stong suit.

There was a lot going on.

Don't get me wrong, the movie is great, and Heath Ledger is, well, predictably incredible in it. Anyway, on the way back, to leaven the gloom. I had a listen to Jenn's "Flight of the Conchord's" cd, a show I've only had the pleasure of seeing twice, not having HBO. I awoke this morning to a quiet house. At the point I'm typing this, Chad and I are the only ones moving around. This is quite unusual in our home. A few minutes ago I finished up my time in the Word, grabbed some coffee and flipped on the news. The first thing I heard was "Christian music giant Steven Curtis Chapman and his family". Observation: Job had been through terrible loss, pain, grief, etc. and yet, had done nothing to deserve it.

He was truly a righteous mans who went through some terrible difficulties.

He lost everything and his own body was in misery, yet he remained faithful to God, who he thought was doing all this to him. Sometimes, we can do everything right, yet it seems like our lives are falling apart. A nice free gift dropped through my letter box this morning, a lovely top of the range, plum coloured with silver trimmings, laser engraved, ball point pen. Thanks for your generous offer, but I'll just stick with this one for the time being. Admittedly they carry a limited amount of books, but I can always find something of interest.

Non fiction is my scene, I can't see the point of reading something that is made up, for me, truth is far more exciting.

This afternoon, we are showcasing our latest UnityTV video by Design Team member Maren Benedict. from Design Team member Angie Blom! I don't know about you, but I am craving this next video! It looks so SWEET. Thanks for watching UnityTV!. I have not posted for a week now. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. I am meeting with the designer tomorrow to work that out. I finally had a chance to go to San Antonio to look at a new iMac. My old one has been choosing to just shut off on its own. I had debated on whether to have it repaired or get a new one. The outright winner by far from last night's gathering of skulduggers, charlatans, frauds and traitors is the National Party. I hope Mr Key publicly thanks DotKrim for his priceless electoral assistance. The other two big winners are a strange pair. John key and Sue Bradford. Both vindicated. The losers' list is encyclopaedic but at the very top must be The Herald and scribber David Fisher whose reputations, if he ever had one, are left in tatters.

I'll add screenshots of that later.

Also, here are the two collection folders for the Learning Center and the World: Learning Center: World: Part One: The World For some who may not know what this world is, it's more of a world that is based off of Iceland or any northern country. If one googles "Iceland homes" or something along the lines, you will see colorful homes and roofs, which is what this world looks like. While some people may refer to it as "Lego Houses" or the homes in the game: Monopoly. In actuality, it is what the homes of Iceland look like, so I hope this brings some new cultural perspectives to simmers who never looked into Iceland before. First off, this world has two versions: The Standard Edition and the Gold Edition. With a sleek, ergonomic rubber-grip handle for non-slippage and easy maneuverability, the Die Brush easily rolls away excess paper to reveal the perfect cut! The Die Brush includes a Foam Pad that acts as the perfect work surface for removing excess paper from the dies and even the cutout. Please Note: This is for the PLUS machine. mais Hopelessly Devoted To You sans ONJ. don't tell my husband. If you tweet in the middle of the forest and you have no followers, does it matter? Why, no. Let's go "Slinking Through the Psycho-Ward" with the horror/mystery dream-team of Doug Moench and Mike Kaluta!. Oliver Smith - DeceasedBelieved the zombie apocalypse was little more than hysteria, fed by the local rags. The bite on his left buttock just after a rather relaxing bath convinced him there was more to this apocalypse theory than he had believed previously. He didn't get a chance to put his pants on before he turned. - I'm battling a balky wireless connection here in our otherwise wonderful rental. I may have to resort to. dial-up!?Well, while I have a moment sitting on the floor in the one spot I can hook up to the high-speed connection directly, let's catch up on a little news. Today we've teamed up with Sparkle N Sprinkle for the release of the new "Snow One Like You" set of images. The girls over at SNS have been working with the rubber stamp version while my lovely new team has used the digital set that contains a couple of additional images. There are so many inspirational projects for you to look at today, plus a few chances to win the set. Several of the guys at work told me about the Elnora steam show. This will be the first time I go to this one. Suppose to have a huge flea market. Only about an hour to the north of here, so it isn't too bad of a drive at all. Starts today, but I won't be able to go until Saturday. Nice part too is the vendors should still be there Sunday if it rains Saturday where I don't go. A lot of the flea markets I go to, quite a few of the vendors start packing up early on Sunday. .