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Today we begin our look at Tim Chester's You Can Change. You don't need the book to read along! I'll give you some quotes and ideas and we can reflect on them together. "Close your eyes and think for a minute. We agreed there are two kinds of change: things you can change and things you can't. A change from singleness to marriage? Not under my control. A clean living room? Well, maybe I can manage that. In my case, the change I want is almost always to do with self-improvement. Eat better. The SPY gap, for all intents and purposes, can be considered closed. This means its a counter-trend move and prices will eventually fall even lower.


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Finishing up the bike ride.

but if you join, you save more. Tuck in. Here I will post code examples, news, what's going on, intergration with. everything that I can about Dynamics AX. axaptajobs. dynamicsaxjobs. My older sister was born "Rebecca," and that's what I've always called her. But somewhere along the way, outside of our family, this morphed into "Becky. " So I had the rather odd habit of referring to her as Becky but calling her Rebecca to her face. However, she has decided she wants to be Rebecca again, to everyone. She says, "I have decided to change my name back to Rebecca. Mrs.

I have not pursued changing it back as it has always sounded sort of like a mid-life crisis thing to do but Rod insists that if I like Rebecca better I should just go for it.

"So I explained to my children that Aunt Becky would now be Aunt Rebecca, and why. And Emily exclaimed:Quote of the Day:"And that's all the drama she's getting out of her mid-life crisis?!!"P. Know your enemy : the “green” politician. “And he said he wasn’t going to wait for Congress, but that he had administrative authorities and that it was time to start utilizing those more effectively and in a more concerted way. Two girls fighting over one baby, an enemy is identified and killed on sight, a mutant lurking in the shadows! Am I on the set of a Hollywood movie? No, it's more exciting than that - it's my backyard where life and death meet on a daily basis and all the strangeness is real. I've been spending some time in the garden in the early morning lately. Since Hanno had his knee operation, I've taken on his garden tasks. I like to do that early, before the sun gets too hot. In hardcover: Paul S. R. The rather predictable howls of outrage issued forth. Same for spouses. Far be it for me to defend that long gone entitlement but it may be useful to remind ourselves of the context that led to the perk in the first place. The entitlement had its genesis in the days when MPs set their own salaries and long before the concept of a 'total remuneration package' saw the light of day. free weekend. See you in a few days. Let's try and keep all digits in tact, yes?. First the Project:this stamp set is so much fun. Shelli showed us some cute projects on the cruise using this stamp. we went straight up the mountain side. WOW! After, we canoed across the lake. Here we are at the lake. canoeing was no small feat! We learned that bears eat skunk cabbage to get things moving after a long winter.

and then eat this "bear bread" growing on the side of the tree to cork things up for the winter.

Oh yeas, my kids were delighted to discuss the bear's BM'sHere we are getting in the Jeeps and the kiddos on the CanoeHad a real great time on this one.

Tomorrow, you will get the short recap of the helicopter Dog sled excursion.

"make sure the eyes are closed when shipping an intact fetus. " The videos in order: Planned Parenthood: Selling Baby Parts. More Ghoulish Planned Parenthood Video Released. Immigration was Trump's signature issue. Here's his real position:. Greetings, Are you pinning? If not - do you know about Pinterest? It's a great way to catalog all those images that inspire you - and share them with other people as well. If you've got some spare time this weekend between the potato salad and the fireworks - get your pin board started. And you can follow mine as well! Cheers, Scot. For further information on these Scams, please Read . Bizarro is brought to you today by Taliban's Discount Clothiers. Since yesterday's cartoon sparked such a lively debate about religion's place in law making, I decided to post this cartoon from last January, which, if memory serves, appeared on this blog back then. I'm too lazy to look it up. This plays into yesterday's theme about gay marriage because less important than my silent respect for another person's religious beliefs is the rights of the victims of those beliefs. The burqa robs a person of her identity, as this cartoon shows, and places her irrevocably as a second-class citizen. I don't believe religion is an acceptable excuse for oppression, bigotry, murder, imprisonment, or any number of other atrocities visited upon the world by people, and I think it is important to make a stand against it, both here and abroad. That being said, I think this cartoon is funny. .