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We study the basic ideologies of American politics in my entry-level classes.

Students arrive at a college government class ready to do battle as conservatives or liberals, yet they don't really understand the difference. Typically they conflate issues with ideology. Ask them what a conservative is and they will begin listing an agenda of social conservative positions or possibly a generalized tax/budget situation. Probe a liberal and they will pontificate on equality and opportunity and working class oppression and fairness. Those may be symptomatic but they aren't the essential disease. I use a list of five or six core principles to describe the ideology. With those principles, you can then usually find a reason for taking the issue positions. How do you solve societal problems? If you believe that the core issues facing us today can be best solved by a governmental program, then you are liberal. If you believe that the way to handle our societal difficulties is individual responsibility for yourself and your actions, then you are a conservative. I've never been much of a Tim Burton fan. I can take him or leave him. The talent is obvious but the genre of Grinches and Halloween hauntings in darkest cartoonery isn't my cup of tea.

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That was not inevitably a bad thing. I just had some other things I wanted to do. Ikke helt stille idag heller nei, men lavendelplantene er på plass til slutt. Her ser jeg at det blir plass til noe mer og, og det liker jeg. Jeg hadde gjerne sett en aurikkel der og men den lar seg enda ikke dele. må nok vente noen år til.

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Nå stikker ikke planken så mye ut lenger. Nå gjenstår det å se hva som kommer i år og hvor jeg kan fylle på med litt mer, noe nytt, noe spennende eller noe som kan deles. Det føles godt å bli ferdig med forrige høsts oppgave til slutt. Hi guys. I added a new tennis player to the brieflines archive. It’s Dusan Lajovic of Serbia. Today's handmade for the holiday item is savor's Little Black Dress Olive Oil Soap. Savor did the unthinkable, they made soap sexy. I mean just look at this stuff. Also, the price point gives you some wiggle room to find a great vintage soap dish, like this one, also from Etsy:. I can just picture this being so true for many of us! The word "Sale" and off we go running! After colouring my image with my Copics, I cut out this cute PPP Scalloped frame to layer over top. The image is a good size so I didn't need to really add a bunch of different papers to it. Today I would like to introduce you to Leila. Hello, my name is Leila. Although I have always used a paper agenda ever since in primary school, I am new to the Filofax world. After reading so much on this great blog, I thought I could contribute as well.

It is my only Filofax so far and it is the lovely personal-sized Filofax Saffiano in Aquamarine.

Those cheating bloody red and blacks just gave Sir J K's vastly improved men a lesson in rugby and I wonder if master cheat McCaw was even present. Once again the team many love to hate are putting together a finish to the Super Rugby season that shows they still have the mojo. Starting the season with an unwanted Bye then having to meet The Blues who had a game under their belt at Eden Park was a start that could intimidate most teams and resulted in a close loss for the visitors. Pat Lam must be envious of the resources given to the Blues by the franchise management this season. I wonder if the decision to allow Tony Woodcok to go to his sad season in Otago flashed across JK's mind as Joe Moodie smashed the Blues scrum in that final quarter.

Hamilton next week will be a minor final for the Crusaders and I spare a thought for Dave Rennie's men who in spite of a season from hell injury-wise still stand deservidly astride the NZ conference.

The record of the Crusaders Franchise is still the standard and their ability to stay there or there about, season after season, is approaching "boys own" status. y. and calls it an "apology. " Video via Freedom's Lighthouse - and we thank them. Does he really think this will work? Listen to him refer to all that lost coverage as "sub-standard" and how he's going to make sure you have the coverage you deserve, because you're too damn stupid to know what you want or need. He only manages to give a half-hearted waffling apology until Chuck Todd practically drags it out of him. Note to Obama: You're not fooling anyone. Even the libtards who frequent Huff and Puff are waking up to the fact that you're a dangerous, lying, malignant narcissist/sociopath. In trying to maintain my status as a marginally decent Catholic, I do not pray for his eternal damnation. and why it's important. A refresher course in the basics is always good for our brains. I use a fountain pen, too. It's as simple as that. I love meeting people who enjoy adapting and personalizing their clothes. Lena told me she enjoys adapting her things and so do I. I'm calling people including myself as being a make-and-mender's. Just doing my bit for the sustainability movement. .