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Based on the popular web-feature, Texts from Jane Eyre is a witty, irreverent mashup that brings the characters from your favorite books into the twenty-first century.

m. m. on Sunday. Start in Haworth, the village in the Pennines where the Brontë sisters, Anne, Charlotte and Emily, grew up. Visit the Brontë Parsonage Museum, furnished as it was when the family lived here, and take the short walk up to Brontë Falls and on to Top Withens, said to be the inspiration for Wuthering Heights, the house in Emily’s eponymous novel. The need for pro bono assistance with administrative hearings has never been higher. The recession and aging of the workforce has resulted in an increase in disability-based Social Security claims. Budget cuts and program changes have created a “perfect storm” for public assistance recipients, and delays in obtaining much needed benefits. At the same time, county staff has shrunk, and experienced workers retired, increasing the occurrence of administrative errors and problems with client’s receipt of the benefits to which they are entitled. We will have freezing morning temperatures over the weekend…it is opening Fishing Weekend…. traffic in town has increased. He/she should have a little down filled parka. The Economic Importance of the Bristol Bay Salmon Industry. Gov. Sarah Palin's office sent this out today:Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute board of directorsGov. Palin reappointed Barry Collier and Mark Palmer to the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute board of directors.

Collier, of Edmonds, Wash.

, has been president and chief executive officer of Seattle-based Peter Pan Seafoods Inc. Mirabella the Knitted Doll. Design by TwinsKnit. To shake things up, the Mojo design team has pulled out their own little sketchbooks and contributed new sketches that will be posted every day this week. Today's sketch was designed by Maria Gurnsey. It's all just for fun, so play along if you have some time. To participate, just make a project using the provided sketch and upload it to your blog or online gallery. Then leave a link to your project using the Mr. There is no time limit - you can always play any week at any time. If you upload to online galleries, please use keyword/tag MOJOMARIA. I wish I was a Southern country girl. I enjoy pushing my little ones on the swing. I love drinking lemonade. My favorite is watching my hubby work in the garden. My heart is happy and full when I watch my children laugh and run barefoot out back. Horses are my favorite animal and while growing up, I owned a few. I could live in cowboy boots and a skirt. My Dad and I use to listen to all the good country songs while we drove together. For more details about Santa Águeda, see last year or the years before, around the same date. Pincha en la foto por la tamaño grande. This year, Margaret and a couple of our friends wore traditional costume. There was always that photo opportunity on our balcony!Last in the procession, but not least. The baby is in traditional dress - I wonder if she chose it herself?It's a day for the ladies! No wonder Margaret looks so happy. It'll be interesting to see if they are too rich not to have known better.

The Big One, Edith: The bad news is that the supervolcano under Yellowstone is much larger than previously thought.

It is amazing how one small thing can taint an evening. Take restaurants, as an example. When I flew back to Mexico on Saturday, Lou picked me up at the Mazanillo airport. Only a true friend would do something like that. We started a conversation on our way to my house and decided to recess it until Wynn could join us for dinner. Because I am about to join the Barra de Navidad set, we decided to have dinner at a restaurant there that has been a rather inconsistent food and service experience for me. And Saturday was no exception.

I've certainly done that.

in the past, several times. As you can see some changes have already been made to the appearance of the blog. Også denne gang med soligt og varmt vær har satt fart på hagen. Det rekker skje mye på tre dager, man riktig ser hur naturen forsøker hinne kapp våren. Humler suser forbi på jakt etter nektar, denne gangen forran linsen og. Flekklungeurten har vokst masser og nå blomstrer den. Dette er ‘Mrs Moon’ tror jeg men jeg blander bestandig sammen de to, den og ‘Azurea’ så jeg er ikke sikker. Fortsatt er det mye kal jord rundt omkring å vise til men det grønne kommer for fullt. I WAS ASKED the other day if I would care to give a talk to our local Sail and Power Squadron. I said, as I almost always do in similar circumstances, that I would not. I know full well that there are sailors there, and many of them, who know far more about the sea and sailing than I do. I would be an imposter among the truly knowledgeable. And besides, I am a wretched speaker. I have the kind of mind that needs time to select words, to wrestle them from their hiding places in my mind, and to test them for aptness before I let them loose in public. For this reason, I prefer to write. And write rather slowly, at that. Then, if I find my offering lacking in appeal, I have the option of seasoning it with a dash of Attic salt. This request reminded me of another journalist with the same problem.

He wrote a weekly column for The Star, a London newspaper, during World War I, and was known simply by his pen name, Alpha of the Plough.

As work begins to wind down, I started reflecting more on the articles that I read on other blogs. One of the articles struck me as worthy of further reflection, and so I mused more on it. While these raw materials are necessary, they are not sufficient. In life, the things that are not seen are usually the most important. Grace Groner - the above said lady who is a closet millionaire that you would never suspect I think the important unseen ingredient here is picking the right stock. We're working on the Light Skills next and those should be fun. For the buff/debuff icons you'll notice they are flashing, this is to warn you that they are about to run out. In this case these will always be flashing because the current skills only last a few seconds since they can be reapplied constantly. This is the infamous Red Box. Inside there are no action figures, video games, boards, toys, costumes or satanic rituals. Instead there is just a handful of books, a few dice, a map, and some sheets of paper that if you start playing, will matter more to you than you could possibly realize. Most people have no idea what D&D even is. Even mentioning the game around the suspicious raises eyebrows and brings all sorts of stereotypes to mind. I promise playingt this game does not require wearing cloaks or talking in affected British accents. You do not have to live with your parents and they do not need to have a basement. You begin by creating a character. This is incredibly fun. Are you prepping for January yet? No, me neither. But I have been creating a few things here and there, and am excited to give you this freebie This mini pack includes some winter-themed activities such as making words, word jumbles, and acrostic poems. Here's the blurb:Every two hundred years or so, shimmering Threads fall from space, raining death and black ruin on Pern. But it was not Threadfall that made young Menolly unhappy.

It was her father who betrayed her ambition to be a Harper, who thwarted her love of music.

Menolly had no choice but to run away. When, suddenly, she came upon a group of fire lizards, wild and smaller relatives of the fire-breathing dragons, she let her music swirl around them. She taught nine of them to sing.

It is not easy but I will make some observations from the pov of Joe Average.

Last February Cameron Slaters Whaleoilbeefhooked blogsite was taken down in a DDOS attack. It is widely accepted there were many who delighted in that but nowhere near as many who were capable. In the aftermath of that chaotic destructive effort someone or some persons, entered the wreckage and electronically removed the vast lode of email traffic that had accumulated in the whaleoil files. Forward around six months and a published author with some form as a destructive selective revealer of information acquired in somewhat dodgy circumstances, publishes a short story predicated on those stolen emails and selectively aimed at creating the National Party as the sole proprietor of "dirty politics". Following the publication of his work the luvvies of the left and their fellow travelers saturated the Media in an allout attack on John Key and Judith Collins. As the public became increasingly dismissive of yet another vain attempt by a Green Party supporter in a repeat performance, further revelations of as yet unpublished data from the trove stolen in the aftermath of the DDOS attack six months earlier, were published by an unquestioning media as the product of a new player called Rawshark. Again a public, increasingly turned off, largely ignored the garbage truck trundling past every day. This past weekend I went to my friend Laurie's Antique and Artisan's Show. and picked up this little beauty. on piochera la version portugaise de BANKS OF THE OHIO. Inspirational Quote Of The Day:"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

" - Albert Einstein Somewhat settled with surf potential on the far edge of marginal.

Clear skies, no wind and sunshine lure while morning tide peaks and sweeps the ramp clean of all terrestrial bodies. Detritus and battered hopes are all that are left in the wake. The ocean gives no quarters today yet may take some prisoners. Find your inner crystal and confirm all objectives. A small conglomeration suits and boots then attempts entry with quasi-formed intentions. I wonder if an exit strategy was part of the morning meeting? CHANNEL: Deep bombora faces give cause for pause as high tide energy seeks to find an area upon which to unload its cargo. Much warbled segments will need to be navigated in search of this landing zone. A general feeling of too much water has most in the look - see mode and few tackling this project. Jump off the high turnbuckle and suplex the day. At the very least you will have expended maximum energy on a worthy pursuit. PATCH: Slappy hour this morning as no waves moving in one general direction. First things first, darlings! Some CC winners to announce! The winner of CC’s Bluegala. AkrisAlice + OliviaAltuzarraAndy & Debb, via nymag. Its time for another challenge at CCT and this week its For The Ladies. I have used the MFT Whole Herd stamp set again for my card. The square has been cut with a Lil Inkers stitched die and the paper is Cosmo Cricket. . The point of Lost and Found is to level the support playing field. When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership. Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below. This Bird and Blossom digital stamp is now available at Beccy's Place. Bird and Blossom Digital Stamp. I promised Polish food for New Years Day dinner this year and one of the dishes I made was golumpki with mashed potatoes. I love making these. I find the whole process very meditative. I also add Pensey's Krakow Nights seasoning. I bought sour heads when I was in Cleveland and used them for this recipe. They actually weren't sour, they were brined which surprised me. They were wonderful to work with though. The leaves just fell off the heads. To make up for the lack of sourness, I placed a layer of sauerkraut on the bottom of each pot and then covered it with a layer of sauce. .