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Oh. One of these days I'm going to quit this nonsense. I've received several worried emails over the past week written in response to a study which is being highlighted by the vegan/low fat/low-carb-diet-haters, who are using it to supposedly prove that eating a low carb diet rich in meat will acidify your blood and give you diabetes.

This article is summarized here: Dr.

And it turns out that this is exactly what was done here. The measures of blood acidity used in this study, PRAL and NEAP, are not determined by measuring blood acid in the participants. Lilas began this design with clunies from Elisa du Sud‘s blog for her mother which gave her practice with clunies and a chance to try out split chains which she hadn't done before. Sue was the recent winner in a giveaway from Umi n Tsuru and received this awesome necklace, which she's had to guard to protect it from pilfering by her Mom and a friend's daughter. Being able to select a tatted reward each time they pass a benchmark helps to keep them motivated. Foam strip bracelets are ideal for decorating with tatting and let the students show off their treasures. Lou Dawn sent some paperclips with tatting which they fell in love with. Now they want to learn how to make their own. Ann sent her some goodies to share with the students and they decided the glittery threads should be saved for prizes. Kathy has an antique doily on permanent display. It's laid on a gold charger, covered with a glass plate to protect it and a pillar candle with a hurricane lamp, where it's beautiful, visible and protected. Marie made a matching pair of earrings to go with the Icy Necklace using two strands of metallic silver sewing thread on opalescent focal beads. courtesy of mingpao. Boss Alex Wong Hoi Fung said, "I have known Gigi for years, I really appreciate her film and music. She is a very talented all purpose artist. I hope to be able to demonstrate all of Gigi's artistic cells. " Gigi also said, "The boss has always been very supportive of me. Tek kelimeyle harikalar! İçine ve üzerine mavi haşhaş tohumu/poppy seeds de ekliyorum, çok yakışıyor. Termosta çayımızı da aldık yanımıza. It is difficult to wipe off the tear that stays in your eye. I fear even to let it go for someone could see me cry. Merging one of the two inevitabilities of life with a third we get this proposal out of Omaha:Federal TP Tax Floats To Top This looks more like something Bloomberg might surface for the toilet bowl of New York City. It hardly seems consistent with a pretty red state like Nebraska, but what do I know about that region. What I do know is that when Omaha needs to build sewers, they won't flush in my house in Texas. When Omaha has a municipal infrastructure issue it doesn't require a federal tax on anything. For the mayor to seriously believe that this is in any way a federal issue is the problem here, not the product being taxed. Gov. This is Palin's second attempt to fill the seat formerly occupied by Bonnie Williams of Fairbanks. “She has a great passion for the resource. She attended Alaska Methodist University, Seattle Pacific College and the University of Alaska Fairbanks Distance Delivery Program. Tonight's Star Tysen DowzakYou know it is a crazy night when your offensive star is the guy who is supposed to be your shutdown defender but that is exactly what happened with the Ranger prospects on Saturday night. It has been a very good weekend for Dowzak who played a very good game on Friday against the Vancouver Giants and then followed it up with an effort like this one. Dowzak wound up with a primary assist instead of the goal but as we are discovering Dowzak is more about helping the team than personal goals. Hobby Center for the Performing ArtsIn a RECENT ENTRY, I gave advance notice on a rather singular event taking place in Houston on the subject of the death penalty. I was somewhat skeptical of this "religious dialogue" for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that the city of Houston has condemned and executed more men than any other state in the entire country.


kraftfuttermischwerk. Everything I experience is filtered through the gauze of analogy. You know how that goes. "Would you look at that, Martha? That Eiffel Tower thing looks just like the Zimmerman silo back home. "I am starting to feel like Miss Marple. Everything I see has a counter-part in St.

Mary Mead.

Or, in my case, to my own experiences. Hmm. Perhaps my despair of the masses has been misplaced. for being the father of Angelina Jolie because of his roles as Pope John Paul II and in Zoolander and as well as this spot-on opinion piece about the Obamanation of Desolation.

actually, there are two: No idea how these got set up, but I expect to see some very "creative" editing on these bad boys in the near future.

Strong language. The link here. My son sent this to me today. I hadn't seen it before. I can't believe it hasn't gone viral. Maybe it has and I missed it. Anyway. Our Saturday workshop at the retreat last weekend was a spiderweb quilt. Christine Bagley taught the workshop and provided inspiration in three beautiful samples. You can also use Bonnie Hunter's pattern here. Chris calls her quilts Web Sights. We had a high percentage of participation this year, though. Take a look at the variety of fabric choices! Rose & SallyNorrene, Sue and FranDiane & JessieNancy & CarolMe & SuzyPat & JudySerafina & PatMarilyn, Pat & AmandaBarbara & RosalieElvia & Lynn Carole I ended with Carole Kenny because I love her fussy cut centers and she will be our instructor for next year's workshop. Stay tuned for Saturday night Show & Tell!. Today I would like to introduce you to Kirsti. What other brands have you used or considered using? To be honest, I’m gaga about Gillio’s right at the moment. My obsession is quite pathetic. I really need to get interested in something else…. I am a life-long stationery fiend, starting with those little locked diaries when I was a kid, usually written in green or red ink. And so it began. I love working from home. When I'm not working, I am servant to my two retired racing greyhounds, love knitting and cooking/baking. My "main" blog is here and my newly started Filo/stationery obsession blog is here. West Auckland Lawyer and long time embedded member of the NZLP who has had his fingers in many of the stale pies that the once great voice of the workers have tried to sell to an increasingly educated and smart NZ voting public, leaving only a trail of failures, has finally worked out that John Key is a massive problem for his tribe back on the Reservation. That was when the NZ public discovered John Key. That was but a first underestimation of John Key by someone who should have worked it out. Almost without exception every socialist pretender and sycophant supporter of the increasingly bereft of ideas NZLP have predicated all their efforts on a loose collection of ploys with the aptly named Key Derangement Syndrome at the centre of planning. Is it the Game Changer that team red have been seeking that Mr Presland who posts as Micky Savage at Lyn's echo chamber has finally got the fact that the NZ voters have a differing opinion of the worth of John Key to that of the scores of believers in the divine right of NZ labour to be the natural party of government. As if the pretentiousness of Presland to adopt a mantle he is IMHO total undeserving of is not revealing of a suspected case of narcissism or at least a gross over self assessment of ability, taking a decade and a half to work out something that has been fact reveals a deleterious disconnect from reality. Sun Ra Arkestra official siteBuy Sun Ra musicBuy Sun Ra DVDsBuy Sun Ra books. There is a good reason for this. L. Rookie Pitcher of the Year by The Sporting News. Blyleven did not post gaudy numbers throughout his career. Instead his Hall of Fame credentials are based on his consistency and longevity. So there you are, a lifelong member of the Conservative Elite. Loyal writer of speeches and tanker of thinks, who has logged enough hours trashing Liberals and prostrating yourself at St. you run from your creation as fast as your little legs can carry you. Today on "Meet the Press", war, plague, misery and the aristocracy of money.

Not actual war, plague, etc.

, mind you, because that would make people's brains hurt. Also it turns out, in politics as in every other aspect of life in the Land of the Free, money is, y'know, a big, hairy deal.


Really. Big, hairy deal. I had to buy mine. I’ve been in touch with some of the folks who are doing “street evangelization” in Philadelphia, in conjunction with “Pope Francis”’s visit there. In response to a “church history” document they are handing out, one of the individuals received this response:Thanks very much for sharing your handout outside the convention center this morning. I read it with great interest. I'd like to share with you some additional information on the Catholic Church teaching on justification/salvation which you can find at the Vatican website: I believe that we are fully aligned! I hope that this has resolved any doubt. Many blessings. Of course, no one is “fully aligned”. In the first place, the “Joint Declaration” document is not “Catholic Church Teaching”. Iraqis are currently celebrating Eid al-Adha, the Festival of Sacrifice. It is a national holiday, and a time for families and friends to not only attend mosques, but to celebrate. And once again, I'm enjoying repurposing papers from My Mind's Eye's Alphabet Soup Boy collection for my wintry holiday cards - the red and aquas are perfect! Here's a detail shot of the snowman: I colored with Copics on Copic X-Press It card stock, added Frosted Lace Stickles to the snowy ground, accented Sparky's face and body with some Art Institute ultrafine clear glitter, and gave his nose and buttons a little shine with Judikins Diamond Glaze. The circles are cut with Spellbinders Classic and Lacy Circles Nestabilities dies. I've accented the lacey circle panel with tiny Bliss adhesive pearls by KaiserCraft. For the horizontal strip along the bottom, I've used red and white baker's twine and a My Favorite Things Open Scallop Border border die-cut. Enjoy delicious & easy Middle Eastern food and learn how to make Couscous-Stuffed Peppers with Basil Sauce. Filling: In a medium saucepan, bring the chicken broth and cumin to a boil over medium-high heat. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the couscous. Learn Lebanese cooking , best Lebanese Chicken recipes - Cinnamon Garlic Chicken, Lebanese chicken with rice & Wide Beans Chicken Stew. All are traditional Lebanese recipes. Season Chicken pieces with rub on all sides and under the skin. Insert some Garlic under skin of each Chicken piece.

Throw remaining Garlic in with the Veggies.

poking around our building on a sunday afternoon. Hi ya peeps, hope you are all enjoying the summer weather! For my ribbon project today I decided to try my hand at a baby card. I adore Winnie the Pooh! So many fond memories watching the movies and reading the books.

For my card I added a circle with loops die cut.

I then threaded the pink ribbon through the loops and added a summery green ribbon and matching button. I'll post my own photos and story of the exhibit soon.

It is an impressive piece of hand-built machinery, but that’s not how Mr.

Barry sees the newest creation in his Falcon Ten series. To him, his custom motorcycles exist on a different plane than the two-wheel conveyances people drive on public roads. His bikes are the gasoline-powered embodiment of living, breathing, moving art. Guggenheim Museum presented “The Art of the Motorcycle,” an exhibition that focused on vintage motorcycles as sculptural objects. Desiree Jennings has been diagnosed with dystonia, a very rare neurological condition known only to be triggered in adults by head trauma, drug use, and poisoning. Prior to receiving the recent flu shot Desiree was a healthy, active cheerleading ambassador for the Washington Redskins as well as an employee for America Online. The ExaminerDesiree Jennings is trapped in her body. Intellectually she's all there, but her muscles are fighting each other. She's been diagnosed with dystonia, an extremely rare and debilitating neurological disease. Tragically so. She is “the one”. I submit the subset of progressives in the medical elite has the same frightening characteristic. Benson wants the Choosing Wisely guidelines rules to be determinate of Medicaid payments and memorizing of the Choosing Wisely suggestions orders to be a requirement for being eligible to that the Certification exam for internal Medicine. .