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There is little doubt in my mind that the great majority of Doctors regard the practice of appraisal with utter contempt. A purposeless, unfit abortion of a concept, with revalidation as it’s bastard offspring. That this seething undercurrent of animosity exists was brought home to me by a friend who recently attended an interview for a Consultant position. He knew the “correct” answer but felt strongly enough to be truthful, and let rip with what he really thought. He got appointed. He says it reminds him of Martin in The Simpsons.

It reminds me of Hermione in Harry Potter.

Nerds of the world - and fellow Hermione fans - unite!. Photo by I. Peterson. The North Pacific Fishery Management Council has asked its staff for a discussion paper that evaluates the regulatory changes needed to incorporate Bering Sea chum salmon bycatch avoidance into its Chinook salmon incentive plan agreements. “The objectives of this action are to prioritize Chinook salmon bycatch avoidance, while preventing high chum salmon bycatch and focusing on avoidance of Alaska chum salmon stocks, and allow flexibility to harvest pollock in times and places that best support those goals,” wrote Campbell, in the motion approved by the council. The motion calls for an evaluation of necessary changes to the IPA objectives and reporting requirements in regulation, and identification of effects of such a change.

It also will identify whether there are elements of a rolling hot spot system that the council should consider retaining or adding to regulations that define incentive plan agreements.

The discussion paper will also evaluate possible measures to refine Chinook salmon bycatch controls in the Bering Sea pollock fisheries, including shortening the pollock season to end when pollock catch rates significantly decline and Chinook salmon prohibited species catch rates increase in October. During its October meeting the council heard from a number of industry representatives on their progress in lowering the incidental catch of salmon during groundfish fisheries. SophieWe purchased this teething toy on one of our trips to Annapolis MD last year for Alex and it's still going strong with Avery. That is why one day in France, a certain Monsieur RAMPEAU, who was an expert in transforming sap from the HEVEA tree using the rotational molding of rubber as a toy-making concept, came up with the idea of designing a giraffe. Such an exotic wildlife figure would be a first on the market, and its size and shape would be ideal for a baby’s small hands to grasp. She was an immediate success. Once they show signs of teething, do you and your child a favor and pick one up. Bron - GraveyardChoppers. The numbers above are taken from CIA world factbook on the Science Daily website. And, before the Pavlovian response kicks in the U.

"I’ve learned of the death of hunger striker Franklin Brito.

El Universal out of Caracas offers a chronology of Brito's odyssey. Article XXIII of the American Declaration states: "Every person has a right to own such private property as meets the essential needs of decent living and helps to maintain the dignity of the individual and of the home. We just discussed an important article in the Lancet calling for major global reforms of health care education.

Menand argues that: 'The pursuit, production, dissemination, application, and preservation of knowledge are the central activities of a civilisation.

' More importantly still, 'the ability to create knowledge and put it to use is the adaptive characteristic of humans'.

Some readers might recognise that these words are adapted from John Henry Newman's On the Scope and Nature of University Education.

Rachel Lee and David Siu reunite after GREED OF MANcourtesy of mingpao. Due to the Winter Solstice, everyone had a bowl of tang yuan for the occasion. Stephy said that she went all out for her appearance. Siu Fong said that they were busy with the film's Mainland promotion, as they just returned to Hong Kong early morning two days ago. They did not celebrate the Winter Solstice and he said that the celebration for film was also for the holiday for him. The NCAA men's basketball tournament is expanding, starting next season, but not on the large scale once expected. You can bookmark this page URL. A suspect wanted in connection with a drug operation and warrants sweep turned himself in today. Menendez is accused of selling heroin in pill form, and selling fake cocaine. Apologies if I posted this one already. I spent a few hours today shovelling poopy straw out of duck houses.

Not only do I smell bad, my brain is fried.

One wagon-load and five wheel-barrow-loads later, here I am with my larger biceps. You wanna be strong like bull? Be a farmer. I went to yoga today too so I'm ready to rock the world. Or fall asleep on the couch with some Advil. An non-themed collection of pretty interiors for just another Wednesday night. BAR International Series, ArchaeopressI am delighted to report that Tony Judd's book "Rock Art of the Eastern Desert of Egypt" has been released by BAR. Images of wild animals, domestic animals, anthropoids and boats, together with geometric pattersns, are classified and assessed by statistical means to rech conclusions about the preferences of the artsits in terms of subject matter, style, context and geographical distribution. Friendship is a sheltering tree. Samuel Taylor Coleridge God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Lawyers: The Obama administration, using the same arcane legal reasoning that justified torture and the Iraq invasion, says that “unconventional legal circumstances” will permit them to reinstate bulk telephone collection – using the law that outlawed such collection. But Obama claims he is only restarting the surveillance in order to end it.

The Beat Doesn't Go On: The Atlanta school system is ending its music programs and laying off all of their music teachers.

Where's the Music Man when you need him? In Colorado an elementary school cafeteria manager was fired for giving free lunches to students who had no money. What are they teaching 'em out there?All For One and None For All: The EU is forcing its members to adopt rules that would protect government funds from being wasted on bank bailouts by forcing failing banks to confiscate their depositors' money. The end of my street right now. It's all about the "B" or so I thought, but I learned very quickly that "B" means nothing without those little letters behind it. unny. So much for my brilliant idea. This is actually a huge reminder for me. Been writing rhymes all day long. Not sure why, I've never done it before. Just downed a few cups of coffee in the morning and never looked back. Maybe it's Tom Green's new rap album with beats by one of the Dust Brothers that put me in the mood. Mix The Beasties with Beck and add a bit of Tribe Called Quest jazz rap flavor to the mix, and that's where I'm at. I think I'll start a hip hop outfit.

We'll be called Followers of the Old School and I'm MC MacD.

It's the lead in to my new biased skiing vs. snowboarding tribute song called Four Edges. Remember the snowman from Blessings of Winter? He's making a reappearance as Mr. January! February's block can also be found in our Sweetheart Houses Pattern or Kit! Celebrate St. If pinwheels are new to you, don't let that stop you from joining the club. Jennifer has put together a great two-part video tutorial to take you step-by-step through the process! Watch part one here and part two here. Pokemon Lucario model from the PaperPokes team. Ray and I have posted them here and on My Life All In One Place and they've proved popular. Now we are making available versions that will print on Letter paper, the North American standard. Each prints out on Letter paper, double sided. Each Letter sheet will contain two double-sided Personal Filofax pages, with crop marks showing you where to cut using a craft knife and ruler to release the individual pages. If using the PDF be sure to set it to print at full size as explained here. Ouse Washes - RED-NECKED PHALAROPE between northern most hide and railway bridge and nearer the bridge than the hide. Because we haven't all been together for a very long time, I took it upon myself to get everybody to take some family pictures. Let's just say they weren't too happy about it! Here are a few of them:The Hunecke CousinsMy dad and his "friends" as Jenna calls them. his brothers Stan and Tim. Grandkids with Grandma & GrandpaI had some issues with this picture, sorry I couldn't get it to crop correctly. Here's a Hunecke family picture that we didn't get taken in Cherokee. He literally cannot stop himself and he obviously does not have anyone on his staff with the huevos to tell Il Douche that his is shitting the bed again. Among the many, many, many unhinged lies that issued forth from the lie-hole of Donald J. Hello My Friends! We have some talented customers! Here's are some great cards I found in our Gallery. However, there was a time when the Twelfth Night holiday was, essentially, the biggest celebration of the Christmas festivities and, before that, of the winter solstice. So, what’s that got to do with Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night? Other than the title, Shakespeare makes no direct reference to Twelfth Night within the play.

But his audience would have recognised aspects of it that were very obviously connected with the festival.

And it contains all the elements that Shakespeare’s revelling audience would have known and loved about the holiday. Drinking Feasting Dancing Singing Malvolio is made to look foolish & the topsy-turvy world of the play is representative of a period of misrule And, most importantly of all, Twelfth Night was known for it’s Lord of Misrule, who is a symbol of society being turned on its head. Architectural inspiration via Pinterest. Nak Armstrong mixed-gemstone earrings, at barneys. Valextra Handy clutch, at barneys. Darlings, what do you think of this marvelous manse and the look it inspired? xoxox, CC. WHY IS THAT? CALM YOUR JETS AND BE PATIENT. ALL WE CAN CONTROL ARE OUR EMOTIONS AND I SUGGEST YOU GET THEM IN CHECK BEFORE ENTERING CHAT TODAY. GRACIAS AMIGOS. AS I HAVE MENTIONED IN THE PAST BACK WALLS HAVE BEEN DRIVEN THROUGH SO MANY TIMES IN DO NOT PUT MUCH STOCK IN THEM. .