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A beautiful day on the grass by the beach, a sleeping baby and good book.

Well, after not taking my own advice – here I am wearing… almost matching shoes. LOL. "maybe tomorrow. " But after hearing it so many times, I just don't believe it anymore. I can tell you just from Holland's numbers so far today, that we won't be going home tomorrow. There's a new boutique down the street called "The Pencil Test. " It's a bra shop, named after the antique advice that if you can hold a pencil under your breast, you need a bra. The word "need," here, is in the context of adolescence, which operates under strict social rules, rules that are absorbed by the adolescent quickly and so thoroughly that she can remember them fifty years later even if she is foggy about everything else. This is why I can recall exact uniforms associated with the caste system of Williamsburg Junior High. Outfits from Villager and Ladybug secured with a circle pin put you at the very top, and Lerner's knockoffs kept you just above the Untouchables.

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Spargel is the German word for asparagus. When asparagus is in season in Germany, restaurants add pages of Spargel dishes to their menus. This is one of my favorite ones.

I always shave off the thick outer skin on the lower part of my asparagus before cooking.

The base of this dish is ham. Slice some ham very thinly and pan fry it. Grate some cheese. I highly suggest that you use Gouda. I did not have any and I used Jarlsburg and it just was not the same. Use Gouda. .