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Copper is an effective barrier to moisture and water, it is flexible, has high tensile strength and can suffer distortion due to moderate settlement in a wall without damage. It is an expensive material and is little used today as a dpc above ground. When used as a dpc, it may cause staining of wall surfaces due to the oxide that forms. One- Plus Six and Active Finishers registration closes up shop tomorrow. So, there will be two mail deliveries to go until that window shuts up. Two- The Veteran's window to send in cards ends a week from tomorrow. There are several on the list so far, and I expect many more are on their way. delicate softness by photographer Melanie Rodriguez. Lots of love, R x. We received news recently that not only is there going to be a sequel to Hunting The Legend, which you should have already seen by now, but it also will be featuring none other than Stacy Brown Jr. Yeah, him. Check out these cool images from the press release:. Elena created this adorable custom cookie holder box with Woodgrain Backdrops and Critters at the Dog Park. This tea is anything but poor, obscure, and plain. A solid black tea with a wild and free heart, an independent will, and all the warmth of a hearth in a home long searched for. Reader, it's delicious. Ingredients: Black tea, cranberry pieces, cinnamon, fennel, licorice root, blackberry leaves, rose petals, safflower petals, natural flavours. What goes together better than a good book and a cup of tea? Nothing! Relax with your favourite story and a cup from First Edition Tea Co. 's Literary Tea Collection. From the page, to your cup!First Edition Tea Co. Senator Grassley has sent a letter out to ten major health IT vendors seeking information on health IT problems and flaws. Read the whole thing. It is linked via a Washington Post story "Electronic medical records not a cure-all", Sunday Oct. The WaPo article itself seems to require registration. The movie brings forward many stereotypes, bias, and prejudices. After viewing the movie provide an analysis answering these questions. Remember this is not a movie critique or summary. Which diversity dimensions does this film vividly show? Consider all possibilities such as age, gender, social class, race and the like. Does stereotyping appear anywhere in the film? Give examples. Is stereotyping a basis for any conflict incidents shown in the film? Note some examples. Are there any moments of acceptance of differences in the film? Explain. by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World Yes class. This is why we double check and proofread our work. You can imagine that she probably got more than a couple of tweet backs as a result. The killing of Osama Bin Laden was the big news of the day, but some would speculate that the killing of President Obama would make for a more shocking headline. The saddest part of O’Donnell’s error is that death threats are very real for the Obama family. ". The end-result was the stunning Moses Bridge. You can bookmark this page URL. Our new duvet cover set arrived today, to replace the one wrecked by our cats worn out after six years. I am really happy with it. Charming. "Oooh, hello, what's THIS?" "Smells new! Should I pee on it?" "Nah, I'll have a bath instead. " "Oh look, Emily just came in the room. " "All right then. I give it my kitty paw of approval!" We'll see how long it lasts. Here are some shots of Mary-Kate waiting in her car outside of LAX airport. Get the look: + Marc Jacobs Oversized Round Sunglasses + The Bing Bang Oval Lure Ring In Silver + Michael Kors Tortoise Sport Watch + Steve Madden Matte Gold Stud Bracelet + RRP Glamorous Check Shirt In Red. via. Broomhill Flash late AM- A small area on the western side of the flash was ice-free. Bolton Ings late AM/early PM-Ken Foundation had good views of a Bittern out in the open mid AM. It had sought the sanctuary of the reeds by the time Hopalong Al and Hopalong Seev could get to Nigel's sofa. It is available from the AUC, but doesn't appear to have found itself onto Amazon yet.

Beyond the Horizon.

Studies in Egyptian Art, Archaeology and History in Honour of Barry J. I've got a bunch of unrelated stuff today. At any rate, some gunk was found in the bottom of a bowl which may unravel the mystery. Details here. Fourteen FEET. Of PIGMENT. Oy. Tässä on nyt uudet lapaset. Pidän puista ja tammista, joita meillä on pihatielläkin. Pidän myös ryijyistä ja olen pitkään halunnut saada lapasiin jotenkin samaa tunnelmaa mitä on vanhoissa ryijyissä, joissa reunoissa on usein ns polvekeraita. Lapasissa vain ongelmana on se, että lankoja ei samalla kerroksella olisi hyvä olla kahta enempää, joten reunoihin ei voi laittaa eri väriä kuin keskelle. Omasta mielestäni onnistuin nyt kivasti yhdistämään reunapaneelit ja keskuskuvion. Lapasten tammikuvio on sama äitini tekemä tammi mikä on Syystammi-lapasissa. Kokeilin aika montaa erilaista väriyhdistelmää purkaen ja neuloen uudelleen, muutamat lapaset tein valmiiksi asti torille myyntiinkin, ennenkuin päädyin näihin ja pidän näistä kovasti. Tarvikepakettia näihin lapasiin on nyt saatavana kaupassani. IN ENGLISHNow I have a new pair of mittens ready. I like trees and oaks which we have by our road. I also like old Finnish "ryijy" rugs, there isn't any proper English name for them.

Actually, they were just going to have a friendly game in Union Square Park.

Our first reading is very familiar story,Noah, the ark, and the flood.

We know that God told Noah he would send a flood. But, there is an interesting detail I bet you never noticed. We all remember that Noah brought a pair of each animal, right? We remember that. After Noah has done this, God says again,Go get more animals: “seven pairs, male and female. ”Did you know that?Isn’t that curious?Think about it: the whole thing had been carefully planned by God. Recall he gave Noah exact measurements. So how did it happen that there was unexpected room for a lot more animals?May I suggest that all that extra room wasn’t originally intended for animals!It was meant for human beings. Some pervy fan took caps of Wilshere bent over. Love them!Hope he keeps making caps. Anyway, the pic on the blogpost is one of about ten, so you'll have to go to the brflines site to get the rest. Cheers!. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours". Observation: God was speaking here through Isaiah about a day when Israel would once again enter their land after captivity. At that time, they would have been disgraced and dejected. Here God tells them that instead of disgrace, their would rejoice and received a double portion. He goes on to tell them that they would have everlasting joy. Application: Even when we do wrong and mess up, God has plans to prosper and bless us as His children. We have to reap what we sow, but after that, God will always raise us up as His children. No matter what we are going through today and even if we rightly deserve what is going on today, we don't have to stay there forever. God will step in and bring joy again to those who are broken. God's favor and blessing are incredible. Prayer: Father, thank You for reminding me this morning of Your goodness, blessing and favor.

You are amazing.

For this week's illustration friday I have submitted one of my mixed media ladies created from canvas, paint, fabric, and all sorts of found objects- she even has branches growing out of her head!.

Good morning & MERRY CHRISTMAS! Today IS Friday, so Tammy has this cute little release of odds & ends.

aren't they adorable?!? You can find them in the shop by visiting the "Just Picked" section!Here's are some samples by our talented design team:CandyLisaCatsherryannJenLeeArielle. Missed yesterday for posting. had a full day of classes, we filled out christmas cards for our military troops and made cards to take to Ronald McDonald house. It was a full day of service and fun!Here is a Reindeer bag made with our Tag a Bag gift bags.

Monday Again! This little chicken is kicked back drinking a cup of tea.

Looks like he is just gabbing away. I stamped him and then colored him with copic markers. He's got eggs for anyone that needs them. You can find him right here. There are lots of other chickens and some great sayings also. Go check them out! Happy Stamping! Tracy. In the absence of any promise for migrant weather “The Plan” was to go sheltered garden ringing this morning where at least there would be a healthy population of Chaffinch, Nuthatch, thrushes and hopefully one or two Grey Wagtail. The only problem was I didn’t have a Plan B, and in the absence of any blue sky I went for a swim again. Corvids were plenty, mainly Crows but also the beginnings of Jackdaw numbers. because I can't. And, to be fair, his rant has produced electoral dividends from the unthinking and xenophobic that go to bed every night believing he is the 'new' Messiah. We made this at my recent punch board class. See the above template for end look. Round corners – punch ¾” hole for handle Cut flaps and put box together being sure that you put the two ends to the inside that are not the handle pieces. Wrap the whisper white around the base. Thank you so much for all of your Birthday Wishes. CA! I love how she incorporated many sets with this one card. She also used more than one stamp set for her card. Holly Fulton J. Crew Jean-Pierre Braganza Kate Spade New York Max Mara No. Please visit my online store and select a single image out of one of the sets.

This week's featured follower is James and he promises us lot of nudity.

There'll be lots of pics appearing here during the week so don't miss a thing! Some teasing shower shots to start the week.


DANG!!! Second and third persons to solve it get TWO PACKS EACH!! Dang!RULES, ETC:As usual, two images are posted below, one is the original cartoon, the warped image beneath it has been changed in subtle ways. Your mission, if you are a groovy dude, chick, both, or undecided is to find those differences. NONE of the differences have to do with the warped nature of the second image. .