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k. a. Cam'Ron, says that he wouldn't even turn in a serial killer to the police, because it would violate his "code of ethics" to make any move to help police. EVER. Dear Lord. The irony just writes its self. PLEASSSSE make it happen!Pretty, pretty please. This really was a labour of love for all of us involved and it certainly is worth a look. A very special project, and one we are still incredibly proud of. Enjoy. The entire box set of this film is still available to buy from Kane Magazine in the UK. Ever since they left university, Niki, Amelia and Leia-Ann, have met once a year to renew their friendship in an indulgent activity. If your bike has a lot of miles, been sitting for a while or is sluggish, has trouble idling or issues with backfires this kit is exactly what you need. Your bike will feel factory fresh - easier to start with better throttle response. Material Girls just got in in last week. Once in her youth she expressed her wish to be 'for ever known'. Looking at the amount of events, articles and people celebrating her birth, we can confidently say that so far she's doing pretty well. Oh, that she could have had a glimpse into today's celebrations when she doubted herself. Articles: The Guardian has an article on The secret history of Jane Eyre: Charlotte Brontë's private fantasy stories. Appalachia, particularly Southern West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky, as well as the Uinta Basin of Utah and Colorado and parts of the Powder River Basin in Montana and Wyoming, experienced the greatest job losses. The Northeast, Southwest, Midwest and West all benefited, gaining jobs. Senior author Lincoln Pratson said, "Our study shows it has not been a one-for-one replacement. The counties that were very reliant on the coal industry are now in the most difficult position. " Analyst Drew Harer said differences in the availability of state incentives for renewable energy have had a major impact on jobs. He said, "States with incentives have more growth. This presentation will address best practices in dealing with payors, recognizing significant patterns or problems, handling overpayment demands, and protecting providers from allegations of fraud or abuse. m.



The speaker will take examples from case law which spell out the professional responsibility of the prosecutor in these situations. I just took part in writing a short article for BestNursingDegree. Just look at what the July kit has in store! This was a fun kit to play with, I must say. I can't get enough of the music sheet paper. Watch for them in the Feb.


time to clean out the old and make room for the new! I've retired my original Winter/January Subway and am replacing with this cutie! When I got my old print out after Christmas, I decided it was definitely time for a fresh change. and I love it! Going forward. ALL new Subway Art will include a full range of sizes - so be watching for new releases each month, not only to freshen up my selection, but to get all of my Subway Listings consistent with the same sizes. I love the framing big ones for me. then using the smaller sizes for gifts and favor throughout the year! Also - in the spirit of cleaning out the old. Last week the predictions for the election at our neighbor to the north were a bit scary. The polls seemed to indicate a dissatisfaction with the conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and a very conspicuous drift further to the left. Most Americans don't pay much attention to Canada. Their focus is clearly on the other border and the problems associated with that nation. Canada was touted on one hand as being the glorious socialized medicine future and on the other as the nice place which doesn't allow guns and sends you to the US for doctors if you don't like your place in line. The polls were apparently off a bit. Canada Goes Conservative Big! Some interesting lessons there. The minority government which Harper was leading is now replaced by a flat conservative majority. Pulling the whole thing off the needles and simply unraveling is almost impossible with double and triple yarnovers, so you have to tink back stitch by stitch to correct mistakes, and that's always fucking tedious. Especially on center-out laces that have more stitches per row, the further on you knit. Various types of yarnovers jumbled into a single row also ups the difficulty. I've got here, I shit thee not, a row with single, double, and triple yarnovers in it. You'd think 'oh, it's just like any other stitch', but no. It can get pretty damn confusing. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Not a lot going on today. So I put on my headphones and did some spinning while the husbeast and the Goober watched a Spongebob Squarepants marathon. Tomorrow I'm tempted to make them watch documentaries all day. I decided not to blog on this holiday to the USA. e.  Waiting at Sydney airport with her new neck pillow  A few weeks later - on the shuttle bus from San Diego airport to our rental car - 'Now Dada - this it the way we will drive to Charlie's house!'  Ahhhh SHARK! At the aquarium in San Diego. Watch me Charlie - I know how to do it!. The education boss recently told me that "it is possible to be too intellectual". The irony. I went to my class down at Marji's Ewephoric Weekend in Granby, CT. She had a great crowd of women - from experienced knitters to beginners. My embroidery on knits class was fun too but not as well attended. I think I need to make the class description a little better. Everyone from the afternoon class wanted to take the morning class after seeing what I taught - but they weren't intrigued by the class description. When I go back next year, I will write a better class description. I previewed the knit and embroidered projects from Kristin Knits and all the knitters were totally enthusiastic and excited. What a dissapointing year for Ernests thus far. So much potential. I'm hoping he gets back into the swing of things. Winning a match against Andy Murray would probably be a good way to start.

It seems like he runs into Murray at every major.

Oh well, he's still cute as a button and still briefing it, so I don't care!I added four pics of Ernests to the brflines site this morning for your enjoyment. Next time you hear some local authority rubber band-flicker whining about how government 'cuts' are slashing their resources to the bare bones, remind yourself of this. A Scottish council is looking to ban people from smoking in their own vehicles if they are on local authority land. Aberdeenshire Council has drafted a revised smoking policy that aims to ensure non-puffers are prevented from inhaling toxic tobacco fumes in car parks. Under the proposed new rules, smoking - including electronic vaporizers or 'e-cigs' - will face a blanket ban on any premises or site owned by the council even if someone lights up in a private vehicle.

Now, this isn't a reaction to public demand.

Have you heard of any grassroots campaign to prohibit smoking in private vehicles in car parks? No, nor me.

Ora Jo and Fred with "Margaret".

I have been going to the doctors every day since Sunday. Needless to say, I am looking forward to having time away from that office! Here are the reports from the past few days. Motor?. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may be aware that I have an embarrassingly large stash of felted sweaters. These are wool sweaters that have been washed in hot water and dried in a hot drier so that they shrank and became felt – a wonderful crafting material. Wool sweaters are not exactly a necessity of life in the OC, so they sell very cheaply on driveways. There was a time when I could hardly pass any of them up, leading to that stash. How large a stash, you ask? Let’s put it this way…I’m probably the only person you know who has slippers lined with cashmere felt. In any case, I’m always on the lookout for ways to use my felt, and today I came up with something new: a secure mount for my new GPS! I almost ordered a ‘portable friction mount’ along with the GPS, but hated to spend another twenty bucks or so. Decided to see what the dashboard mount thingie that came in the package was like. And it holds the GPS just fine – it just won’t stick anywhere in my car.


co. uk. As protests broke out in Iraq against the lack of services and official corruption Prime Minister Haider Abadi attempted to tame the public anger while pushing through some limited reforms that would also help the government’s financial situation. The fact that the VPs had no real power made the move a seemingly painless one for the government. The result is that the presidents deputies remain in office highlighting that even limited change in Iraq’s political institutions will be resisted by the powerful. He said he would cut the number of bodyguards that officials received, end provision for top politicians, end the sectarian and partisan quotas, cut the number of ministries and agencies, and dismiss the deputy premiers and vice presidents. President of Iraq Fuad Masum for example, said that Abadi’s reforms violated the constitution because it calls for a vice president so the office can’t be ended, and that the VPs had the right to appeal the premier’s decision. Vice President Iyadl Allawi criticized the prime minister for acting unilaterally, and Abadi’s own State of Law list warned that one vice president had to be kept. Chanel Infiniment Chanel highlighting powder, at chanel. Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow Face Sculpt and Highlight, at nordstrom. Hamptons Glow Self Tanning Creme, at hamptonsglow. Miu Miu suede strappy platform sandals. Soixante Neuf gold drop earrings. Darlings, what do you think of this space and the look it inspired?Have you ever paired a formal gown with a blazer or leather jacket? xoxox,CC. They have three entered for Sunday, the most promising of which would appear to be Vicarian in the finale.

Also mentioned how Mott took the Ack Ack with Istan, and now he's being talked about for the Cigar Mile too.

I am in that "tween" place now. Though Thanksgiving has not yet arrived, I am chomping at the bit to get my Christmas on. A few Christmas decorations have managed to find their way alongside my pumpkins and pilgrims. The Japanese Maples leaves have turned a glorious red. The last of the Fall colors are clinging to the trees. A carpet of leaves covers the pool. I made this wreath this morning. I've gotten a few inquiries about two of my previous posts, so I thought I'd answer them here. Drawing Tools: I draw my cartoons the old-fashioned way, with brush and ink on bristol board, then scan them into a Mac to do all the repair work and coloring in Photoshop.

So I can get a thicker line by pushing harder, thinner line by letting up pressure, etc.

, just like a paintbrush.

This fancy-pants screen is tons o' good in my line of work.

The way it works is that most of the crops we grow in this country are fed to animals, not people. .