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Hi there and happy Friday! I just wanted to let you know that I am posting over on the Viva la Verve sketch challenge blog with this week's sketch.

You should join us!Hop over and see this week's sketch! Have a great day!. On the Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry blog, this post discusses an amazing case of a psychiatrist who had his license suspended for giving genital herpes to two patients. Yet, the psychiatrist seems to be regarded as something of a "thought leader," as he claims to be on the speakers bureaus of "Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Bristol Myers Squibb and others. g. " Maybe not always. Director Cheng Kin Wo, Producer Jack Lee, Taiwan director Remus Kam, Shiga Lin, JC Chee and Ming JaiWilson Chin, William So, Jack Lee, Remus Kam, Lydia Tongcourtesy of mingpao. cc Singer Shiga Lin Si Nga and Malaysian actor JC Chee two nights ago attended the category III film WHEN GEEK MEETS SERIAL KILLER premiere. After watching the Malaysian version Shiga learned that a "sausage eating" scene was cut.

She looked forward to the domestic full version.

Shiga yelled at people, hit people and even killed people on the big screen for the first time. She never thought whether her image would be affected. "Does playing a bad guy make me a bad guy in real life? I am not worried that after my boyfriend watches the film it would be awkward. JC Chee watched the American series BREAKING BAD to study the lead's deranged expressions for the killing scene. courtesy of mingpao. cc The "Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan and his wife Cissy Wang, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, DaDa Chan Jing, JJ Jia, Louis Fan Siu Wong, Jacquelin Chong Si Man, Chong Si Ming, Irene Wan Bik Ha, Raymond Lam Fung, Karena Ng Chin Yu, Jeana Ho Pui Yu, Tony Wong Yuk Long were among the guests at the Pegasus Entertainment Holdings Limited anniversary banquet. Did he get a raise? He said, "Huh? Should I have zero salary? I don't want everyone to focus on this. Is it to make all A’s in school? Not this time. A Stock Island man is in jail charged with threating his friend with a knife after an argument. m. They both got out of the car and began to fight. At some point, Hernandez ran into his house and got a knife. He came out and threatened the victim with it, chasing him down the street. They struggled again and this time, Hernandez held the knife to his friend’s throat and threatened to cut him if he didn’t “shut up or quit insulting him”. The two finally separated, going different directions. The victim called the Sheriff’s Office after he realized he had a cut on his neck from the knife. Sheriff's detectives and the Special Weapons and Tactics Team disrupted a Stock Island drug operation Friday when they served two search warrants simultaneously, arresting six people on multiple drug related charges. Colonel Rick Ramsay received information that drug activity was taking place and he asked Special Operations detectives to look into it. As they began their investigations, they realized the drug activity was not only taking place, but the drug sales were frequent. Ramsay, who was there when the searches were conducted, said this was a large drug sales operation. “With this operation, we are making a significant dent in the sales of illegal drugs on Stock Island.

” He added that receiving information from citizens, and the partnership the Sheriff’s Office has with the law abiding people living and working in the Keys is important, especially in cases like this.

Far Guy suggested we just go for a drive after supper. He got the OK to drive again. his physical therapy is going great and his therapist said he can drive. Whoo hoo for me! I like it when he drives. I can take photos. We went to the River. The Jaguars gather for a final huddle after winning the tournament. Michael-Albertville. Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa boys basketball, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Jaguars boys basketball. Even though it is hardly noticeable from the outside, the crib has a total of two floors, each with its well structured living zones. via. I.

called "Fake".

Much ado centered on the USA Patriot Act when people noted that it offered provisions for government to demand records from libraries regarding what materials patrons had checked out.

" How about delving into some gay and lesbian fiction then having your employer learn about your reading interests? Got a government class that requires you to read Lenin, Trotsky and Marx? You might be a target of investigation. The simple solution for the library district on which I served as member of the Board of Trustees was to review our record-keeping requirements. We determined that we had no reason for maintaining records of materials checked out after they had been returned to the collection. We simply revised our software and took care of the update that cleaned out the data. In the long run, it never became an issue. I went to Turkey – to Mersin on the eastern Mediterranean coast. I had only heard of Mersin before when I worked for PWC/Agility and they were just breaking ground on a warehouse there. I knew very little about the country. The area is kind of like the Turkish version of our very own Redneck Riviera in the US. As I waited for my luggage to arrive on the airports one carousel, the shop clerks waved me in. They had vodka from everywhere in the world – in ever imaginable bottle. I liked the hot-pink bottle called, “For Girls”. I love the designs Blackbird… and this heart particularlystitched linen Cashel My Blog. is defining luxury in his new bookJeffrey Bilhuber. As it is, with no memory of the plague that decimated the population and the landscape years before, she fears she will always be an outsider among the other survivors at the Farm. This could be a powerful opening IF you deliver the answer to the question and it's something that twists our expectations. As it is, it doesn't make much sense to me so I'm puzzled.

and that is Not Good.

There are several ways I could fault my seminary formation, which is not to say that there wasn't plenty of good stuff. We did not receive nearly enough instruction on how to celebrate the rites of the Church. Surely, there is much joy and many consolations, but there is also misery. I see this as being responsible for most of the defections from the priesthood of men I have known. The same also should be said of married life. Pandora was doing really well after going to the vets and being spayed. she had found exactly what she was looking for. This past week, The Farmer, Julia and I did two mid-week farmer’s markets in little towns close by to our farm. She had heard that we were now trying to establish a retail lamb meat business. We said “yes” without really thinking about what it would entail and then had to follow through on our promise. The Tuesday market is held in the parking lot of The United Church in Bernardston. I also had to pack up a calculator, business cards, promotional cards, pen, change box, some water to drink, and whatever else we all possibly need for three hours in the sun. Last week I babbled on about all my vacation adventures and dining experiences on the island of Grand Cayman. Today, I will show you where I shopped in the precious few minutes I could tear myself away from all the family activities. On our last trip to Grand Cayman,most stores were scattered up the main street in West Bay where many of the hotels and condos are located.

Camana Bay has emergedas a place to work, live and shop for those residents and a place to shop for the vacationers who spill over from the resorts.

A collection of upscale stores and unique restaurants line the outdoor courtyards. In fact, I am thrilled that they have an online store so I can still buy something! Camana Bay even has a Lilly Pulitzer store! You can read about that here. I'm feeling all "listy" today. So here are just a few of the things that have crossed my mind since my feet hit the floor this morning. That is late for me. I've been an hour off all day. I saw them in a local art supply store and and thought they might be a fun supply to experiment with. They have are double ended with a fine point and a brush tip. They work a lot like watercolor pencils where you can draw with them but you can also dilute them with water and brush. As my long time readers know, I love using regular markers and water soluble pens for drawing and diluting with water.

But these pens were are made to be diluted so they are really rich and more saturated than regular markers.

I've been having a lot of fun playing with them in different ways! They are really fun to use for creating blended backgrounds. I also like using them to add color to my drawings. They are intermixable with watercolor paint so you can use them to add details or pops of color to watercolors paintings. By default, Excel inserts a column to the left of the worksheet column that has been selected. This works great if you want to add one blank column. You just added a new icon to the Quick Access toolbar as shown in the image below. I was reminded of this fact one Thursday morning a couple of weeks ago when, over my coffee and strawberries, I opened my favorite section of the Times and spied a wonderful article on one of my decorating heroes, Keith Irvine.

Irvine’s penchant for original thought and singular taste has not diminished one wee bit.

If anything, as happily often occurs with age, it has only intensified, this being evidenced by his sharp pronouncements on topics ranging from the imperiousness of Sister Parish to the tentacles of Crate and Barrel. In reading this entertaining interview with the man himself, and recalling all the pictures I had seen of his amazing work over the years, I recognized afresh an essential ingredient that is shared by all creations that I find most inspiring in the art of interior design, or in the art of life, for that matter. That most crucial element is Wit. Monica Patel of TWO NEW YORK has devised the perfect SUMMER uniform- One that I thoroughly embrace. I had a chance to put some questions to Monica recently- Do you live near your studio? I do live about a mile away from my studio and I bike through the park everyday to work when weather permits. It is one of my most cherished moments. I used to be a mad biker as a kid and I love that I can still do it in NY. It's refreshing. How do you balance two and motherhood? Balancing the kids. Not an easy thing - I break from work to take my son to school and I just have to know my limits. CHECK us out! We're looking for anything with plaid, gingham or checkered patterns. Today I am going to talk about one of my favorite stores, American Eagle. They have very cute and trendy clothes like jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, and much more. I get a lot of my clothes from American Eagle. It is defiantly more of a higher quality shopping place, so it's gonna be more expensive. Lucky for you, I'm gonna put some coupons and some sales that are going on at American Eagle on here. Remember, these sales won't be on there forever though. This track is part of the Pure Ibiza CD boxset I bought in Cancún. Online Store only: BCMmoto. bigcartel. If this jacket is your size you'd be hard pressed to find a cooler Cafe leather anywhere else.

Basic one pocket design pre AMF.

I just need to rant a bit and get it out of my system. Feel free to check back in later if you're just here for the crafts and my usual sunshine. I'm fresh out of those at the moment. Yep, this mommy is dead tired of this winter. It. Needs. To.


The sooner, the better. I am tired of the cold. I cannot remember another winter when it has been so cold for so long. by Biggles Neil stretched his back, his eyes immediately fastening on the white shirt and light blue jeans of the girl. He'd seen her around the site quite often but had no idea of her name or what she actually did. The site was large and rambling, part construction, part landscaping, with some major pipelaying work going on as well. Set in an almost deserted area of hilly woodland it was rumored to be the beginnings of a theme park but Neil really wasn't too bothered, he just did the tasks he was given and got on with it. He'd seen her up close a few times and noted a lack of ring but essentially knew nothing about her, despite this she was forever playing on his mind and every time he looked up from his work he found himself looking out for her. Her long hair swung slightly as she looked around and Neil dipped his eyes down to the heavy encrusted shovel.

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