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As ever, CRT Derek was very friendly and helpful, for casual visitors as well as boaters.

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Isn't that such a stinker? Just a note - so in love with the new cardstock colors.

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Well, Glickman et al. did, and I'll boil down the results that you can use on your next shift. The first listings will be ephemera boxes, full of goodies for journals, crafting, and cards, or the box would make a lovely gift for the creative person in your life. The boxes are wrapped in burlap and twine, then hand sewn in place. Topped with a cabbage rose and handmade tag, even the wrapping can be used for creating. ephemera boxOnce opened the box is bursting with goodies. Teams announced by the SLGA:European women's team championshipSlovenia. just trying to decide on this year's festive xmas theme. Which do you all like? mascaraminimalist cat lady cher-y christmas. My crewel pillows from Colorful StitcheryI have been waiting and waiting for stitchers and knitters to catch up with me. Today in my in-box, I was incredibly excited to see crewel embroidery being featured prominently on Purl Soho's website. Wow - maybe someone else will help the trend along! Check out all their new kits here. They are a little tame colorwise for me but what the heck - at least crewel is out there. What is crewel embroidery, you ask? It is embroidery stitched with wool thread traditionally worked on linen or cotton fabric. It is easy to do. Every once in a while, I'll run into briefline pics of tennis players that I've never heard of, and unfortunately, are at the twilight of their careers. Still, gotta give him credit for keeping it briefy. I added a page for him on the brflines site and it's ever got six pics to start, which is way more than usual. So I'll urge you to go take a look.


A friend dropped off several branches of the plant and said that each of those "silver dollars" had to be peeled to reveal the pretty translucent layer inside. Then she left saying "Have fun!" So every time I walked the dog last week I would grab a branch and peel away, scattering the seeds and outer layers as I went along. Only after I finished did my friend mention that she had a hard time finding the plant because it is considered a weed. People work very hard to keep it out of their gardens because it takes over. Uh oh - well perhaps we won't have such a hard time finding some next year! All I need is a pot on my head and I am a regular Johnny Appleseed! Before the reveal! And after!. Yes, it's hardly an earth-shattering notion that government meddling quite often leaves us all to pick up the tab, but this one is a trifle different. Now, at the risk of being dubbed simplistic, this not only goes against all previous government initiatives to increase the number of homes with online access, but also appears to be the very antithesis of fundamental Labour beliefs. In effect, we are seeing a Labour-backed redistribution of wealth from the proletariat. “Evermore thanks, the exchequer of the poor”Shakespeare Slums Must Go May Day Parade, New York, c. Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio, Photo League Collection, Museum. Claire Redfield is the younger sister of S. T. A. R. S. Yippee skippee!! Another UFO crossed off my list of millions!! But I am very pleased with how our new Christmas stockings turned out! I think they will look great on our mantle in a week or so! I decorate my house on Thanksgiving weekend. the Santa wall hanging for above the mantle! Are all your home-made holiday presents made???. I had such a great time at their spring show. I thought I'd do it again. I hope to show you a few of the things I've been painting and sewing before the show. If you live in the area, I hope you'll stop by and say hi. Oh. I was hanging my sheets out to dry last weekend and thought. hmmm. And grow up with the country. S. Russia's national airline Aeroflot confirmed that he was on a one-way flight bound for Moscow, but said his final destination could not be confirmed. The move was discouraging for Washington, who had issued a legal request on the "provisional warrant of arrest" for Hong Kong to return him. I guess China wasn't freedomy enough. , the ingredient of silent confidence hasn't gotten enough attention. For once crossed, one can't easily go back. And so it's for that reason that I must mentally step out of the room for a moment to allow my inner-caddy to say a few words on this topic, before I return to close. ###Hi all. Today, I want to touch on something Don purposely doesn't talk about, yet something that you should all know. the only thing that matters. No fan club behind it, but you could subscribe and get behind the scenes articles, previews, bios, and lots of other goodies.

Usually the stories were of the Golden Age variety, sometimes from the Silver Age.

I think this story looks really snazzy in b&w. How 'bout you, Groove-ophile?. Hello everyone! It's time for a new challenge here at Really Reasonable Ribbon. Please scroll down to the next post for the winners of the last challenge. Create a card, layout, multi media piece, tag, ATC, hair bow, you name it. Just be sure to follow the theme above and use ribbon, lace or trim somewhere on your project. All of the sample projects feature ribbon from Really Reasonable Ribbon. A layout, card, ATC, home decor item, hair bow, or anything you can think of provided it fits the weekly theme. scam-job-emails.

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