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A few of my KRON moles have said the big rumor is that the morning diva known for her special attributes has moved into a house with the news director.

That's not a good omen according to one of the more name talents who says the natives have already started grumbling. Something about favoritism I hear and have heard in the past. This is not good, but the lovebirds are veterans and here's hoping their love connection bears, uh, fruit. That's all well and good. It's called the epitome of disingenuousness and they need to be called out. The operative word is "phony. Each day has enough trouble of its own”. Cocaine's a hell of a drug. ‎. i-NewswireWork at the enigmatic tomb concealing the hidden entrance to Giza’s lost cave-world has stepped up a gear as Dr Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, reveals that the mysterious location is being probed by a host of experts. “We have experts in all fields working with us,” he revealed this week. “Archaeologists, geologists, engineers, and architects, to name a few. “I will be posting information about our excavation at Giza on my web site,” he said, “and will be publishing the results of our work in due course. ”Work at the cave-tomb began quietly in August last year, and has continued ever since, with two new rock-cut shafts and stairways being uncovered to date. These have been found to lead into a maze of underground chambers and galleries never seen in modern times. Most people think they have the basics of hygiene down, but odds are some of us don't. This sign was carefully designed to account for people's different learning styles.

We don't all take in information in the same way.

Some people are visual learners, some are auditory learners, and some need both plus a whack on the head. So this sign, showing how to wash one's hands, included both text and a hand mock-up with helpful arrows pointing to the germane washable portions.

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This is the sort of thing that gets some people all riled up about government overstepping, but those sorts of people, unlike myself, have yet to suffer the crushing humiliation of being told they have been wiping their butts wrong all their lives. Me, I still figure there's always more to learn. Observation: God is speaking through Isaiah concerning the people of God and of the world creating images of their own hands and then praying to them. Turning to Him is repentance.

God wants all to repent and realize there is no other way except through Him.

Application: God's will is for everyone to repent and be saved. He desires relationship with all the earth. He wants relationship with His creation and has gone to great extremes to have that. Our job as believers is now to give Him the desire of His heart. We must pray and declare to all the world the good news of Jesus Christ. Such has been the success of the tobacco control industry in bastardising science by pandering to the fears and prejudices of the most intolerant in society, it's fascinating to watch health-obsessed fruitcakes of all stripes attempt to copy their methods. Following the Godber Blueprint to the letter, we've seen them all busily "fostering the perception" that their particular bête noir is harming everyone around the user.

Hence daft efforts at scaring the public into believing the threat of passive drinking and passive obesity, amongst others.

In a hilarious new twist, though, this study from the University of Braunschweig in Germany attempts to go through anti-tobacco's joke list in fast forward to demonise electronic cigarettes. Far from beginning from a neutral standpoint, the abstract decides that - as e-cigs contain particles and chemicals - "“passive vaping” must be expected from the consumption of e-cigarettes". Now, I've regularly charted here the potential of these marvellous little devices to intensely irritate psycho antis, but I think I must have under-estimated the sentiment. It seems the hunt is on - and the grants waiting for liars researchers to suck up - to find a silver bullet with which to get e-cigs banned, especially now the tobacco industry is enthusiastically eyeing them. After waxing lyrical about passive tobacco smoke, they move seamlessly on to vapour in the very next paragraph. Beyond indoor climate, air flow conditions, room size and number of e-cigarette users many other parameters have the potential to affect “passive vaping”. I have been getting a lot of emails about Merlin. Everything from threats to stop reading the blog to Readers who want to donate to help pay for him. Folks, if I can not afford to purchase and keep the animal I won't buy him, it is that simple. I haven't even seen him yet, and when I do and the owner and I talk terms and such, he may very well be a current impossibility. But you can't stop a girl from wanting, trying, and kicking the tires. I need to at least look him in the eye.

Yes as you can guess to start off the New Year, this round up of posts from around the web is a little retro.

which nicely continues our look back at Filofax from years gone by:Japanese fILOFAX Blog - If you open this page up using Google Chrome, then the page will get translated for you. I think you should also check out what Kanalt has been doing and she provides some very detailed explanations of her current set ups on her very appropriately titled 'Life Well Planned' blog: New Year, New Filo Planning My Plans If you are looking for inspiration in the New Year, with Christmas over and still the bulk of Winter before you, then look no further than the 'Musings of a Caribbean Princess' blog. doc. pdf Recipe - Personal. doc. pdf Weekly Meals Planner - Personal -. doc. et dans un joli jardin. A few new goods have been added to the shop.


a vintage Saint Therese statue. The Associated Press recently reported that car sales are increasing in Iraq. That means there is a lot of pent up demand. Other firms such as Ford, Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Kia, etc. are all looking to get into the country as well. This is just one more sign of the changing status quo within Iraq.

A woman looks through a BMW car showroom in Baghdad, Apr.

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! We're headed back to Hell's Kitchen and Omega the Unknown! As cool as it is to see a rock-'em sock-'em dust-up between Omega and Electro, the thing that grabbed Teen Groove was when we looked at young James-Michael's trials and tribulations at school. As Ol' Groove has said before, the "real life" stuff in OtU was waaaaay more scary than a bad guy in green tights could ever be. Doug Moench wrote every issue, keeping the stories fresh and fun, sending Doc and his Amazing Five all over the world in search of adventure, danger, and justice. All in all, Doc's mag was extremely well done, mixing pulp adventure, Marvel-style action and characterization, and a sense of fun. "The Inferno Scheme" sported pencils by Marvel legend John Buscema, who excelleled in sci-fi machinery and action, both of which this story is filled with. It's a nice and easy challenge and we have some fantastic candy to give away which Korin from Sweet 'n' Sassy Stamps has kindly donated. This is also another Magnolia DT card made with the new Sea and Summer range. This is one of my favourite stamps from the range, I think Edwin looks so sweet. Supplies Stamps: Magnolia, Edwin with Oar, Old Bench, Cat-Tail Foreground, Goblin Dragonflies, Hero Arts SentimentSupplies: Prismacolors, Sansador, Glossy Accents, Glamour Dust, Eyelets, Garden Twine, BradsCardstock: Bazzill, Creative SmoothDP: Magnolia. The governor is pissed. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, “crazed with anger” and increasingly abusive to those around him, fears the first round of public polling since the “Morelandgate” scandal will take a major toll on his — until-now — sky-high popularity, administration insiders say. Here's a weird tidbit - just happened this AM. they changed the way they list the currency auctions - this AM. .