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"Let it be done for you according to your faith. " And their eyes were opened. " St. Augustine wonderfully summarizes the three dimensions of Jesus' prayer: "He prays for us as our priest, prays in us as our Head, and is prayed to by us as our God.

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With support I hope it will allow me to take more time for the blog. I would like to expand the blog with more how to posts, and in the future how to videos. Hopefully the how to posts will give people more info on how to repair or restore there bicycles. Thanks for all the interest up to now in the blog. and thanks for looking. John Z. Here is proof I did some long term food preparation! I wonder if we could just realize how much of an impact our little jobs we do on each and every given day will help us to enjoy our days. Sometimes we get so busy we do not take in the smaller little gifts of a sweet smelling aroma! Or we miss the things that really matter! As I write this blog post this morning, there is a fire burning in the mountains. As you can see there is the usual mix of disturbing findings about environmental pollutants, bad diet advice, dangerous prescription drugs, mistaken medical policy, and the benefits of lowering blood sugar by cutting back on carbohydrates. I continue to be less than thrilled with FB, but since so many people use it I've concluded it is a pretty good way to reach people who would otherwise never find this blog. Banding makes no difference in blood sugar. Stats argue against either being a "cure" for diabetes, doesn't it. So don't starve yourself, cut back on carbs. Trouble at the center came to light last May, after the Los Angeles Times and KPIX-TV in San Francisco, which were tipped by a whistle-blower, reported on increasing wait times for Kaiser patients on the national kidney transplant list and other problems.

Few details about the exact nature of Kaiser's information management problems have been reported.

courtesy of mingpao. Earlier Cho Chuen posted her daughter Ying Wa and her husband Chen Jing's photo with Sing Yeh. In the photo Sing Yeh flashed a rare smile. The solar car team is primarily for engineering and auto tech students, but anyone can help according to advisor, Jackie Bishop. While the car will sport large solar panels on its top for power, it has some some simple automotive roots. The chassis is from an old Legends Car that was donated. It has a four-wheeler front-end suspension and a motorcycle rear-suspension. Shown below is video from that first touchdown: It was very difficult to see the game go so well for the Jaguars up to the last half of the fourth quarter. I have personally said to team members to keep their heads up and be proud of their effort last night. OK I have a question. When do you declare that SPRING is officially here? When is Spring. SPRUNG? When do you officially throw in your snow-boots and shovels for crocs and lawn chairs? When do you say Arrivederci, Auf Wiedersehen, Au revoir to winter, hello spring, you beautiful thing. so long winter, see you soon enough you old cold bugger. I have had a lot of time for quiet reflection lately. Some of it has been not so quiet as I would share with Far Guy from my spot on the couch. Sometimes I would get his attention and he would join me for an in depth discussion.

More often than not he would holler "Turn the channel, you are supposed to be resting.

" Tomorrow things are supposed to change, quite magically at noon when Obama takes the oath of office. I am sure that gas prices will go down immediately and food prices in the stores will be immediately adjusted. namieamuro. jp. X, No.

Actually what Scotty did the other day was ask me who I was looking at this season and it reminded my of the things I am hoping to see from the prospects as they head into Traverse City as well as training camp.

The first assignment which is to all of them and that is to prove me wrong about none of them being given a fair and legit chance at making the Ranger roster out of training camp.

I want to be wrong as that would mean that there is still hope for a season that already many are whispering is lost before it even starts.

His consistency and face off skills are going to make him or break himEvgeny Grachev: Poor kid is paying for the Rangers not sending him back to Brampton and it showed. B.


A five-page undated typed list, sender unknown. Kinda retro, kinda vintage, kinda witty, kinda funny, kinda over the topThis year I wanted to do a 'birthday party for Jesus' kind of Christmas card.

Not a 'taking it so serious perfect' kind of card.

One that would capture my kids showing their 'yahoo let's celebrate Jesus with a party' kind of card. That's ok. The cake says Happy Birthday Jesus.

Because we all know Christmas is celebrating His birth.

Our Savior. The real reason we even have Christmas. Well done is better than well said. - Benjamin Franklin To do righteousness and justice is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice. Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living and the other helps you make a life. Sandra Carey A wise man will hear and increase learning, and a man of understanding will attain wise counsel…. Images - Lydia Kullik. Employing his smuggest grin - Baker was, of course, famously lampooned by Spitting Image as a slug because smug was his stock-in trade - he pointed at those booing him and said to the attendant TV media "look at them, just look at them!". His point was to show how pathetic he thought the protesters' opinions were in the most condescending manner possible, even while the country was almost unified against his government's policy. They did to some extent. The problem with the Tories was far more deep-seated than the poll tax, they just didn't recognise it. Of course, this was back when voters truly believed they had a clear choice. On Tuesday, John Prescott constructed a tweet that was quite amusing. Y'see, I think he was trying to imply that this government has had a detrimental effect on school meals. He was referring to this article in the Indy. School meal portions are being shrunk, leaving children to go hungry, teachers and parents have warned.

Smaller portion sizes caused by cost-cutting are reported in schools across the country and are of particular concern, given the increase in the number of impoverished pupils who rely on school lunches as their only hot meal of the day.

"Children are going hungry in schools and we all know what hunger does to your ability to learn," said Mary Bousted, the ATL's general-secretary. In the ATL survey, teachers warned that private providers, who are often hired to supply school meals, were cutting portion sizes to make their budgets go further and win new contracts.

Me either.

but I thought it sounded good. Here is an undressed pumpkin that I dressed up with some fun Pink Paislee paper.

I had this rooster clock that I was tired of and the clock part was broke so I altered it and made it a "witching hour" clock.

Someone talked to me recently about longing for excitement and wishing their lives weren’t so humdrum and they could go places and do things. I can’t remember who this was, because I can’t remember much of anything at my age, but that’s ok, because I have been able to stay home for longer in one stretch than I have for the past year, and this makes me happy. And even when I stay home, my life is very exciting. This morning I was yanked from a sound sleep by my cell phone ringing. It was Emily. She was crying. I've noticed that my friend Shannon's sister Shelley on her very interesting Xanga sometimes links to posts that have brilliant quotes or inspired lines or just make her think deeply. Not now. I haven't thought a deep thought in quite a while. I just try to stay afloat rather then plumb the depths. This is some of what's happening in my life:At times I feel like I have three adolescent boys around here: Ben, Steven, and Hansie the enormous dog. I baked a huge beef roast in the crock pot one day not long ago. We ate less than half of it for supper and I had visions of beef stew the next day and barbecued beef sandwiches the next. Here we are now. Entertain us. by Phil Johnsont last June's Founder's Conference, Roy Hargrave delivered a powerful message that got me thinking about why so many churches lose their young people. Hargrave's message, but he brought up the subject in one of the points he made. I most assuredly did not go garaging this morning. After all, I'm having an open house tomorrow and a lot of cooking and baking remains to be done, and the next day I’m leaving on a two week trip. So no garaging for me. I did take just the teensiest detour on my way to the grocery store though. And my car just happened to stop at a few places where there was a variety of unwanted goods set up on driveways. Which turned out to be a good idea. Then I found a DVD I know I'll want to watch again. And at the last detour I gambled three bucks on this software. Her chart-topping hits such as You're the One That I Want, Magic and Physical made her a four-time Grammy Award winner. The acronym RCP stands for Refined Carry Pistol and the refinement process involves making this handgun accurate, snag free and easy to carry. In other words Kimber is trying to make this pistol the ultimate concealed carry weapon. I had noticed some odd omissions. He hadn't updated his online bibliography for several years. The Discovery Institute has been feting Behe and Denton, but strangely silent about Dembski's contributions, even though he's one of the founders of the movement. g. One reason might be that as an aging mathematician, he may feel his best work is behind him. To be clear, he hasn't recanted his position. There is, though, some bitterness. And then he tries to erase the evidence. Cute Card Thursday 'Letters or Numbers' ChallengeThis week's challenge at Cute Card Thursday is to use either large letters or numbers on your card. I have used Graffiti Edwin and Basic Grey Lime Rickey papers - they are a lot brighter than my usual papers!! Have a good Thursday. The fountain is up and running. It took a lot of elbow grease to scrub loose paint and rust off of the fountain. Then I had to prime and paint the whole thing. It was worth it to see it running once again. Next project is lifting all of these crooked pavers. The roots from the honey locusts have to be pried up and cut. Designer: Stas SipovichCountry: Czech Republic. A few notes:I've never known a homeschooling family, so the post was entirely off the top of my head and intended to be humorous and cynical, not accurate. I threw in some self-deprecating language at the end to that effect for good reason. I'm sure there are plenty of disparate examples of homeschool grads, bad and good, crazy and sane. That explains why none showed up until this morning. I reject almost nothing, except personal attacks that have nothing to do with the blog or cartoons and advertising links. While admitting that malpractice concerns is a major driver in the antipathy between the two professions, they also argue that core values are actually similar but that we differ in approaches to conflict resolutions. M.


Ed. AIDS and the Law. New Haven,Conn. They continue and quote a JAMA article that seems to show that guidelines don't follow guidelines. Obviously,the issue went to press before the JAMA article was published but the whole thing struck me as ironic or illustrative of what general internists face with the imperative of trying to keep up in the face of too much to keep up with. The ACP Journal CLub publication does typically help in that effort, an occasional oversight notwithstanding. .