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After a very long week at work and in preparation of our big weekend, I truly thought I wouldn’t have time to blog for a Friday post.

Surprise, here I am! When I picked E up today, the following note was posted outside her classroom: Saying E loves the water is a lie.

E is OBSESSED with water. I must have heard “Look Momma. Water!” in her sweet, excited voice a million times when we were on vacation. We were at the beach so you can imagine how much water we saw. The second bullet on the notice is where I had one of those moments that all parents have – a time when I question if I am parenting correctly. Go ahead and cast your judgement. Since the last few posts have been about the Church, I would like to share this article written by Bishop J. C. Ryle. I want you to belong to the one true Church: to the Church outside of which there is no salvation. Give me your attention, and I will provide you with some answers.

It is made up of all God’s elect—of all converted men and women—of all true Christians.

In whomsoever we can discern the election of God the Father, the sprinkling of the blood of God the Son, the sanctifying work of God the Spirit, in that person we see a member of Christ’s true Church. It is a Church of which all the members have the same marks. Wow! Is it like wet out there, or what?!! Two nights in a row and we got pounded by inches of rain. Now it is flooding. And yep!. LaCie Little Big Disk QuadraWhat a beautiful thing. It makes my life so easy. This one disk holds Drizzy's career in its entirety. The advantage of being able to go to any studio with some lil drive in my pocket and have access to EVERYTHING I need is unreal. That along with bigger more stable drives at home for backup and im good. .

It garnered eight Oscar nominations, including best picture, but only won one, for Gregg Toland's stunning black-and-white cinematography.

Had there also been an Oscar for best smouldering, Olivier would have walked it. -"I have good news and bad news. Which would you like to hear first?" -"Oh, give me the bad news first. I want to end on an upbeat note. "when you have bad news to convey in a professional environment, there are ways to do it correctly. There are different approaches and techniques to this depending on the nature of the news, the circumstances in which it is delivered, the gravity of the news, and how the news will be used. Know your subject well You are going to make bad news sound like good news. To do so effectively, you must be knowledgeable of other facts and issues that are close to the situation. Use statistical references: Using numbers to back presentation is a powerful tool. The truth is that, if carefully prepared, statistical references can be used to back nearly any position. A happy Monday morning to you! I have three minutes to pop in here and share a card with you that I squeezed in yesterday. Last weekend, I went to the Country Living Fair in Columbus, OH and saw this orange wheelbarrow. I loved it and thought right away how fun it would be to use Happy Harvest and make a festive orange wheelbarrow. I did my best to ink the wheelbarrow and wheel separately, just used the corner of my ink pads in the tight places. I added a few pumpkins, too, and layered the sentiment. Floating the threat of a slow motion Mariel is meant to pressure U. S. lawmakers into eliminating a law that demonstrates that the Castro regime is different from every other country in the hemisphere. This migration "reform"is an example of what the late dissident leader Oswaldo Paya referred to as "fraudulent change. " Giving the image of an opening while the Stalinist character of the dictatorship remains intact thus benefiting from the image makeover in order to provide decreased international scrutiny and increased legitimacy. Sadly, the reality is very different. It will be up to the whims of the dictatorship. Members of the Sheriff's Office met yesterday with school administration officials and school principals in an ongoing collaborative effort to make sure our county schools are as safe as they can be. The group discussed school safety plans and training for law enforcement and for teachers. Sheriff's Office district captains and lieutenants have also been holding individual meetings with school principals in their areas, doing walk throughs of the campuses and making suggestions for increased security at each location. Deputies have also been instructed to visit the schools in their areas to get to know their layout. All deputies are currently undergoing active shooter training on school campuses throughout the Keys. "This in an important issue and we are doing all we can to make sure our children are safe while they attend school in Monroe County. ". We have church on Wednesday nights, so the routine around here is that my husband brings home pizza either on his way home from work or after dropping off the boys for football. We have a divided census over whether we should get Papa Johns or Dominos. Life's tough right? Not really. That's how a conversation started about children in other places who do have it hard. Really hard. Dirt floors, starving tummies, lack of clean water and so on. It needs repeating. We ended up turning to how we can sponsor a child in another country and help someone who is deprived of so much. A British docudrama, set in the future, will depict the assassination of President Bush.

According to this story, it's aiming to be high-tone about this, and going to premiere in Toronto.

What do you think about this?. "Is that all you got for us?" "Not at all, sir. But there's nobody tougher, or brighter," the intern whispered. "Frankly, we think he's the strongest candidate. He's got gravitas. He's our kind of guy," the chairman said. "I just don't know how he's going to play. In the world of Gundam and by U. F. S. F had a handful of experienced MS pilot still fresh after the OYW. Still the Federation preferred using new pilot of new-type ability over veteran who had gotten too used piloting GM and hard to kick off those grunt habit. But if given more resources, more FA GM like my customed built such be made. To think that it wasn't too difficult on this. I had decided on using a GM Type-C as it's more dimensional and it goes well with bulky body frame like my mod MG Powered GM. I had sprayed the GM head white and used transparent blue marker on the visor.

It is and it isn't.

It is because actually I have a fully formed mini quilt to show, but it isn't because the aforementioned quilt is mostly a repeat of a design I've already featured. It is because I did design something new and it is mini, but I opted to turn the top into a pillow rather than leave it a mini quilt. So here are my sorta, kinda, almost,maybe mini quilts for this first Monday in June. The "real" mini quilt is just another version of the patches mini quilt I've shown here before. This one is made out of some undyed cottons and linens and bits from a Moda jelly roll. I've never sewn with a jelly roll before, though I've eaten my fair share of them, but I made this quilt as a class sample for a mini quilt class I'll be teaching this summer at a local store, Sew Much More.

Good morning, brieflines fans.

I added a new player to the tennis side of things this morning. It's Rohan Bopanna of India. His new page starts with two pics. For Christmas this year, I am sure many people received jewelry, perfume, electronics, clothing. My husband gave me a piece of tile in a box and let me tell you I was THRILLED! For the longest time, I have been begging my him to replace the tile floors in my laundry room and guest bathroom. Well, he finally caved! Actually, I think he just ran out of ideas for my Christmas presents this year. Whatever the reason, I am getting new floors! Yay! Both rooms have gone through some minor renovations - See HERE for the bathroom changes so far - but here is what it looks like now. There is the tile I would like to replace. To summarise, the IPCC have largely ruled out internal climate change, and used physics to exaggerate processes that would normally have little impact on their own, to explain the origin of the climate. Some who were less advanced have retreated and others have abandoned their vessels along the way.

Still others are caught in the ice in an unfolding, unresolved drama.

”Polar Bear Blog – Summer’s Almost Done! As for polar bears, things are sounding really good over in the Chukchi Sea, the area between Alaska and Russia including Wrangel Island. A new report that isn’t getting a whole lot of attention is reporting high birth rates and healthy bears – not too long ago, this population was considered as a high-risk. In honor of our own Frank Turk, I titled it "Where I Am Right Now.

®"But it has room for no more than six items at a time, and I keep updating the links, so in order to preserve a record, I decided to make a permanent list titled "Where I Was Last Week.

and all the weeks before that. But presumably it will grow into its name. The winner is: - Marie Vargas, from San Antonio, Texas, USA Many thanks to all the participants!. Paxton Pits - Wheatear, Greenshank, c. To activate this feature, press the "CC" button. fairfaxsyndication. How stupid must Othello be to be drawn in by Iago's lies?Iago is the archetypal villain, so the poor sap who is taken in by him must be incredibly naïve. There's no doubt about it, Othello was an incredibly daring play for its time. Although, having said that, despite the disadvantage of being a black man in fiercely racist climate, he is respected by many. And this is something worth keeping in mind. Othello as a Man of Honour Othello won Desdemona over with tales of bravery on the high seas It is interesting to note that Othello’s Venice is a world in which men are defined by their military prowess and honour. Bagaimanapun perbuatannya sempat dihalang oleh orang ramai. Namun ketika peragut itu ditangkap, saksi mengatakan tidak ada barang berharga ditemui.

Salah seorang penduduk tempatan juga merupakan ketua kampung berang kepada peragut itu telah memerintah anak buahnya menyembelih kedua-dua peragut ini.

Kaki-kaki peragut diikat sambil bertakbir, kedua-dua peragut telah disembelih tanpa rasa belas kasihan. Darah menyembur keluar, namun tiada penduduk menghalang perbuatan tersebut, kerana yang disembelih itu ialah seeokor kambing dan seekor lembu yang meragut rumput disembelih untuk hari raya korban. A. W.

:-"Puasa pada hari Arafah dapat menghapuskan dosa-dosa setahun yang lalu dan setahun yang akan datang".

a. w. Having seen them on the breeding grounds in Alaska and not being from here, Adrian assumed this was not an unusual sighting. Upon consulting some range-maps a little later he realized his mistake. In the afternoon of the same day he returned to the area and re-found the bird foraging along the tide-line. He sounds confident on the ID and I believe the photos help his case. "Eastern Yellow Wagtail" is of course the most likely type to occur in BC so I'll try and get more info on him to see if we can shore that up. If you just happened upon my blog today, you’ll want to go back to the beginning at Skipping Stones Design. If you came here by way of Laurie Schmidlin, you're in the right place. Skipping Stones Design wanted to do something to give back to the people of Haiti who have been so devastated by the recent earthquake. If you love the JustRite Stampers, you've gotta check out the JustRite Stampin' Champion Contest they're running on their blog. I made today's monogrammed notecard a few weeks ago using the DIY Monogram Stamper Kit - Special Occasions Font.

It was my first time using this product, and I loved it.

So easy to work with! I dotted Stardust Stickles onto the circle border for a little extra somethin'. The whole white panel is raised up on dimensionals. From the time I was nine years old, I've written in a journal. While I no longer have some of those earlier samples of my writing, I have a shoebox and the better part of a shelf in my closet dedicated to the rest of my journals. While I'm not a regular journal keeper, I don't really hold that against myself. It's not about how frequently I write, but the quality and value of what I have to say. That being said, there are some simple steps every genealogist can take to transform their journals into historical records and sources of information. From remembering to describe people and places, to the selection of your writing prompts and topics, anyone can create a priceless treasure trove of history through journal keeping. If journal keeping is something you've always wanted to start, check out our the latest video for helpful hints and ideas. I remember my Mum making strawberry jam when I was a child, the whole house filled with the sweet aroma of cooking strawberries and sticky sugar. I love the bright red colour of the fruit contrasting with the white flowers and dark green leaves, and of course, the taste. There's nothing like a big, juicy strawberry picked straight from the garden. These rolls are very good and lots of fun to make. My family gobbled these down straight out of the oven. Use just enough flour to keep it from sticking. Teddy would like to show you one of her favorite desserts. It is her favorite dessert by smell because she has never tasted it. She takes up the "in case you drop any on the floor position". Put one stick of butter in a bowl. Melt this in the microwave and set it aside to cool a bit. Mix to blend. Rbw Goldi Pty Ltd received advance and disappeared together with its affiliates Sunstar Investments Pty Ltd, M & D TRADING PTY LTD and JAMKOM MULTI TRADING Pty Ltd. The goods were not supplied. rbw. goldi. .