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I don't like that fact. I will do what I can reasonably do to prevent that from occurring. He's not the candidate I want, but if he is legally voted into office in good faith, there's no sense in whining about it afterward. I was most appalled by the opposition's response when W was elected. Dear Lord, what a passel of whiners. If you are just joining us on the hop, you are going to want to start back at the beginning at the Some Odd Girl Blog so you can see why we are hopping & what amazing prizes are up for grabs! Today MarkerPop and Some Odd Girl are teaming up to bring you a blog hop with the Christmas Release of Some Odd Girls latest stamps. I love my SOG's stamps and these are all must haves to me! So cute! Here is my project using the new Ornament Tia stamp set. I colored her with Copics from MarkerPop. When you are done hopping, make sure to stop by the MarkerPop Blog so you can play along with our holiday hop challenge. “What with Islamism and the religious right being obsessed with women's bodies and demanding that we be veiled, bound, and gagged, nudity breaks taboos and is an important form of resistance. ” Maryam Namazie I'll drink to that. Solomon said that one of the things about life that really bugged him was that sometimes good men suffered the things that should have happened to bad men and bad men seemed to receive the blessings that should have gone only to the good. We might as well enjoy what God has given us and eat, drink, and be merry. Because, for all our efforts, to study and know the whys and the wherefores of life, the intricacies of God’s creation and the reasons for the way things are, we will never understand. We've been seeing grasshoppers on the patio. I'm assuming we've been host to a grasshopper nursery and that they've all hatched out now. Press Release: SuperTrapp Industries, Inc. They work with OEM ABS systems and provide incredible braking power.

These calipers are engineered with a six piston differential bore design for optimal performance and pad wear.

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The JayBrake logo is offset to allow for uninterrupted smooth lines. A few thoughts on tables in The Telegraph and Argus inspired by the recent arrival of the Brontës' table at the Brontë Parsonage Museum. If the walls of Haworth's Brontë Parsonage could talk, there'd be enough material to rival any novel written by the famous literary family.

Encouraged by their father, the siblings devoured poetry, novels and newspapers which fired their imaginations, turning their draughty moorside home into a hotbed of creativity.

Inspired by charismatic figures from history, literature and their present, the sisters wrote about the human condition far beyond their own experiences. Their diaries reveal that they wrote at a drop-leaf table which they walked around each evening, reading out what they'd written that day. It was a significant part of their daily routine, which Charlotte is said to have continued after surviving her sisters. Then she did Twirly from Jon's Snowflake Collection in Lizbeth Royal Wave and Caribbean. She has started Pirquette also from Jon's Snowflake Collection using a solid and a variegated thread and started another centre to empty her shuttle.

Not needing to empty shuttles is yet another reason why I love using bobbin shuttles.

Ingrid re-tatted the necklace based on Agasunset's version omitting one of the in between rings and tatting it in finer thread. This isn't part of the challenge, but as you have seen the first version, you'll want to see this version too. Matching earrings would be lovely. I am honored and humbled that Digital Doorway has been chosen by KwikMed. The good people at Kwikmed. I'm familiar with several of these blogs already, and some of my personal favorites are Code Blog, The Nerdy Nurse, Emergiblog, Impacted Nurse, and JParadisi RN's Blog. My thanks again to KwikMed. Happy blogging, and happy reading!. After the end of Red Riding, Mark Fisher has the absolute definite final word on his k-punk blog: LINK. Here's a clip from the win at Kimball in week three: Labels: Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Jaguars football. Historically, Alaska's biggest herring sac roe fishery by volume has been in Bristol Bay, near the remote village of Togiak.

We're only a few days away from the season opener there, and biologists with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game are on the lookout for sea lions and other signs that the herring have arrived for the spawn.

Here's the department's latest update. On the upside, Togiak offers herring aplenty.

Theoretical Background: Regional Integration is a process in which states enter into a regional agreement in order to enhance regional co-operation through the establishment of regional institutions and rules.

Find more videos like this on big blk musclebound musclemen. This one was a challenge. Finally decidedto post this shot of Italian soldiers at theVatican. The road was lined with Romans,tourists, and these young soldiers—who remained just as they were when the skiesopened up a few minutes later. One of my favorite features. Observation: This woman knew she was loved and that she belonged to her husband. She was very happy because she knew she was wanted and she knew that he claimed her out of all other women to be his own. His claiming her, gave her a sense of security in their relationship and she knew she was his. Application: As a man, my wife needs to know and see that I claim her as my own and that I am proud to be with her. This woman felt confident in her relationship with her husband because he claimed her. I want my wife to feel confident about our relationship because I claim her and acclaim her publicly. Prayer: Father, help me love Cheryl in a way that gives her the confidence of this woman in scripture. I stood outside and watched for a long time. I didn't see a single firefly. I went from curious, to worried, to sad, and then a slow, happy, smile poured out. I came to one, certain realization: Fall just took his first, panicked, gasp of the year. He's been smothered so long. I'll miss them, but a girl's got to learn look ahead. Hello there Unity friends! It's Karen sharing a Christmas tag with you using this month's KOTM "Love & Joy for the Holidays"!! I colored this sweet Angie girl using my Copics. added a bit of glitter to her wings and halo. Then, I made some handmade flowers and finally added some metal swirls!! At the top, I added a metal snowflake and shimmery rhinestone to the crinkly ribbon. If you haven't signed up for the KOTM subscription, you can still do so!! You can find all the details right here!! Hope your week is off to a great start!! Hugs & Smiles,. Many thanks to Filofax and SlamPR for sending me this Filofax on temporary loan to review. I happen to have some ikat fabric from Indonesia, which I used as the backdrop in these photos.

Something I didn't notice until Rebecca Jay pointed it out to me is that the decorative button on the zip tab points into the side of the clutch when it's zipped closed and held as normal.


The reaction to John Key offering a luke warm response when asked if Winston First could be a potential partner in government has led to shock horror at this sudden about turn. What these fuckweasels in the media have failed to grasp is the scale of the strategic brilliance being deftly deployed. Colin Craig and Winston Peters are going to cancel each other and both fail to get over the threshold. Thus our wildly popular PM gets to avoid dealing with a religious nutbag and the biggest crook to ever sit in the house. Well done sir. On another note, I read the Horrid story this morning that was the latest offering from Len Browns multi- million dollar rate payer funded dept of "save our jobs". Browns media apologist in chief this morning allowed what can only be a massive press release to go out under his byline. Takes "phoning it in" to a whole new level. To think that Brown is considering running for a third term beggars belief. He will be lucky to survive the public contempt til Easter. Now I have my turn: Here is a shot of Lou Brock that I've been waiting for an excuse to use. I stole, er "borrowed", it from the Topps Vault. He just looks so bad-ass in those shades. I returned home late last night from Founder Circle! So much fun this year. I love the ladies I am getting to know better and I have so many new friendships too! Here are a Few of my favorite shots from the first day: My new friends and my team- The Silver Spoons. what a great dinner we had together.

Lots of Laughs!On Thursday we went on a hike in the Narrows of Zion National Park.

So we split the hike into a wet part and a dry part. Here we are getting readyour neoprene water socks and water shoes. Inspirational Quote of the Day: "Fascism is not in itself a new order of society, it is the future refusing to be born. "- Anuerin Bevan It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. Some photos HERE. A "Reeve" is the female version of "Ruff. Pantage Lake is located up the Nazko Hwy, NW of Quesnel, and unfortunately is only accessible via private land and canoes/kayaks are required. and so on!. Told'ja! Rich Buckler's back and the Diversions has got him, baby! Not only is the incredible Mr. For those who are somewhat familiar with this subject, I wonder how many readers actually know what surrealism is and how to identify it? Okay, that last question is a bit of a conundrum, I have to admit. Defining surrealism is sort of like trying to describe what an odor looks like. Surrealism has always been a part of my thinking and is ever lurking behind my creative process when I am at the drawing board. It was more his thinking that always got me going. The gun-grabbers aren’t sincere about arming women, of course. They’re the loudest and most shrill voices against women being armed.

It’s the “side” maligned as “haters” who champion the rights of women and minorities to keep and bear arms.

That would be us gun ownership advocates. The theme at CCT this week is To Die For. The dinosaurs, trees and sentiment stamps and dies are MFT, the sun is Lil Inkers, the clouds are Paper Smooches, the mountains are Mama Elephant and the grass is Lawn Fawn. The dinosaur and trees are coloured with Copics. I would also like to enter this card into the Everybody Art Challenge which is Anything Goes. I'll get the well-earned bragging out of the way first.

Additionally I showed excellent discipline - those two races plus the Classic were the only BC races I bet on Saturday.

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