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Isn't it wonderful? The entire museum is a treasure. I'll try to take you on a mini-tour to give you just a taste of our experience, but it must be personally experienced to be truly appreciated. The museum is located on the Main Street Mall just around the corner from my car's home-away-from-home -the Parking Can Be Fun garage. Here's the entrance: You go in here, then you go down a flight of stairs to the gift shop/ticket booth. We saw the Judaic exhibit first, including the new Holocaust Memorial rooms. I wasn't able to get good photos in that section -the lighting, maybe? I didn't want to use a flash. Mike Davies Bearings has been a Master Distributor for Nachi for the. mikedaviesbearings. The sixth opener on the famed Copper River wild salmon fishery is underway, and more salmon harvests are on the way, from Prince William Sound to Bristol Bay, Kodiak, Yakutat and the South Alaska Peninsula. This is a great go to layout! Latisha's card is adorable! I love her Upbeat paper hill and fun layout. You will walk away inspired for sure! Now, I have a little video for you showing this set in action and some fun things you can do with it. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or at our You Tube channel. I love the look of all white rooms - so clean, crisp and airy. I have yet to decorate any room in any of my homes in all white. I am a primary color person. I love red and yellow. I absolutely love red, white and blue. I live in a tiny beach cottage painted white and blue on the outside. The inside is Benjamin Moore Provence yellow.

The accent color in every room is RED.

Before that, he was the victim of a whispering campaign in which his work was alleged to be a US front for regime change in the guise of citizen uprisings. He calls those allegations “a joke” and reminds that he went to prison in the US for civil disobedience there.

From Dictatorship to Democracy is perhaps his best-known and most-influential work.

Question: Dr. TULSA, Okla. Officers responded to a report of a rape in which the victim identified William Cook as his attacker. m. Saturday. ". The Fairgrounds at night, such was Far Guys wish this week. We enjoy the sights and sounds of the local Fairs, last night we went to the Otter Tail County Fair. We met some friends there and had a great visit. We chose to go on their preview night, and very late, because I wanted to take some night time photos. I took my tripod, and had a blast, not every shot was perfect. Toward the end of the night we practically had the Midway all to ourselves. it was just perfect!It is hard to capture the sounds of the midway, the generators humming in the background, children laughing, rock music playing, rides starting and stopping. I started making the fatty by frying some cubed potatoes, onions and garlic in butter, then added shredded cheese. I used my fatty piston again. Stuffed the piston with the cooled filling, wrapped in plactic wrap and let it chill for awhile. I made a pot of smoked duck and andouille sausage gumbo today. It was pretty tasty. The andouille sausage recipe. made my roux by using equal part of shortening and flour. Even my eyes glaze over when the discussion turns to "cap and trade. " It's simply boring to the nth degree. I doubt that Adam Smith could have applied his supply/demand concepts to such a prospect, but that was long ago in a galaxy that no longer exists. What's the essential? The Obamaniacs embrace the religion of man-induced global warming. IL SANTO DEL GIORNO: Prigioniero dei Turchi a Costantinopoli, fra Giuseppe era restato per tre giorni appeso a una croce per un piede e per una mano. E non era morto. Si parlò dell'intervento miracoloso di un Angelo, che avrebbe sostenuto il suo corpo e curato le sue piaghe. Aveva tentato di entrare nel palazzo per predicare davanti al Sultano in persona, sperando di convertirlo. The first real busy Friday evening of the prospect season but only JT Miller of the New York Rangers can say he had a good night. If you were looking for some good hockey action then tonight was not your night. “The ‘mouths of babes’ are not restricted to children. Michael Yon. An explanation why these folks are still paying on their millstones would be appreciated. Good News First: The price of crude oil is expected to fall, because the economy is expected to fall even more. Did unemployment go up or down? Are things better or worse? Who's on first? Nose Holding: It is pretty clear that any healthcare bill will be a disappointment, falling far short of meaningful reform. And most other places. The recession may technically be over, but the consumer is in no position to demand anything but relief. A few days ago, I wrote about the maple sap that was being collected on our dirt road and throughout New England, New York and Canada. Here in western Massachusetts, the sap season is about over. Usually, the season ends when the trees start to bud but so far this year, it hasn't been warm enough to make that happen. I'm not sure why, and maybe someone out there can tell us all, why the sap has slowed down but it has. When Mom was here this weekend, we took her to Williams' Sugar House in South Deerfield. Our neighbors sell their sap to the Williams Family - I thought we should be authentic and watch it be professionally boiled. Besides being a right of spring, sugaring is just plain fascinating. It's an exacting, pain-staking process for someone with lots of patience. Throughout New England, big and little sugarhouses abound. STI did a superb move upwards today, after a very good showing by Dow last night. I've not seen STI rallied up so fiercely for some time already - but it's true that STI is getting more and more volatile nowadays, almost mirroring the crazy HSI volatility. That's enough to push Dow up so much and consequently the rest of the bourses. Technically, I don't like the many gaps that form as we move up and down. Gaps just show how impulsive buyers are, can't wait to enter and ride the momentum. If you didn't already know I am the daughter of self employed artists who have operated a successful creative business for as long as I can remember. My dad is a potter and my mom a ceramic artist and my entire life has been spent observing, collaborating and being inspired by the way that they create and run their business. Our dream has finally collided with the right timing and we have been hard at work collaborating, designing and getting to work on production in our studios. The site will be going live in March and as we get closer I will be sharing more details, products, information and a look at this family journey. Stay tuned for further event updates and details, meanwhile, scroll down and enjoy the view!Progress on this guy is slow. And he's one of a pair. Stay safe. A Psalm of David. " Evidence suggests that all the superscriptions are later additions to the original psalm. I. The psalmist beseeches Yahweh to answer his prayer. Here a very nice picture of Nicola and Vania they stitched my Prim Advent Calendar for their little girl !. Last night we took my Mom out to dinner to celebrate her birthday.

Mom went to bed shortly thereafter but both David and I were still awake for a couple more hours.

David was watching television in our family room and I went to bed and turned on an old movie. Neither of us sleep very well at night and often get up to get a glass of water or to let Bentley out if he wants. It all seemed like a normal night. This morning I was starting to cook breakfast and noticed that I did not have enough eggs, so I went out to the garage where we keep a second refrigerator knowing that I had another dozen eggs out there. by Dan Phillips Tales of kings and kingdoms, real and fictional, characteristically feature intrigue, factions, strategy, and a lot of fighting. This is what makes for exciting reading and viewing: earnest pledges of fealty, intricate plots, the thrilling flash and clash of swords, and rivers of blood. Can you imagine instead the tale of a king who wins his kingdom, not buoyed by his supporters' surging numbers, but abandoned by them all? Whose erstwhile subjects do not greet him, but rather scorn, reject, and betray him? Who wins his throne and his kingdom at the cost of death and bloodshed, indeed — but his own death, his own blood, not that of his foes? A king who wins this sovereignty, marked not by a diadem of gold and jewels, but by a crown of thorns? It is a story unlike all non-derivative yarns and movies, but it is the tale of our Sovereign. by Dan Phillips Many of you good brothers get to do what others of us long to do but are not Providentially enabled to do: you preach the Word, as your sole focus. You don't preach-when-invited, you don't preach-and-do-auto-detailing, you don't preach-and-be-a-security-guard. You pastor a church, and that's your sole livelihood. You visit, counsel, disciple, marry, bury, chair, guide, "vision"ize. S. C. level is a must. This is as good as it gets. Can't expect everyone to be on the same page. We're still humans after all. Some percentage of us are always going to be assholes. - JAMES S. A. We're thinking of hitting up Pure Platinum, I saw on the news that they're biker friendly. and, no - it's not by me. My friend, Proof Positive, took umbrage with my calling this whole email thingy a "tempest in a teapot. " Allow me to state that I think what Hillary did re: her emails is an egregious assault against proper behavior for a public official. My question remains whether anything of substance will be done about it. Mild, overcast and light S winds. Sun starting to shine through over the southern Marin hills. Small residual south swell still giving us some rideable waves today. Channel: Intermittent peaks with rights and lefts scattered on the Channel bar and the Seadrift side. Size is thigh high + and there are longboarders and SUPs catching waves right now. Groin showing a few peaks as well but smaller. Meanwhile some more pics of Seth's vintage glasses:.

From Syria, they are tiny, tangy eggplants stuffed walnuts, red pepper, garlic, olive oil and salt.

Sometimes chilli powder is added. Drainwhen they are cool, very gently squeeze to get rid of the water. Mix the walnuts with the chili and garlic and add a little salt. Cut a slit lengthwise down the middle of each eggplant but not right through, leaving the ends so as to form a pocket. Put a pinch of salt in each aubergine and close it. See all the new items and stay tuned for weekly updates here! I've had the privilege of shooting with wonderfully talented and lovely friend Agnes Thor on multiple occasions these past few weeks. The hairy thighs are, however, an accurate representation. We're, erm, just a pinch behind on the release of our next collection and have embarrassingly missed the Valentine's rush but it is all for good and lovely things! Our manufacturer has just given birth and my partner has been snuggled up with her own pea these last few months. Jeff WilliamsonFrank McGrathDan Decker Brian Wiefering. .