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There is no need for nails, screws, glue, or any other hardware to assemble this thing.

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I just had to share this little project with you because I'm so excited with the end result.

I found this old sewing stool in my favorite flea market store for just a few bucks. Yucko! It was dirty and ugly but definitely had potential. It is sturdy, has a nice shape and is oh-so useful. The top lifts off for storage and I could always use a little more of that. Ick! Just look at that ugly fabric!I brought her home and decided to love on her a little. Normally I paint furniture black but I've been in the mood for some color recently so I decided to try something different. This was so easy, I feel kind of silly explaining it. But here goes. This set is perfect for ANY friend in your life.

I just love the sentiment! What a fun and cheery image! I just added a bit of whimsy with some rounded corners and a tiny flag hanging off the bottom.

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