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She recalled having heard my wife and me discuss the feasibility of taking her into the land of Big City to the Great Wolf Lodge for a weekend. Apparently, this is a really cool place for young kids. Indoor year-round waterpark. Log cabin rooms. Rustic bunk beds and furniture made from hewn logs. Activities. An arse that has been soundly, and deservedly kicked. If, as appears possible, the Lib Dems are consigned to history in the next election this is the one triumph they should be remembered for. In a place whose essence is the passage of time, cell doors are the metronome. Unlocking and locking, creaking and slamming: steel doors provide the soundtrack and the structure to prison life. A prison lockdown is staff leaving prisoners locked behind their doors. You may shrug – after all, isn’t that the point of prison? A moment’s thought, though, suggests otherwise. Prisoners need to be unlocked to be fed. To move to work. To attend education. To see the doctor, governor, probation officer … cell doors are flung open with regularity.

Without unlocking, everything stops.

some very nice stuff from the southsiders mc blog haha, insane style.

From the dual perspectives of Blog Action Day's theme of water and Global Handwashing Day's emphasis on clean water to facilitate handwashing and the prevention of disease, there is a natural symbiosis.

Here is the Blog Action Day YouTube video which is well worth watching for a quick synopsis of the movement's mission:And please watch this video from The World Bank, and feel free to visit the Global Handwashing Day website to get involved. We ate …pulled pork and corn bread pudding on Christmas Eve after church. Christmas morning was cinnamon rolls, egg bake and sausages. Christmas evening we had a skillet meal of hash browns, scrambled eggs, pulled pork and cheese. AND the plates of goodies Jen brought with her are awesome! We exchanged gifts and had a round of White Elephant Gifts…where the “hot” gifts were a package of Gushers, colorful Chip Clips and a package of Pistachios. We all get a gift and then roll dice for doubles, a two or a five to steal a gift from someone else. The Four Grands shortest to tallest…Noah gets to be tallest for one more Christmas but his brother is gaining fast! Official stocking footed back to back photo…Adam has taller shoulders than his brother but as Adam said “Noah has a longer neck. ” Jennifer, Andy and the boys. Our daughters Jennifer and Trica We missed Savannah again this year, but she was in her own home and she had her first real tree this year. The first one is that the house will be inhabited by an elderly couple, so most of the program is on the first floor, a long glass and concrete box which breaks in the transition between the public and private space. A concrete staircase leads up to the projecting first floor, which houses a guest bedroom and study. The second is the site, a triangle with a narrow street facade, the rest of the perimeter is adjacent to other houses. It was decided to set the main volume on the center of the site, thus creating connections between interior and exterior along the succession of programatic spaces and a pathway around the house. Photographs : Alfonso Medina, Oscar Gonzalez, Alfredo Zertuche. Makes sense. Many staffers at KTVU are still perplexed that Tori Campbell, the noon anchor who read the goofy and fake pilot's names, was spared any suspension or termination. On a visit to the Ben Ezra Synagogue in Coptic Cairo today, the Geniza’s hiding spot is not hard to find. Just up on the top left corner of the synagogue’s back wall is a two-foot square opening. The Geniza has yielded many works of scholarship on Jewish cultural and religious history, as well as important works of poetry, and its history has been chronicled before in other books. But perhaps authors Hoffman and Cole approached the project because they knew they could do it better than those who came before them. I took this shot on Sterling Place, in my Park Slope, Brooklyn neighborhood. The drop in water levels has prevented some of the city's gondolas and vaporetti, or water buses, from navigating in some of the smaller canals. On Christmas Eve, the low tide even grounded the mayor's speedboat. I really like how my Jacob's ladder top turned out. unfortunately it was finished while listening/watching marathon house and senate "debates" so I will always remember the debt crisis when I see this quilt. Too bad since otherwise it is such a happy quilt. Oh well, that is what I get for being a new addict. I don't have a lot of floral in my stash but found an amazing amount of red, pink and green. A good exercise in stash-mashing. I even pulled fabric for a backing. Images - Juniper Books. Thanks go to Maggie Rutherford from Douglas Park Golf Club for this link to a lovely Movie. This is my attempt to journal between the girls, laundry, school, the dog, writing, more school and finding time for my man. Let's just start with the name of this Blog, or BLOB as LPM Bloggers call these things. "Notes from the Soul". If you know me you know that I can't go a day without two things. Lately, that's harder and harder to find. Grey remarked that I am a very fast reader. I exclude the tonnes of annual reports and announcements, and any other thing that is found online. tumblr.

I was hooked on Unity stamps because of the quality, the ease of storage and the adorable designs with my very first purchase.

I have not looked back since. My oldest is getting married in April. I would love for you to take a peek at my blog and if I can ever help you with any questions about Ippity stamps just let me know. i have found a new love and it's name is Scott's. it has been quite sometime since i have been to the antique show: like high school when i forced to go by my parents. so anyway, back to my new love, scott's. you must go there if you live anywhere in the SE area and have a love for great things. When I taught this stuff live, we demonstrated the goodness of God by getting out of class early.

Now: the reason we got out early, in discussing the Goodness of God, is that we either had to stop where we were, or dive head-long into another hour at least on the principle example of the goodness of God.

Louis Berkhof says this about the Goodness of God: When the goodness of God is exercised toward his rational creatures, it assumes the higher character of Love, and this Love may again be distinguished according to the objects upon which it terminates. We recently took a nice afternoon and took the kids down to a trail not too far from home. Our friend, Jay, told us about it and we've kind of been hooked ever since. It's called the Heart of Iowa Nature Trail and we just love it! The kids and I were going to walk and Aaron was going to run a few miles while we walked and catch back up with us later. Stretching out. Do you like Aaron's shoes?! I love the bright orange. Ready to hit the trail! The whole point of the walk was to make it to the bridge. Most of you know that I LOVE to be creative with pictures. I have to. it's sort of part of my job. Well, Greg always teases me that if I need to learn something to let me practice on my kids, because that's how I learn best. Here are some pictures I jazzed up a little. Enjoy!. He fit into my He-Man universe as a substitute for King Randor. A wise father figure to my other scantily clad, over-muscled, harness wearing action figures. But. wait a sec.

Yes, it is hanging up! Three and half years in making, Yoko Saito's Mystery BOM quilt, originally designed for Quiltmania magazine.

My first project finished this year. All hand stitched - applique, embroidery and quilting. I used the machine only for joining of the blocks and attaching the binding. blogspot. co. to Florida and Utah. Until then, you can check it out here. me know what you think!Hugs,Stephanie. July flew by and I haven't recorded much of it here. I traveled away for a conference. Razor traveled away for an adventure race. And the girls traveled away to Nana and Papa's.

Create avatar They had never been away for an extended period.

And I missed them terribly. As when you purchase any food, read the label, both the "Nutritional Facts" panel and the list of ingredients. The longer the ingredients list, the more calories you get and the less yogurt nutrition. In some highly-sweetened containers of yogurt, you're getting more calories in the sweetener than you are in the yogurt. Be sure to read the protein and sugar values on the nutrition panel. I got a lot of squash in my CSA and wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them then I came up with this idea. Squash lasagna. If you've ever eaten pumpkin ravioli, it's a very similar taste. Scrape the cooked squash out of their skins and place it in a food processor along with some nutmeg, salt and pepper, some sage fried in butter and enough cream to make it smooth and spreadable. Boil lasagna noodles and place a layer of them in the bottom of your pan. Spread some of the squash over the noodles. Top with another layer of noodles. Agency: Burgopak Country: UK Burgopak has been expanding and developing their design services, working with a variety of leading brands to present and differentiate their products in ways that are efficient, cost-effective and, above all, creative. Burgopak’s innovative packaging solutions utilise a wide range of patented sliding mechanisms and bespoke structural designs. They made us smile and laugh out loud,” said one judge. “We feel the idea has many more uses and can be built upon. ” These thoughts were mirrored by another of our judges, who said: "A beautiful, exciting, engaging pack concept with a multitude of relevant applications. .