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For the Four-Speed Big Twin Gearbox. A machinist by trade, Russ Peterson built the first RIGHT SIDE ELECTRIC STARTER several years ago to help a friend. The RSES drive train is disengaged at the OEM starter clutch via proprietary parts. A PATENT IS PENDING. I realized I hadn't posted anything I saw that was somewhat impressive to me from Interbike. Super-Suit: This was right out of the "Incredibles" as far as I was concerned. Hello! Here is just another little card that makes me smile.

Why? Because I love puns.

In Solidarity with our Haitian Brothers and Sisters "Pray as if everything depended upon God and work as if everything depended upon man. S. m. Eastern, Tuesday, Jan. A few photos from the weekend's Yuck 'n Yum launch:. We spent most of yesterday morning moving snow.

So Chance could potty.

and so we could get the vehicles out if need be and to feed the hoards of birds that were waiting in the trees. I am not much of a machinery person, but managed to spell Far Guy with the snow blower. I handed him my shovel and said “Here lean on this for awhile. ” Good thing he is a great mechanic. Apparently I found some dandy’s in the truck yard. We are sitting on the steps that went into the back of a truck where Dad kept lots of tools and stuff. Our Dad was in charge of all the gravel trucks. he kept them running. Gray cardigan, NY & Co. Yellow tee, Charlotte Russe. Red mini, H&M. Navy leggings, Danskin. Cowboy boots, Playhouse. Gray scarf, gifted. Hummingbird earrings, World Market. Gray headband, Bitten. I worked both days this weekend. On Sunday, we attempted to change up our location, but Panera and Caribou Coffee weren’t kind to my system. We ended up back at CHCC again. I used to think wearing a headband with a ponytail was redundant. Now that I have long bangs, it has a purpose. Sometimes I don't know what all the fuss is about cooking ribs. People do some interesting things to them. There's really nothing wrong with the flavor of good old simple pork ribs cooked low and slow over a wood fire. I lit some logs in the tractor tire rim. While camping I made some beer bread in my dutch oven. I used a pan in the bottom of the oven and lined the sides with foil for really easy clean up. Then I oiled the foil and pan.

Spread my batter.

anyblogname. Taking the day off knitting yesterday just about killed me. There is a Sci-Fi marathon on tonight - Stargate all night - and I seriously doubt I'll be able to resist again. That usually agrees with me. We'll see. What am I working on, you ask? The mate to this:And when that's done - shouldn't take long, it was designed to be a fast knit - I'm thinking I could knit a plain baby sweater for the goober. Think knitted sweatshirt. With stripes of these:Should look cool, with enough left over for socks for me. We're loving the fresh sounds that we've never really heard before from either Brandon or The Killers, but yet clearly has his handprint all over it. I have held and been involved in several exhibitions, been elected as an Associate Member of the Society of Women Artists, won awards and met many incredible people on my Watercolour Workshops. yummy rye bread baking, messy working places my smiling pig face doodle improvised diary. we finished the one i did at Casa Sagnier and discovered how nice and fun is this kind of hand quilting embroidery stitches are. fluffy and sturdy areas play together to create a rich cozy landscape. repetition and simple stitches run the game. i loved to see how people got hooked and enjoyed, so many keeness and happy stitching! i'll post all the beautiful butterflies they embroidered, so many different colors and styles. Hi guys. I added five new pics of Lleyton Hewitt to his page on the brieflines site this morning. Have a great day and see you here tomorrow!. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Issue: You raised your voices earlier this year and stopped the redefinition of marriage in our state. And the whole country took notice. We need you to stand strong and make your voices heard again. Maryland's General Assembly is meeting this week in special session and it is time to remind legislators that Maryland's Catholics support the long-held definition of marriage as between one man and one woman. You will receive two CAN alerts from the Maryland Catholic Conference. The second alert will target your state senator, who either voted for or against the bill. A Song of Spring I have lost my place in the book I am reading. My knitting lies lonely on the floor by my chair. I stare out my window at nothing but grey. Grey ground, grey sky, grey mood. The remnants of the recent snowfall are dotted here and there - vestiges of a once noble army of cheerful snowmen, now half melted, missing heads and arms - a forlorn tribe of lumpy mutants, rather pitiful to see. Even the stalwart rosemary bush has perished under the stabbing ice. It has happened. I am tired of being cold. EPA jumps on UN loaded sloganeering bandwagon MT:Environmental justice is very important at EPA. co. nzMcKibben likened it to drinking beer. The average person can probably drink four to five beers in a night and be wary of driving home. One of our special needs rabbits is Marlon, a big boy with degenerative joint disease. At one point amputation was discussed to give him relief from the pain in his right shoulder. Yes, that is his enclosure behind him.

Time for some better rabbit proofing I guess.

I'm little late with my posting, sorry. Have you noticed that AI have plenty of very great stamps for fathersday cards. Here's few cards which I have mede for fathers day.

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The logos portrayed in Same Love is subtle yet apparent throughout the entirety of the song. For beginners, the artist Macklemore, having a gay uncle, recognized the struggles of a gay couple in America and references the numbing of society as '"Man thats gay" gets dropped on the daily". Macklemore brings to light the slur of the word "gay" through it being "synonymous with the lesser" and how it can be truly taken personally. TOVE JOHANSSON Love. And, second, virtually no one in either the mainstream media or in the allegedly fearless Liberal blogosphere will dare to whisper a single discouraging word about Mr. Colt Police Positive and S & W Heritage.

This is a Colt Police Positive.

The backstrap, trigger and hammer are all neatly checkered. Architectural inspiration via elledecor. Charlotte Olympia Paloma satin platform pumps. Bop Bijoux rose double finger ring. Life imitates art. Enjoy quick and easy Middle Eastern food recipes and learn how to make Turkish delight filo rolls. Line a baking tray with baking paper.

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