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The flag features a snowman wearing a top hat. There is a little bird sitting right on the hat decorating it with berries. FlagTrends® Classic outdoor flags feature Dura Soft®, an innovative fabric, designed specifically for decorative flags. Those who work in the NHS however know full well that, because weekend admissions are disproportionately emergencies, that mortality is inevitably bound to be higher. A recently published study has confirmed that patients admitted at the weekend tend to be older and sicker than those in the week. This may seem like the bleedin' obvious but it's important to have factual data to refute Hunt. So what do you suppose are the chances that Hunt will mention this study? I wouldn't hold your breath. To my mind there can only be two possible reasons why he persists so tenaciously with his factually flawed pronouncements. That is, he know's full well that he's wrong, and that we all know that he's wrong, but he just doesn't give a fuck. The other possibility is that he really is pathologically stupid. ORIGINAL MADE FROM INDONESIA CIBINONG.

That was being won by Matt Lee, who was out proving his point that the "prologue" section of the Great Divide Route needed to be in the event.

One was fun to follow along, the other was maddening and frustrating to follow along with. You couldn't believe what you were watching because the next day your hero, your rider that you were inspired by, was being whisked away by the authorities.

The Tour back then was like that, and this was the period where I decided that it wasn't worth keeping track of anymore.

Watch: Yep, it's hunting season Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld. Hello, everyone! Thanks so much for hanging with us during Inspiration Week. You guys are awesome! Also, thank you for the well wishes. You need to check it out and her wonderful videos! Go here to see them: Thanks for creating such beautiful cards, Vicky! You are awesome! Our friend Jennifer let us know about a wonderful card drive going on for Kaydyn. Please send some happy cards his way! Let's make his day! You can see more details here: Our friend, Nancy Nally, did an episode of Scrapbook Soup with Lawn Fawn products! You can check out the episode here: Our May Arts winners are:lauren taylorvery cute! love those flowers. VickiAn amazing card with the water colored ribbon. gobeagirlThis is just a great collaboration with May Arts and Lawn Fawn. We have posted so many reviews already of Samantha Ellis's Take Courage that it seems redundant to present the book. Tragic, virginal, sweet, stoic, selfless, Anne. The less talented Brontë, the other Brontë. Or that's what Samantha Ellis, a life-long Emily and Wuthering Heights devotee, had always thought. Until, that is, she started questioning that devotion and, in looking more closely at Emily and Charlotte, found herself confronted by Anne instead. Take Courage is Samantha's personal, poignant and surprising journey into the life and work of a woman sidelined by history. Inspired by this week's Tuesday Trigger, I made a card for her. Isn't that a beautiful photo? So soft and airy. Here is my card. I used the Loopy Blooms die from MFT to make the felt flowers. To make them different sizes, I just trimmed down the amount of felt I used. a shorter length makes a smaller, less full flower. the culture tarasca or purepecha is the culture precolumbian of mexico that started in the region of the estate of Michoacan. His government was monarchical and theocratic. Like most of the Hispanic cultures, were polytheists. Below is the statement that was delivered, despite the efforts of the Cuban government delegation. ” The disaster in Syria did not arise yesterday but is the long term result of the failure to have human rights respected there. Unfortunately other areas exist that can also unexpectedly erupt into regional disasters. Years of freedom of expression and association being systematically outlawed, arbitrary detentions constant, along with politically motivated beatings, torture and extrajudicial killings lead to destabilizing responses. Obesity as a public health problem has been the subject of considerable discussion. So that luminaries from the prestigious Partners Healthcare system and Massachusetts Blue Cross Blue Shield would weigh in on the issue at a public meeting should surprise no one. But see this report by the Boston Herald:When asked about rising health-care costs, Jack Connors - chairman of the Partners chain, which includes Mass.

General and Brigham and Women’s hospitals - said yesterday, 'Taking care of yourself starts at home.

'What is the responsibility of the individual?' said Guzzi, who as the chamber’s chief executive hosted Senate President Therese Murray’s speech on health care yesterday, despite his dual role as Blue Cross chairman. Jack Connors is currently chair of the board of Partners Healthcare. A quick biography is here:John M.

Connors, Jr.

Kim Hee-Sun and Jackie ChanBest Action Actress Zhang JingchuLin PengTao courtesy of on. cc Jackie Chan Action Movie Week Night took place last night at the Shanghai Film Festival. This movie week doesn't belong to me, but to everyone!" When Best Action Actor went to Owen Wilson, Jackie Chan called him and woke him up. Owen said, "What? Are you kidding? I wish I was in Shanghai with everyone!" Best Action Actress went to Zhang Jingchu, who kept her lips sealed about her love life. Did she call her boyfriend to give him the good news? She said, "You are so bad! You are trying to get me to talk! Kung fu movies are very tiring, Jackie Chan never thought I could do it and told me to make art films!" Eric Tsang Chi Wai and Kim Hee-Sun presented Best Fight Scene. Chi Wai greeted everyone in Kim Hee-Sun's "girly" Putonghua voice. Raymond Wong Pak Ming and fresh out of the oven Best Action Director Wilson Yip Wai Shun accepted it on Yuen Woo Ping's behalf. Twelve years later, I did this interview for High Times. I hoped to follow it in High Times with a Felix Pappalardi interview. But, alas, the great Pappalardi was gunned down by his wife, Cream and Mountain lyricist Gail Collins, shortly after this meeting was conducted. Leslie West, who could outweigh and outplay planeloads of skinny English guitarists, remains a mythical figure to the drooling, boneheaded beer drunks from Queens who still flock to see him. A road patrol sergeant with the Sheriff’s Office was arrested today, charged with falsifying an official document. Sgt. The case came to the attention of the Sheriff’s Office after an officer who backed him up on the traffic stop in October brought it to the attention of the Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs Unit. The man who was driving did not have a driver’s license.


Williams explained to her that he could arrest both of them – him for driving without a license and her for knowingly allowing him to do so. The hotel wifi is still not cooperating, and I cannot upload pictures right now. I may try from my phone later. We haven't talked much about the excellent weather we have been having here in England. Believe it or not, today's tour of Stratford represents the only time we have had any precipitation fall on our tender heads. and that rain barely lasted ten minutes. It has been a bonus that in no way we could have expected, considering the normal weather in Northern England at this time of year. Even after the brief rain this morning, the sun came out over Shakespeare's hometown, jackets were stowed in backpacks, and students enjoyed another beautiful day on tour. This is my week to post a piece of design team inspiration at Create My Keepsake. Here is the challenge if you'd like to play! Create a touchable card with fabric, embroidery floss and ribbon!I just love the dimension and softness that these items give to a card. I used some Creative Cafe felt for my "fabric" and cut it into a tag shape. Added a photo corner sticker and stitched over it with the floss. Striped paper, felt, and stickers are all Creative Cafe, and the photo corner and yellow paper are some of the new Sassafras Lass. Early Leader to take over for Kevin Metheny: Randall Bloomquist and that doesn't sit well for a longtime SF player, like others, none-to-thrilled about the Cumulus exec. That's the fear at least. ' He has a contract as well so it would be great for them to foist him up on the Bay Area. '" NOTES: All Cumulus staff at the SF Cluster were told late Friday not to talk on-air about the Metheny death. That didn't stop the chit-chat later on. Go to Yahoo Music Japan. For those who can't see the poll, you'll have to refresh the site several times for the poll to show. Why not have more! So i created them ^_^ :Boxer namieTennis-player namieBiker namieRacer namieFashion-model namieAin't they nice? ^_^. By using this platform, member can give and receive donations from each other. This is my first time attending her class. I was excited to meet Aunty Yochana as i always goes to her blog very often and also heard Sally and Kate mention about her before as they have attended her baking class before, but doesn't know how she looks like and finally i get to meet her in person. She's a very friendly person and during the class, whenever the students have any questions to ask her, she will be more than happy to answer it. I am so happy and feel so relax to learn from her. Sono il dottor Giovanni Noto per Lipari e Giovanni Rando per Filicudi. Intanto la Croce Rossa, dopo le dimissioni dei volontari di Lipari, si muove per ricostituire il gruppo nell’isola. Lipari centro ed il castello by night. By way of a brief update, on Thursday I said I was unsure of David Davies MP's stance after his parliamentary question winkling out the fact that the WHO's FCTC shouldn't even be discussing e-cigs, let alone tabling bans on their use in public. I now think his motives are more clear. However, they are also limited to a certain number per day so - although an MP may want to ask dozens of questions on a single subject - the responses themselves are often released on a staggered basis. Well, since Davies's first published response last week, others have been trickling through, and I suspect he is subtlely supportive of e-cigs.

Today's releases asked Jane Ellison if she could estimate savings to the NHS of e-cig use, and whether she has bothered to confirm or deny that passive vaping is a thing.

I have never attended, but it looks interesting. Might attempt to attend. Church of the ResurrectionEllicott City, MDFree parking. Inspiring and practical talks for Catholics of all ages, in addition to a book and exhibitor fair.


Go to. I know you know Overstock sells knock offs of interior design staples. I wrote about their ghost chair knock off here, and their many other designer chair knock offs here. Amazing. If you've been wanting one, I suggest snatching it up soon. their knock offs sell out quickly. Hello Ai fans! The Art Impressions Whoots have owlways been a favorite of mine. There's just something about owls that I love. They're so wise and majestic looking. InLinkz. The markets reacted to the surprising results of the U. S. Presidential election with a resounding vote of confidence and have raced on to new highs recently. What was equally remarkable was that those market pundits who chimed in with a prediction on what would happen in the event of a win by Donald J. Trump virtually were unanimous in their view that the market would surely collapse if Trump were to win.

Oops! We had no idea who would win the election, or what the market would do in the aftermath regardless of the results.

Yet, it really does not surprise us that the market has reacted well, especially in light of the policy issues that Trump has espoused, most notable of which is a reduction in tax rates and simplification of the tax code, as well as a reduction in the level of regulation that has held back businesses for so long. It's amazing to me how fast days go by. I looked at my last post and was like, that was already ten days ago?! We've been busy around these parts lately. It seems like that's how it goes this time of year. Aaron did take a personal day on Thursday and we knocked out a bunch of our Christmas shopping. Yay for that AND for a day date! Jenna and Brody finished up their basketball seasons. It was Brody's first season and we play in the Upward League through a church in Marshalltown. Dribbling, we need to work on that with the head up. Choose wisely I feel overwhelmed with the need to share something with you all. This is something that has happened to me not once, but twice. Once? I can shake it off, even though it’s hard. Two times? Not so much. ” Now, you all have been here in this little corner of the paper long enough that you know what we’ve been through with Blake. Merging a clothing brand and site-less gallery, Imperfect Articles takes an experimental approach to curatorial practice with limited-edition, hand-dyed and hand screen-printed t-shirts. Imperfect Articles challenges the relationship between image, audience and "exhibition" space with a new model of distribution that highlights work by emerging and established artists alike, conflating concepts of fine art, design and fashion. Once the shirt is sold that's it. Howdy, folks!The release of the third volume from the Looney Tunes Golden Collection series is probably one of this year's greatest events for classic animation fans. If you love the theatrical Warner Bros. The restoration of the cartoons is just amazing: most of them have never looked so good since their original release! But don’t worry, none of these cartoons suffers the effects of the DVNR process, noticeable on some cartoons on the previous volumes. The only thing that really disappointed me about this set is the fact that very few original titles have been restored, while most of the cartoons still have their Blue Ribbon reissue titles. That’s all for now, we'll post more details on this set as soon as we can , so.

stay tooned , folks !Here is the Amazon link:.

With a sleek, ergonomic rubber-grip handle for non-slippage and easy maneuverability, the Die Brush easily rolls away excess paper to reveal the perfect cut! The Die Brush includes a Foam Pad that acts as the perfect work surface for removing excess paper from the dies and even the cutout. Please Note: This is for the PLUS machine. Homework: use 'The Sound of the Shell' to create your own revision quotes / notes. Eat that, Laura Ashley!Cath Kidston, Laura Ashley, Greengate - I am sorry, but no matter how hard you try. you can never live up to Mother Nature's own floral perfection!On two sides of the local cricket ground, are long rows of pink prettiness. It is breathtaking. It makes passers-by smile and think happy, fluffy thoughts. It is pink and it is bliss by the bunch. Mike has always been one of my most favorites. He's paying quite a price now for the physique you see here.

I hope all of my American followers had a good Fourth of July!.