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Of people convicted, how many are innocent? Opinions about issues such as the death penalty, plea bargaining, admissable evidence, and much else depend on that fact. I have a solution to that problem. Find a jurisdiction friendly to research. Identify all convictions in that jurisdiction from before DNA testing for which tissue evidence survives, such that testing it should provide strong evidence for or against guilt. See how many of those convicted turn out to be innocent. It isn't a perfect test, of course, since suitable cases are not a random sample of all cases. Yes, the kids have been back in school for a week, but to me, summer goes June through August.

Ah, resort prices.

I haven't bought my hunting license. I should probably call some local ranchers about getting to hunt on their place after I've bought my license. The dove are thick this year. Here is the fabulous sketch by the lovely Laura:Isn't this a great go to sketch?I stamped the squares from the set, cut them out and rounded the outside corner. Then I used antique linen Distress Ink on them to get them to match these wonderful Sassafras borders and stickers from Torendi's latest kit, "Paris in Bloom". I love that Sassafras has those little borders on the bottom of their papers!The Cosmo Cricket chipboard is also from Torendi's kit and I decided to see if I could Distress Ink that too, and it totally works! I am so excited about changing up some of my chipboard and also wondering why I didn't think of this before. Am I the last person to try this? Hehe!The sentiment is from the coordinating Very Square Mint Motif set, and I just cut the square to mimic the size of the square stamps.

That is when my sister-in-law invited us over to eat and she had an abundant amount for everyone.

I'm not sure, but it seems like black eyed peas are not as popular as they once were. Maybe more people are eating out these days and most national restaurant chains do not offer black eyed peas on their regular menus. Fortunately, a 'Cotton Patch' is just around the corner from where I live. While many folks only eat them once a year on New Years Day, I prefer to eat black eyed peas on a regular basis. Trial preparation is about recognising the strengths and weaknesses of your case, planning a trial delivery that reflects that recognition, and – so far as your native skill and experience allows – ensuring that you have given yourself the best chance to deal with the unexpected. The unexpected is the norm for all trial work. A contest, with a cast of characters each of whom has their own agenda, inevitably means that a trial journey will produce most of the emotions from despair to hallelujah, your hope being that because of your preparation and skill you’ll have more of the positive than the negative. Such reactive insight does not bloom in a blinkered environment. It draws upon the broad domain. courtesy of on. cc Alex Fong Lik Sun yesterday attended a handicapped employment promotion plan event. He said that he just finished a suspense film in Chengdu and played a father for the first time. Will they date at work? He said, "This time won't be sweet from the beginning to the end, so we might not be so happy. During the shoot it will be better if we see each other less. Because in real life we are very happy, but on the set we will argue. I am afraid that the acting would harm our real relationship. " He joked that it would be best to they have separate trailer and reduce running into each other. Two Stock Island residents were arrested Monday, charged with dealing in stolen property. They returned home from a trip to Miami and found jewelry and prescription medication missing from their apartment. Several days later, Detective David Cruz, who was assigned to investigate, was checking recent pawn records.

He found a piece of jewelry from the burglary had been pawned at Southernmost Pawn Shop in Key West.

Eni, fotoğrafı çektiğim yerden MK'nın olduğu yere kadar. Kimisi inanılmaz göz korkutucu durumdaydı.

I love a good braided up-do, especially these milkmaid style braids on Mary-Kate and Ashley.


Lo stesso giorno della nascita i genitori la portano al fonte battesimale della chiesa parrocchiale e le diedero il nome di Caterina. Il Signore, però, le fece sentire il desiderio di unirsi a Lui intimamente: la piccola era sovente trasportata da un forte bisogno di raccogliersi nella preghiera e nella meditazione. A chi le chiedeva che cosa facesse, rispondeva: “Penso”. New in today Whitethroat. J. Butterflies included Brimstone, Orange-tip, Peacock and Green Veined White. The Happy Scrappers met at the Attic Window Quilt Shop on Wednesday. We had a little show-n-tell. Above, Judi A. shows us this stunning embroidery piece that she recently finished. Judi spent the rest of the day taking paper off this paper pieced quilt. It is lovely! Cathy worked on this applique table runner. When we first saw the pattern, we thought it was pieced. However, Cathy soon learned it is applique. She's doing a great job. Here's the most recent of the posts:With two photos. Posted by Rabee Eissa, SCA archaeologistOne of the most interesting things that I noticed in my excavation, in what seems to be a storage building that dates to the Old Kingdom in Giza, is a concentration of ash. This ash surrounded circular mud brick silos that had been constructed beside each other forming an L. The ash itself was very dark, dense and soft. Thinking about the silos and the ash, I remembered my mother and her storage methods for the butter.

We normally visit the Los Angeles Temple each month, but decided to mix things up in March and headed to Redlands instead.

The Redlands Temple is absolutely beautiful inside and out.


See?The sky was even more vibrant when we came out of the Temple that evening. So I'm introducing you to Chan Chiu from Hong Kong, who lives/works in Paris and is signed with Izaio Agency in Berlin. fr. Did you know, the murder rate amongst convicted murderers is lower than the murder rate amongst the general population?. Please join all the other White Wednesdayshosted by Kathleen at Faded Charm. Skipper Pamela Williamson said "Our match is postponed till October, date to be confirmed. it's the coffin they carry you off in!! And that is what is on my work desk this morning!! I had been you tubing. as one does. Observation: Solomon, the wisest person ever, writes in Ecclesiastes and calls everything meaningless. There is a time for everything. Application: Timing is so crucial in our lives. Spero che la farfallina la esorti ad uscire. This bag reminds spring even spring is not starting on Lago Maggiore yet. I hope that this little butterfly could push it out. Hello my AMAZING Unity peeps! Just for you, I have a bright and happy card to start out your Sunday on a cheerful note! YAY! This super ADORBS bunny is from this week's brand spankin' new Stamp of the Week set! Seriously, isn't she FAB?!?! Absolutely perfect for Easter, spring, or any cheerful little note! LOVE.

Well, the only way to bring this bunny home is by signing up HERE.

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I did the usual circuit this morning and it looked like being a repeat of Thursday’s effort, bright early on with the threat of rain for later. There were a few Chaffinches on the move again at Fluke Hall but my few hours were to be dominated by Skylarks. From Fluke I could hear the Whooper Swans going noisily about their family squabbles. I decided to walk to Pilling Water and circuit back via Fluke Hall Lane. There was a Grey Wagtail feeding in the ditch behind the sea wall, the autumn something of a “grey wag” one whereby I’ve had almost daily sightings. Skylarks were constant, either rising from the stubble as I passed by or arriving from the North and North West as the tide came in. It was too grey for pictures today so here are some new ones I gathered of Curlew and Redshank on Thursday, a day when the sun shone all too briefly. Sorry for the wait. BCMmoto. bigcartel. Aaron had to ref Friday night, so we weren't able to head up until Saturday and we celebrated with my mom on Saturday and my dad on Sunday. It was unseasonably mild in Minnesota, unfortunately. Justin kept texting us to hurry up and get there because the snow was melting quickly. My mom, Bill and the whole crew. sign me up.

Perfect for Saturday morning.

H/T The Digital Hairshirt.

The change of season is so pronounced up here in Minnesota, so shifting from the colors and airy feel of summer into the muted beauty of fall is cake- perhaps an Apple Cake.

Speaking of- what am I going to do with allllllll thhhheeeessseee appppllleees we picked last weekend?! This is what I'm putting on the table tonight. Anyway, the garden has been in decline, the trees are beginning to change, the shadows in the back yard are totally different than they were just a month ago, it's getting dark earlier, I've had to close the windows at night to keep the house warm but it's still bright and sunny and the days have been glorious. The expansion of Spring and the excess of Summer is leveling out into Fall, and while the seasons are making their annual shifts it seems I found a good balance in the studio too. Working for a few hours in the morning or afternoon and spending the rest of my day with Claude. Rene writes, "well I was shuffling thru the Hamb and noticed that Ric Hoving has scored Larry Watsons photo collection, I got these two shots of Calvin's Trumpet from his web site" and the third shot of his shop. Thanks Rene for sending the links to these awesome pictures!. Count yourselves fortunate that I don't place numerous photographs here of babies being eaten, one delicious morsel at a time. First a finger, then perhaps a foot, then a large spoonful from a baby's tender stomach, then a piece of baby thigh. On and on the photos go, piece by bloody, nauseating piece being consumed with gusto and great pleasure, until the many babies are no more. Do I have your attention now? I hope to Christ I do. When unbelievers attack Noah's flood, they typically target flood geology and the global flood interpretation. As a result, the local flood interpretation has been neglected. In the past I've discussed how I think both the local and global flood interpretations are broadly defensible on scientific and exegetical grounds. In this post I'd like to revisit a few objections to the local flood interpretation. There are some objections to the local flood interpretation that I won't cover in this post because I've discussed them before, and I having nothing new to say in that regard. For instance: I. A local flood makes Noah's ark a pointless waste of time.

The underlying assumption here is that Noah's ark had a utilitarian purpose.

DC's best shot owed more to Star Trek than Star Wars, but the Star Hunters' leader, Donovan Flint, was definitely from the Han Solo school of swagger. Another truly groovy thing about Star Hunters is that is laid some superior artwork on us. It will keep the hair out of your face while adding a touch of style. With just a few quick steps involved, this project is sure to delight beginner and experienced seamstresses alike.

This cloth headband can be sewn in a wide variety of fabrics like cotton, eyelet fabric, chiffon and even knit fabric.

You can experiment with the width of the headband to get interesting results that suit your style. Choose from different patterns like floral, polka dot, zebra prints or stripes. If you want to make it wider, choose one that is flowing like chiffon or lightweight cotton.

If you have a craving for Asian food but are not thrilled with your local takeout, here is a meal you can make in no time at all and it is better than any of the bad American Asian food we have all eaten before.

Saute the diced onion in the sesame oil. Add the jalapenos, ginger and garlic and cook until the onion begins to soften, it won't take more than a couple minutes. Add the red pepper flakes, if you like them. If not, leave them out. Pour in the sugar/soy mixture and stir over medium heat until the sauce bubbles and thickens a bit.

Stir in the green onions.

Serve it over rice. .