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Hello again, I found this Schwinn Le Tour a while ago and was going to save it as a winter project, but David showed a lot of interest in it and we are going to restore and update it a little.

The Schwinn Le Tour was mad in Japan and is Schwinn approved. The bike has a missing front wheel and shows a lot of dirt and grime, but for the age the paint is in fantastic condition. I am sorry for the darkness of the photos. I still haven't got the lighting right in the new shop. The stem did not out to release easily but after a few tricks all went well. I always save and label all the cable housing, this make cutting new housing very easy. Photograph courtesy of Jonathan Bailey. Have you ever wondered what, in our fascination with looking at rock art on the cliff faces, we might be missing under our feet? Well, it appears that in some places we might be missing quite a lot. Anthropomorphic rock alignment resembling Barrier Canyon Style figures. Photograph courtesy of Jonathan Bailey. We had hired the 'gite' that belongs to this stunningly beautiful house, and the gardens including a pool and orchards were freely at our use. I could not imagine a more amazing place, and I get a lump in my throat just thinking about the idyllic existense we had for a week. The place is owned by a charming English couple - she used to have an antique shop in London before they moved to France permanently a few years ago. Vuokrasimme näin ihanan talon pihapiirissä olevan 'giten', pihapiiri uima-altaineen ja hedelmätarhoineen oli vapaasti käytettävissämme. En voisi ihanampaa paikkaa kuvitella ja pala nousee kurkkuun kun muistelee tuota idylliä. One of the most frustrating things about blogging is that it seems that the only times I get pictures are during our chill times. They are filled with setting up, talking to people, eating/preparing meals, sound check, talking to and meeting more people, running the resource table, tearing down, and talking to more people. One of these days I'm going to do a "typical-day-on-tour-from-start-to-finish" post. After holding down a number of jobs in the private sector, from selling knives to washing cars Alex decided to make the leap to full-time photographer. Cinematic and darkly playful The Big Valley is a series of highly saturated staged portraits by Los Angeles based artist, Alex Prager. Here’s a decision on a case of mine at the LTB, just released, that took a year to conclude. It was an application by a landlord for eviction based on interference with enjoyment, with the landlord’s lawful right, interest and privilege, and for damage. I want to make it clear that it was not Member Pilon who caused any delay, but the Board's scheduling backlog. My closing arguments to the Member included a respectful submission that the Board needs to develop an approach to these cases, and currently there is none. his photos are amazing and on his cool blog you can find a real nice selection motorcycles stuff, car, gear, extremesport pictures and video's. Police said Moon was recognized by one of the victims as a former Melbourne High School wrestler, reports show. Several victims also recognized the other robbery participants as former friends or associates. ". On the Labour Day weekend, we went to visit our friends in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, and the four of us drove out to historic Fort Lennox. The Google Maps satellite photo is cool!View Larger MapIt was a pleasant ferry ride over to the island. Gordon is holding my hand so I don't make bunny ears behind his head!The island is surrounded by a moat, with a bridge across it to the fort. If you look carefully, you'll see cliff swallow nests just over the word "Lennox. " Their nests are all over the site. I think this is the guardhouse. Front of cardInside the cardBack of the card Well I did promise a card today and here it is. I have used Craftwork Cards jumbo tags covered with Basic Grey papers. I have added Jim's name, large numbers, ribbons, scallop punches and stamps by Hero Arts. My son, Owen, says 'its too girly' and no dont add the glitter glue too! What have you done to his card!!Well I love it and I have made a back page with Birthday Wishes from us all so that all the family can sign it. Hope he likes it - do you think its too girly?. all of my Winter & Valentine printables are now set up for instant delivery - as are my calendars and menu planners. They didn't read it and you won't either. But, it might very well be the end of civilization as we know it. It will take several thousand new court cases to fight for interpretation. It will employ thousands of lawyers and lobbyists on both sides of the arguments. All of that is unproductive overhead which contributes not one damn thing to the good of society or your standard of living. Peter why he's there, but St. Peter can't understand anything that he's talking about, and refers him to Noah Webster who is equally puzzled by this stranger's vocabulary! From there it turns into a series of gags and ludicrous imagery Tex Avery style! To start with, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth! He had a job, but wasn't able to cut the mustard! He met a girl and she gave him the goose bumps! He was all thumbs! She wore a dress that fit like a glove! And she had her hair in a bun! She finally gave him a date! They went out for cocktails! He found himself in a pickle when he wrote a check that bounced! The Proprietor drew a gun on him! He ran off into the foothills! In prison he found himself up against it! His buddies were just hanging around! The girl of his dreams had a hot date with an old flame! There's a little more to the story, but you get the general idea! Funny stuff, Tex!. My girl loves knitting so we took her knitting teachers with us to this festival. The real reason we were going though was for me to ask her dad for permission to marry her. We had lunch with her parents, brother and sister-in-law at Gertrude's Cafe at the Baltimore Museum of Art. I told everyone I had an announcement to make. I then requested permission from the father and the mother to marry their baby. Silence. No answer. The methodology is to record any birds from mid-February to the end of March before the leaves area out and they are easier to see. Use a song/call if you have one on your phone. They will already have their territories now and will be moving around their area.

I will be covering all the disused railways, canals and other likely habitats.

It’s Friday and time for the second posting of Reindeer Games. Above is my pattern done in redwork. I hope you like this little guy. I think he looks like he’s had a little too much Christmas Cheer! But I liked him and included him in my wallhanging. Remember the post where I quoted Buffie as saying that each quilt says something about you. I’m wondering what this character says about me. LOL Anyway you can get the pattern here. While there, check out her post for yesterday as she is having a nice fabric give-away! Then get your creative juices flowing by checking out the Flicker Group to see what others have done. The privacy of our visitors to is important to us. At we recognize that privacy of your personal information is important. Here is information on what types of personal information we receive and collect when you use and visit and how we safeguard your information. We never sell your personal information to third parties. Log Files As with most other websites, we collect and use the data contained in log files. Cookies and Web Beacons We do use cookies to store information, such as your personal preferences when you visit our site.

the brands… top: mossimo.

pants: willi smith. blazer: rampage. ballet flats: bcbg. I’ve been traveling a bit this month, so unfortunately have not had as much time to blog as normal. I find it difficult to take outfit photos while traveling since I don’t have room in my luggage to take my tripod, and don’t always have someone around to play photographer. I have been considering getting a mini tripod to make due because I hate not being able to show you all my fashion-while-traveling looks! Any other ideas?. If we are to address a challenge as daunting as global warming, it will require unprecedented political will. It will require unflagging energy and dedication and determination from the grass roots on up. And we've got that, people, we do. Unfortunately it's being used to fight gay marriage, but at least we've got it. I'm not sure why people get so fervent about stuff like this, but I have been trying to put myself in the shoes of the righteous to gain that understanding. I am doing that because I am a liberal, and that's what we do. Problems can be identified and solutions found without experiencing anger, fear, and hate. But we are programmed by the media to react with those emotions every time we think of the other political party or hear their views expressed. It is a major cause of political polarization in the US. Accuracy is of secondary importance. The news rarely gives you an accurate objective representation of reality. We are programmed by the media to react with anger every time we think of the other party or hear their views expressed. It is a major cause of political polarization in the US. Politicians and journalists will not help solve this problem. Hi everyone! I finally opened my Etsy store, so far I only posted two albums but I plan on loading much more tmw so I hope you get some time to stop by and take a look. Rather, he was an old 'new' friend because I've known him for many years but perhaps this time round, I really treated him like a friend. Kind of sad, but I'll always say it's better this way then never. You will never know the unintended consequences when you sow a seed into the universe. In my case, the seed is me getting a flat, renovating it and eventually moving out of my current home into it to live another sort of life. The known consequences are the drain into my financial resources, and of course the time and effort needed to ready the flat into a livable and homely place for me to start a family. The unintended consequence of this seed is that I started to know a friend all over again. Unintended is not necessarily bad, it's just. all things bright and beautiful. Thank goodness for the weekend folks! I am off today to big town to get supplies. Another storm is suppose to make its way here. Got a project to share. An oversize tag with this cute little guy.

I have used him before and just had to again.

He is a shy little guy sending off his love mail. vintage street market that is. then STOP BACKlater this afternoon for some fun and simple MARK DOWNS for the weekend. i am brainstorming and walking around UNITY. Source: betterdecoratingbible. To me a foyer should say something about the inhabitants. It's a way of letting everyone know just a bit about you as they walk through the front door. Source: ashtreecottage. blogspot. There is no doubt about it, when most of us think of living a simple life, we think of the country. Hanno and I live on the edge of a rural town, an hour's drive from our State capital. I received an email from a young city girl the other day. She and her husband both work in the city and travel in from the suburbs each day on the train.

She hates it and wants to start a family, be a SAHM and create a home in the country.

She wrote saying she's delaying all her dreams so they can save for a house deposit but it's making her miserable. She wants to be making soap, knitting and cooking healthy meals instead. I told her I would answer her email here in this post today. I am sure many readers will also have friendly advice for her and maybe even be in the same position. Remember by buying through the link above you will of course be adding to the Cancer Charity Donation.

If you want a Crimson Malden.

I had my doctor appointment last night and all is well with baby boy! I did my weight, urine, bp, heartbeat check, measurement, group B test and cervix check. I was very surprised considering all I have done in the past few weeks! Before he left, I did ask about if theyll make me go to my due date based on how big Trevor was. Its the date I have had in my mind and in my heart this entire pregnancy. It would be so perfect to go in that day, Toms birthday, have Trevor taken care of, have the whole weekend for visitors, etc. Anyone had good success with natural inducers? I plan to do the harmless ones. I'll make a few observations about the recent rioting in Charlotte in response to a police shooting. The insinuation is that police don't think black lives matter. Some conservatives have responded with counter slogans like "all lives matter" or "blue lives matter". In a sense, that's appropriate. It responds to the slogan on its own level. However, proponents of the "black lives matter" slogan object that this response misses the point. The point of the slogan is not that other lives don't matter, but that black lives matter too. A problem I have with this whole dialectic is issuing blanket generalities about a whole group of people. That conditions an outlook which lacks moral discernment. But the fact is, some lives matter more than others. I have a new Assistant! My husband Dan has learned to use the longarm. Here he is checking the stitches on the back after he finished. Dan really didn't have this quilt loaded for a week, I just haven't updated the blog. We chose Erin as the pantograph, partly because it was already on the table and also, it's an easy one. And here's the back: He's doing a really good job! When he's not working on the longarm, you might find him repairing a sewing machine. I started by creating a rainbow using two of the brushstroke images from COLOR ME HAPPY. Then I added some black splatter, also with an image from COLOR ME HAPPY. Next, I stamped a sentiment from SHINE FROM WITHIN in VersaMark and heat embossed in white. Embellishments are minimal: some black and white baker's twine and wood veneer stars. In the background is a constellation pattern from Crate Paper's Kiss collection. She always wonders what keeps me busy as I don't go out on every weekend like she does. Then she throws up her hands saying how I have the patience for all this stuff. Sangeeta a keen embroidery fan was interested to see my new projects. She has two wardrobes full of handcrafted clothes designed by herself her speciality Punjabi suits. I'm thinking of looting them some day. So for them posting these pictures. Some pics of P J. They may not be of the best quality but he sure looks good here. Photos by Tony Manchinski.